How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram

The majority of social networking apps offer the ability to block certain people. “How to see who blocked you on Instagram?” is a big query among famous photo and video-sharing app users. 

Users may choose to block someone on Instagram for a variety of reasons. However, the user needs to be informed that they have been blocked. 

Do you think you may have been blocked on Instagram? You cannot view a list of the users who have blocked you on Instagram. When someone blocks you, the platform won’t even let you know.

So, how to see who blocked you on Instagram? However, you may check a few ways to see whether someone has blocked you on Instagram. Several of them will be covered in this article.

So, let’s get started!!

Why Someone Might Block You on Instagram?

For a variety of reasons, people could block you on Instagram. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Sending advertising offers to their email that they wish to avoid receiving.
  2. They flood their notifications by tagging them too frequently or in pointless posts.
  3. They are commenting improperly on their photographs, responding to their postings with harsh or opposing views, or using language that gets you blocked.
  4. The other person may have blocked you if you’ve ended a real-life connection or relationship so that they may move on.

How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram

how to see who blocked you on instagramHow do you see who blocked you on Instagram? Below are several methods you can try.

1. Search for Their Username

how to see who blocked you on instagramIf somebody has blocked you, their account will not be visible in the Instagram search box if you look for their username or Instagram handle.

If you are not blocked, you can see their profile and all their liked posts on Instagram. However, if they have changed their profile’s visibility to private, you will see the message “This account is private.”

If the profile does not appear in a search, the user has either blocked you or deactivated their account.

2. Search Through Your Profile

how to see who blocked you on instagramIf you have been blocked, you cannot send a direct message to that person or leave a comment on their post. But your earlier comments and conversations are still there.

If you remember commenting on any of their posts or having DM conversations with them, open it up and go to view their private profile. You have probably been blocked if you browse their profile, but there are no recent posts. 

Since you may use this technique to find out whether someone has changed their username, you have undoubtedly been blocked if their new username doesn’t appear in the search field.

3. Use the Instagram Unique Profile Link

how to see who blocked you on instagramYou are given a unique URL with your username when you create an Instagram account.

If the person you believe has blocked you have an account; you can access it by modifying the username in the profile link to their account handle.

If you launch Instagram in your browser and search for their profile using a direct Instagram link, you can see them directly; otherwise, you will get the message “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

Log out of Instagram to check if the account is legitimate and put the same URL into a new tab. If the account is disabled, a similar notification will show up. But you’ll be blocked if you go to their profile this time.

The URL name instantly changes when someone adjusts their username. This implies that if they recently changed their username, you must find a way to locate their profile.

4. Check From Another Instagram Account

how to see who blocked you on instagramYou can use other Instagram accounts to see if the account has blocked you exists. To check if the username appears in a friend’s search, use a different account or give them the username.

If it doesn’t, the user has changed their username or their account has been deactivated; if the same user’s username displays, you have been blocked.

5. Look Through Shared Instagram Group Chats

how to see who blocked you on instagramIn a group conversation, you may verify your assumption with the individual you think has blocked you. Find their accounts by browsing the list of people in that group.

If you can see their account, you are not blocked. Even though you know they are a group member, they probably have blocked you if you cannot see their profile.

6. Try to Follow the Same Account Again

how to see who blocked you on instagramIf the user you’re looking for has yet to make any recent posts or post new pictures on social media, try following their account again.

The other person won’t have blocked you—or they can unblock you—if you can follow them again immediately away. 

Alternatively, you could have lost your spot on their list of followers or unintentionally unfollowed the account.

You couldn’t follow the other person again without getting an error message if they blocked you.

Final Verdict

So this is all about “How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram”. Although Instagram does not notify you when someone blocks you, there are easy ways to find out how to see who blocked you on Instagram. 

Accepting someone else’s choice, whether you agree with it, whether your friendship with them has suffered, or if they won’t unblock you, is essential.

Last, if someone blocks you on Instagram, you will immediately block them. Therefore, you are not required to respond by blocking them back.

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