Why Nintendo Sucks Online? Unmasking the Shortcomings

Is Nintendo’s online presence lacking? Uncover the reasons behind the negative sentiment as we delve into why some believe that ‘Nintendo sucks online’ in this revealing article.

Nintendo has garnered widespread acclaim for its memorable gaming experiences, beloved characters, and groundbreaking consoles.

However, its online services, specifically Nintendo Switch Online, have received a less favorable reception from gamers.

With many frustrating limitations and outdated features, many players believe that Nintendo’s online offerings must meet their expectations. But for some games like Pokemon games, it is best to play on Nintendo Switch.

This article thoroughly examines seven significant reasons why Nintendo sucks online. From connectivity issues to a lack of modern features, we delve into the criticisms and frustrations that have fueled the notion that “Nintendo sucks online.”

Join us as we explore these factors and consider potential areas for improvement.

Let’s dive in and examine the factors contributing to this sentiment and explore potential areas for improvement!

7 Valid Reasons for Nintendo sucks Online

nintendo sucks

1. Not All Games Support Cloud Saves

It’s perplexing that cloud save functionality is absent in many Nintendo Switch games.

Surprisingly, titles like 1-2-Switch, Dark Souls, FIFA, Fortnite, Minecraft, Overwatch, and Pokémon games lack this essential feature.

Even Animal Crossing: New Horizons initially didn’t offer cloud saves, only allowing limited island recovery through Nintendo support.

This inconsistency is frustrating and illogical, as cloud saves should be standard across all games. It adds to the perception that “Nintendo sucks” in this aspect.

2. Cloud Saves Should Be Standard

cloud saves should be standardThe Nintendo Switch’s exclusive internal storage for saving game data poses the risk of permanent data loss in console loss, theft, or corruption cases

To address this concern, Nintendo offers cloud saves as a feature of subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online.

Cloud saves securely stored data on Nintendo’s servers, allowing convenient access to different Switch consoles.

However, the cost associated with this feature raises valid questions, especially considering the lack of alternative methods for saving games on external storage devices.

Valve’s Steam Deck, a portable PC, provides free cloud saves, highlighting Nintendo’s paid approach as outdated, which some argue is “Nintendo sucks” in comparison.

3. No Native Voice Chat

Surprisingly, despite the significant advantage of online gaming being the ability to communicate with other players, especially friends, the Nintendo Switch lacks native voice chat support.

Instead, Nintendo requires users to download the Nintendo Switch Online app on their phones.

However, it is not recommended to connect a headset to your phone for voice chat as the audio from the Switch will still come through the console or TV.

Additionally, voice chats through the app are unavailable for every multiplayer game. While NES titles support it, only a few modern games like Mario Tennis Aces and Super Smash Bros.

Furthermore, joining voice chat is restricted to specific games and requires being in a lobby, which can be frustrating for those who want to chat with their friends.

3. No Free Modern Games

Nintendo Switch Online has faced criticism for its lack of free modern games available to subscribers, setting it apart from other gaming subscription services.

While the service grants access to a library of classic NES and SNES games, the absence of newer releases has disappointed some users.

Subscribers have voiced their complaints, expressing the desire to include more recent titles in the subscription to enhance its overall value.

Unlike competitors like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass, which offer a rotating selection of free modern titles each month, Nintendo Switch Online has been limited in providing such experiences.

Although Nintendo occasionally offers timed demos or trials for specific games, these offerings could be more varied and often have restrictions.

4. Content Locked Behind an Expansion Pass

The practice of locking content behind an expansion pass is a notable criticism of Nintendo Switch Online.

It involves purchasing an additional paid expansion pass to access specific features or extra content in certain games.

Despite being subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, players must buy the expansion pass separately to fully experience all the content, including essential features and additional game content.

This approach has faced criticism from players who believe such content should be included within the subscription rather than behind an additional paywall.

Consequently, it can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction when the subscription fails to provide a comprehensive gaming experience as expected.

5. Online Multiplayer Used to Be Free

online multiplayer used to be freeThe transition from free online multiplayer to a paid subscription with Nintendo Switch Online has drawn criticism.

Previously, Nintendo offered free online multiplayer functionality on their consoles, but the introduction of Nintendo Switch Online now requires players to have a paid subscription to access online multiplayer features.

This change has disappointed users accustomed to enjoying online multiplayer without extra cost.

6. Limited Virtual Console Library

Nintendo Switch Online has faced criticism for its limited library of virtual console games.

Unlike previous Nintendo consoles that boasted a wide range of classic games from various platforms through their dedicated Virtual Console service, the selection on Nintendo Switch Online is more restricted.

Although the service provides access to classic NES and SNES games, the assortment is smaller than previous offerings.

Furthermore, the absence of popular consoles like the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance has disappointed some users, longing for a more extensive collection of retro games.


Nintendo’s online services, including Nintendo Switch Online, face criticism for a limited virtual console library, connectivity issues, and lack of modern features.

Some claim, “Nintendo sucks online.” Improvement is needed to satisfy fans and secure Nintendo’s online future in the evolving digital landscape.

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