3 Ways to View Private Instagram Profiles Without Follow Them

View Private Instagram Profile

Instagram is one of the most popular used social media networks so far. It is also known for maintaining its strict privacy. Users using it can have their preferences and can keep their profiles public or private, respectively. We are discussing How to view private Instagram profile?

This depends on the way they want to present themselves. Whether it is public or private, both of it has its advantage.

Today, there are plenty of reasons for you to have your profile on Instagram in the private mode. However, it is a straightforward job to hack out anyone else’s profile and view private Instagram pictures.

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So if you loved someone and you wish to spy on someone, you are at the perfect place. We live in a social media age where everything is possible. So, if it is love at first sight that you are suffering from or if it is an infatuation that you want to get rid of.

Now, you can have total access to other pretty pictures by just following a couple of steps. Before everything else, make sure to have yourself an Instagram, my dear handle, at least.

View Private Instagram Viewer

This is one of the least preferred options to view private Instagram profiles. This is sure a risky way. You need to check some Instagram profile viewer’s tools.

Nowadays, this has become a trend, and it is straightforward to get hands-on such tools. There is more than one told with the help of which you can view private Instagram profiles easily.

The tip here is – Do it entirely at your own risk.

Sometimes, these websites turn out to be a scam. Sometimes, all they aim is to grab your personal information and to present it in the wrong way.

Here is the step by step guide involving all the procedures in the process. Look for the various view private Instagram profiles viewer apps that are available.

After you visit the site, the next thing is that you need to put up your username associated with your Instagram profile.

The next step is your call. You can either look for downloading the picture or can view it. It is your choice and up to you.

These steps are risky and might ask for your data and information. Be very sure not to provide them. If you want to increase likes on your photos or want to get more followers, you can also use social media exchange websites to do so.

Now, when you complete this process, the page will redirect you to the Instagram profile to view private Instagram pictures.

IMPORTANT – These View Private Instagram Pictures tools are not for downloading purposes only but to use online. You should never download them even if they prompt you to install the app on your computer.

Every time you want to visit and view private Instagram pictures, make sure to use the tools.

1. Asking Directly ( Requires Gut & Some Charm)

This is the most polite gesture. Also, the easiest and hassle-free way to view private Instagram pictures of individual profiles. Here at the list of steps that will help you to reach out to the person directly.

If you are looking to follow someone or even have the slightest desire to view private Instagram pictures of the respective profile, the best serving is to send them our request for the following.

Ask Directly
Ask Directly

In case the person you have sent a request to has a private profile, then they will surely be notified of the following application and that someone wants to send a message to talk to them. Another option is to send a private message to express your feelings.

Let the person know about the feeling you have for them. Sometimes, the odds are that the person might reciprocate and may teach some interest in you. This will eventually lead them to follow you back.

Also, you have a decent profile, and it’s sure impressive. In that way, it will be tough for the other person to reject the request that you have just made.

You need to be very genuine and real. Sometimes, personal interactions can turn out to be in your favor. This can turn up your chances. It might so happen that the other person accepts your request and allows you to view their pictures.

2. Create a Fake ID (Involves Identity Theft Risk)

Creating a fake profile can be one of the brightest alternatives. This is one of the most sorted out ways to view private Instagram pictures.

It sure is one of the most out of the way methods but surely works. So, follow up on the steps to view private Instagram pictures of someone that you have been stalking.

Create a fake Instagram profile which has a display picture of a girl — okay, so wondering about why a female profile picture? Well, if it is a girl’s profile picture that you are stalking, the best alternative would be a bogus Instagram profile of a girl.

Fake ID
fake Instagram ID

The problem with male accounts is that people can quickly view them. Most of the men don’t keep the privacy settings, and they have their open Instagram accounts.

Make sure that your profile, sorry, your fake profile looks real. This you can do by just putting up pictures that interest a girl. Putting up the display picture of a girl in the profile picture sure helps.

Don’t forget to put a real bio, which is not only practical but also attractive. This will increase the chances to get your follow request accepted.

The smartest call would be to make your Instagram account private completely. This would make the other person curious.

Make sure that you are kind enough and send a timely request. After you have taken care of all the steps, that is, invigilated and taken care of all the related settings, all the basic uploads that are required, etc.

Now, you can look forward to dropping a follow request to the person — all you have to do noise wait eagerly for the response to visit.

It might so happen that your request does not get approved after trying so hard. In such a case, all that you need to do is send them a genuine message request.

Don’t forget to do this with that of a feeling of a girl otherwise, and this can be disastrous.

3. Using The Instagram Hack Tool

Last but not the Least, the tools are definitely a risky business to proceed with. Out of all the ways to view private Instagram pictures, this is yet another one, as well.

Sometimes, it is really tough to get hold of any methods as things just don’t turn out the way you want them to. In such cases, I look forward to viewing the private account in some other mode. This turns out to be a more comprehensive method, but sure works.

Instagram Hack Tool
Instagram Hack Tool

Follow the steps mentioned down to get effective results.

Go ahead and visit the official website Instahack’ss. The home page will display the “Start hacking” option. =>

After you proceed, the page will generate a pop-up message right in front of you.

Provide the username of the profile of which you wish to view private Instagram pictures and hit the View Private Instagram button.

The interface might take some time to load up. The time required is to extract the password of the username you entered. Also, ensure that you don’t close up the window as this might disrupt the entire process.

In the end, after everything is over, the page will display a text file. The text file contains the password for the username you provided.

All you need to do is get the password and view private Instagram pictures of the profile that you wanted to.

Final Thoughts

There you go! Now you have all the access in the world to view someone else’s profile picture. Well, that is all about how you can easily view private Instagram profiles.

Make sure to get hold of your special someone. Therefore, you can now easily view private Instagram profiles without having to suffer a lot.


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