Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts Safely With Proxies

Social media has blossomed into an incredible marketing platform. With billions of users actively using social platforms every day, you have access to vast traffic by utilizing this for marketing.

More businesses are starting to realize just how valuable social platforms like Instagram can be and get the most out of social marketing. However, sometimes, you need multiple Instagram accounts to get the most out.

Or perhaps you run a marketing agency where you need to manage multiple accounts for clients? This can be difficult without getting an IP ban from the platform.

This article will cover bypassing an Instagram IP ban by using proxies. We’ll also look at a few types of proxies that can be beneficial, such as location-specific proxies like a Japan proxy from Smartproxy.

Finally, we’ll cover how proxies work and the benefits of having multiple Instagram accounts. Before buying any proxy, you should know the static vs rotating proxy guide to picking perfect proxies for your work.

Keep reading to discover how you can manage multiple social accounts without fearing an IP ban.

Why Do You Need a Proxy?

You may be wondering why you’d need the proxy to manage many accounts. After all, doesn’t a proxy protect you while browsing the web? Yes, a proxy does protect you while browsing the web, but it also does so much more.

A residential proxy can also help you manage multiple accounts on Instagram and other platforms. Social media platforms are some of the most restrictive websites used for entertainment.

They limit the number of accounts created from the same IP address to a maximum of five accounts. If you try creating more accounts, you’ll likely end up with all your accounts getting an IP ban.

You may also run into an IP ban if you hire a social media agency to manage your accounts and they’re located in another town or country.

In this case, the platform will notice the account being accessed and controlled from two completely different locations and, fearing an account hijacking, might also ban the IP address.

This ban is a serious threat to many businesses as it means you’ll lose all of the time and effort invested into growing the account, and you have to start all over again. This downtime can significantly affect your traffic, leads, and potential revenue.

A residential proxy can help you avoid this ban while also enabling you to manage multiple accounts and target new audiences.

For example, when using a location-specific proxy like a Japan proxy, you can access geo-restricted content from that country. You can also attract a local audience to your content as it appears you are from the same country.

How to Use Proxies to Manage Multiple Accounts?

multiple instagram accounts

Residential proxies look like real people because they are linked to devices with legitimate IP addresses. This means they won’t get banned by the platform.

You can use each IP address from your residential proxy to create up to four new accounts on Instagram without fearing an IP ban.

For added peace of mind, you can also use an Instagram proxy, a virgin residential proxy that has never been used to create an Instagram account, so you can be certain to create four accounts without any fear.

You can choose proxies for Instagram account management from many reliable providers. However, it is essential to know that quality is more important than cost.

Although you may think you are saving your business $20 by going for a cheap proxy, it could end up costing you much more in revenue loss if your accounts get banned.

You must carefully compare the proxy providers and look at reviews to ensure you get a reliable proxy at a price that suits your budget.

Why Do Brands Have Multiple Instagram Accounts?

There are many different benefits for businesses that have multiple Instagram accounts.

1. Sell Your Products Better

If you have a wide variety of products, your audience might confuse it. However, suppose you can separate your product types into different Instagram accounts, for example, one account for gardening supplies, another for kitchenware, and another for clothing.

In that case, your audience can understand your brand better. They can also interact more with the type of products that interest them.

2. Being Able to Customize What You Show Your Audience

Not all audiences are the same. They all have different tastes, preferences, and needs. You can customize what you show to your audience by separating your accounts.

Working with the same example from above, you can use your gardening supply audience to show them gardening-related content that will interest them.

However, they may not be interested in clothing or kitchen utensils. So, you can use separate accounts to target the audience who love/prefer those types of products.

3. Cater to Multiple Audiences

This is the biggest benefit of having multiple Instagram accounts – it allows you to interact with different audiences. If you target a global audience, you can use multiple accounts to deliver unique content for each audience.

You can even use location-specific proxies to make this more effective. If you want to interact with an audience in Japan, you can use a Japan proxy and create accounts aimed at your Japanese audience.

The content can be geared specifically to this audience and, in doing so, will result in more engagement and sales.

Our Thoughts

Managing multiple Instagram accounts is becoming more important than ever. Whether you’re a business trying to target your audience better, or a marketing agency that manages different accounts, multiple accounts can make all the difference if you avoid an IP ban.

By using proxies, you can manage all the accounts you need without fear of a ban from the platform.

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