10 Easy Ways to View Private Instagram Profiles in 2023

View private Instagram profiles anonymously in today’s life is much hard, mainly when your partner or friend is trying to cheat on you for any personal reason.

Nothing generates more curiosity than stalking or viewing private Instagram accounts. Knowing what’s happening in someones’ life is an exciting way to keep yourself occupied and entertained.

However, taking this pleasure is not as simple as it may seem. Owing to cyberbullying and other issues, people generally prefer making private accounts to avoid unknowing users.

Moreover, they also refuse the following requests and make the situation more troublesome. But there is no need to freak out as we, at TechSpunk, are here to assist.

The comprehensive guide mentioned below outlines how to make your profile private, why people prefer creating private accounts, and the 10 easy steps to view private Instagram.

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So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

What is Instagram?

View Private Instagram Profile

Instagram is one of the popular platforms where you can share videos, photos, and reels with a vast audience.

You can use this platform to showcase your creativity by adding an exciting post on Instagram from the computer, sharing it with your friends and people worldwide, and enjoying good exposure.

Since Instagram is also meant for sharing and is an excellent example of social media & benefits, the platform is not just limited to users with a private account.

You can create accounts in two ways: a private Instagram profile account and the other as a public account.

Now the question is, what if you want to view private Instagram account without following that person, or is it even possible to see their followers. Before you understand this, you need to know why people prefer making an Instagram private profile.

Are you looking forward to becoming famous on Instagram? Read this post and learn how you can make your profile visible to a large number of people on IG.

Why Do People Make a Private Instagram Profile?

At present, Instagram boasts more than 1 billion users. While some users look forward to sharing their content with the world, others prefer to keep their videos and images hidden from others.

This means this section of people can only share with those they have approved as the followers on their account. The whole content is visible only to the followers on their list in a private account.

Don’t worry if you like to view someone’s images and private accounts; you can either send them the following request or spy on someone’s Instagram account using the below-mentioned methods.

People generally prefer choosing private accounts owing to the spammers and protecting them from cyberbullying. These accounts offer them a sense of safety while allowing them to enjoy a decent exposure to the world.

You can choose different modes, like night mode and day mode, to use Instagram in your daily routine.

How to Make Private Instagram Profiles for Your Safety?

Wondering how to manage multiple Instagram accounts and make private IG accounts? Making these accounts is more superficial than adding your own sound to TikTok.

Follow the steps mentioned below and turn a simple public account into a private one:

  1. Open your profile and tap on the Profile icon.
  2. Click on the horizontal lines in the top right corner and tap on the Settings button.
  3. Go to the Privacy option and use the slider to make your Instagram account private.

10 Easy Ways to View Private Instagram Profiles in 2023

Want to view private Instagram profile? Let’s have a look. Here’s a quick rundown of the 10 proven methods to witness photos and videos of private Instagram users.

1. Make Friendship With Their Friend

friendship with their friend

To view private Instagram account profile, become friends with their pals. When you make mutual Instagram friends, you may ask them whether they want you to look at their account and then save and email you the posts.

If you don’t know whether your friends recognize the person you’re looking for on Instagram, you may ask them over social media accounts through statuses.

It can take a bit longer to proceed, but you can try to check others’ private Instagram profiles. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of everything and get all of the information you need.

To use this method, we would like to give you a tip. If you are a girl, see gents friend of the target profile with whom you want to be friends. And if you are a boy, then know the lady friend of the targeted profile.

2. Use a Private Instagram Profile Viewer

The users can also check the private Instagram profile viewer options to check what’s going on in their Instagram profiles.

2.1. IMGlookup.com

view private instagram

IMGLookup is a private Instagram viewer tool that allows users to look at other people’s private Instagram accounts without signing up for an account.

To hack an Instagram account, open IMGLookup in your browser and enter the username of the account you wish to steal. It’s a general and straightforward procedure to use this private profile viewer.

After you’ve done that, the program will connect to Instagram and assist you in retrieving photographs from your target account. This platform is safe, legal, and secure, so don’t worry.

You can easily use IMGlookup without violating any law or something. Moreover, it is a web-based application; you do not have to download anything to spy on private Instagram profiles.

Using this tool involves three simple steps:

  • Tap on the Start Now button and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Enter the correct username to fetch the details.
  • Once you are finished, view private Instagram profiles and their images easily.

2.2. IMGlooker.com

view private instagramInstalooker is one of the best and easiest private profile viewer tools to view private Instagram pictures.

It takes only a few clicks to finish the process and allows users to view and download images from private Instagram accounts.

This private Instagram profile viewer tool lets you view private Instagram accounts in minutes, even if they have blocked you.

So, in this way, you can easily watch out for what others are up to without sending them a follow-up request or anything. Moreover, Instalooker is an old and simple-to-use application.

It has an easy-to-use interface, and you don’t have to download any other software to access its services. Even a newbie can use it without undergoing any tutorial.

Follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned below to use this web-based application:

  • Enter the profile username.
  • Tap on the “Start Viewer” button.
  • View the images and other things of the desired private account.

3. Use the Insta Stalker Tool

use insta stalker tools

Are you looking for another Instagram profile viewer? Please turn to the Insta Stalker tool and use it to stalk your desired person.

With this, you can easily monitor the new updates, images, followers, and subscriptions without letting that person know about them.

Moreover, Insta Stalker lets you check deleted posts and stories, which might not be possible with other Instagram viewer options. It is simple to use.

All you have to do is enter the username and get the daily reports of that specific account. The best part about this tool is that it is 100% secure and will let you check another’s private account without interfering with any legal violations.

Moreover, it boasts a simple user interface, making this tool beginner-friendly; thus, you won’t have to dig deep into tutorials to learn its application.

4. Use Online Spy Tools

online spy tools

Online Spy Tools is a perfect solution for viewing private Instagram accounts without the owner’s knowledge. It can disclose their videos and images.

You can hack into an account using Spy apps or tools from anywhere. Spy apps are pretty good at stealing into an Instagram account without the owner’s knowledge.

It can expose the contents of the social media account. Photos, videos, music, and textual posts are examples of this.

This software can also track your target’s smartphone location. You may access all your target’s smartphone activities from this central area.

Tons of Spy apps are available for free for a short trial period. If you wish to use it longer, you may upgrade to the Premium version for a year.

5. Send a Follow Request to the Target Profile

request to target profile

You can send a follow-up request to anyone’s public or private Instagram account. It is the practical and quickest way to check it.

It’s easy to send the following request to these social media accounts. You only need to press the follow button to alert folks on the other end of your request.

Being patient during the process is crucial since your follow-up request might take a long time to approve.

You can visit the relevant Instagram private profile without problems after accepting your follow request. So do your bit and press the follow button.

6. Create a Fake Instagram Profile

fake instagram profile

You can also create a fake Instagram account to persuade others not interested in sharing their posts with you.

The fact is that female requests are approved and processed faster than male ones. You can create a fake Instagram profile of the opposite gender if you are male.

Keep your Instagram account private when building a false Instagram account like this.

It will make you secure during the process but also encourage the user on the other end to spy on you by returning the following request.

7. Create a doppelganger account of his friend

doppelganer instagram profile

One of the most challenging ways to see a private Instagram profile is to create a doppelganger account, which requires convincing the user that you are one of their friends or followers.

You must create a new Instagram account with a profile photo, first and last names, bio, and other data. It should be identical to those of one of the present followers.

The person may then believe that one of their followers has created a new Instagram account, in which case you will get followed.

Remember that the duplicate profile will get disclosed at some point, and it will most likely get reported and blocked.

8. Search on Google Images (Search by images)


Google Search

Still thinking about How to view private Instagram Profile? When Instagram users keep their profiles private, they leave imprints of their posts with image search engines, allowing Google to create a library of their previous pictures.

These are posts made before the user’s account was made private. Enter the image into the Google Image Search or any other image-based search engine’s search box.

There’s a great chance you’ll find some traces left by your target before they turn their Instagram profiles private.

You may proceed with this stage, and if you want to take a picture of the individual, Google will spare you the work.

9. Create an Official Page on Instagram

official instagram page

The most effective and legitimate approach to viewing a private Instagram profile is to imitate Instagram’s official account.

Create an official page on Instagram and send the following requests. You need to press the blue Follow button and wait for the individual to accept your invitation.

You may access photographs, articles, and profiles once your follow-up request is authorized.

You may also increase your chances by sending a direct message to a private Instagram account and expressing your sentiments.

This approach is completely free. If you’ve been denied or blocked, seek help through alternative channels.

10. Search on Social Media

search on social media

Yet another way to view private Instagram profile is to search for the person on Facebook and Snapchat.

If they keep their Instagram profile private, you’ll discover them on other social networking platforms.

If their profile has been turned private, you may consider a user’s page on other social networking applications, including Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Find their name in their Instagram bio, which you can use to narrow your search.

Checking other social media sites can assist you in obtaining all of the photographs and information you want on the person.

Our Thoughts

That’s it, folks. Use any of the methods in this article to view private Instagram profiles. You have complete control over your chosen strategy, but remember that not all of them will provide the desired outcome.

You should first issue a follow-up request because this is often the most accurate method of gaining access to personal account postings.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to select other options. While there are plenty of ways to view Instagram private accounts, the best is to download third-party apps like IGlookup and Instalooker.

You can also opt for the Insta Stalker tool to spy on private IG handles. All these tools are web-based applications that eliminate the hassle of downloading. Additionally, they are 100% reliable and secure.

So, look no further and download these tools to check out what others are up to!!

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