Tears of the Kingdom Yuzu vs Ryujinx: Which Works Better

Playing games on giant screens is a next-level experience. Sadly, all the games are unavailable on PC, thanks to emulators.

With the advancement of technology, the Modern Emulators of Nintendo Switch Consoles have reached such heights that gamers can even play games on average PC builds.

Yuzu vs Ryujinx- finding it difficult to choose one? Well, this post will help you to pick the best one.

Two Giants of Switch Emulation- Yuzu and Ryujinx are on the top that optimize everything to Optimize the New Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

What Switch Emulator is best with Tears of the Kindom Yuzu vs Ryujinx? Let’s deep dive into deep comparisons of these two emulators and reach a conclusion.

Let’s get started!!

A Quick Overview of Yuzu and Ryujinx

yuzu vs ryujinxRyujinx is an open-source Nintendo Switch Emulator created by GDKChan and written in C#. This emulator is built to provide excellent accuracy and performance. It is currently available for Windows 10/11, macOS, and Linux-based systems.

Yuzu is the World’s most popular Open Source of Nintendo Switch Emulator that Citra creates. It is written in C++ and maintains a Windows, Linux, and Android build. This emulator is capable of running commercial games at full speed.

Ryujinx and Yuzu provide exciting opportunities for gamers to experience Nintendo Switch titles on their computers.

These emulators represent talented developers’ dedication to recreating the Nintendo Switch experience in a digital environment. 

While both emulators have made impressive strides in compatibility and performance, it’s important to remember that emulation requires a capable computer, and some games might still have performance issues or compatibility challenges.

Yuzu Vs Ryujinx: Which is Better?

yuzu vs ryujinx

1. Compatibility

yuzu vs ryujinxThe choice between Yuzu and Ryujinx entirely depends on the compatibility with the game. Some online games ran better on one emulator rather than the other.

No doubt, both emulators are progressing in terms of game compatibility.

However, overall, Yuzu has better compatibility with a broader range of games. Yuzu has a mod available to play the game, whereas Ryujinx can run the game without a mod.

For instance: Yuzu struggled with Pokemon games like Pokemon Violet and Scarlet games, whereas these games ran smoothly on Ryujinx.

Result: Since compatibility is the central aspect, Yuzu has the upper hand here.

2. User Interface

yuzu vs ryujinxSuppose we talk about the interface of the emulators.

The interfaces might differ slightly in layout and design, but it is damn easy to configure and run any game smoothly.

Ryujinx offers a user-friendly interface that makes it relatively easy for users to set up and configure the emulator. This accessibility appeals to both newcomers and experienced emulator users.

Result: It’s a tie.

3. Performance

yuzu vs ryujinxYuzu vs Ryujinx, which one to choose entirely depends on your device system requirements.

In our study, we found that Yuzu requires more RAM than Ryujinx. Yuzu takes about 3.5 GB, while Ryujinx requires just 2GB of RAM.

Ryujinx aims to provide good performance on a range of hardware configurations. While some games run smoothly, others may require a more powerful computer for optimal performance.

Yuzu has made remarkable progress in terms of both game compatibility and performance. Many games are playable on the emulator, and some titles even run at near-console quality.

Result: It entirely depends on you. Players can pick any of them according to their device specifications. If your PC has limited RAM, Ryujinx could be a better option.

4. Gameplay

yuzu vs ryujinxGone are the days when Yuzu has Graphics issues. However, this problem has been fixed with the mods.

Ryujinx is a better option if you are looking for stable gameplay. If you are an AMD GPU user, running the game on Yuzu is recommended.

Ryujinx aims to provide a smooth and visually appealing gaming experience. It supports various graphics options, resolutions, and enhancements.

However, the performance can vary based on the user’s hardware and the specific game being emulated.

Yuzu offers various graphics settings and enhancements to improve the visual quality of games. The emulator continues optimizing performance to provide a smoother gameplay experience.


Yuzu and Ryujinx can deliver exceptional performance. If your priority is an average or stable gaming experience at 30 fps, Ryujinx is best for you. 

This guide will help you to make a firm decision about Yuzu and Ryujinx, which suits you the best.

As the emulation landscape evolves, Ryujinx and Yuzu hold promise for fans who want to relive Nintendo Switch games on different platforms. 

Whether you choose Ryujinx or Yuzu, always ensure you’re using legitimate game files and respecting game emulation’s legal and ethical considerations.

That’s a complete rundown of Yuzu vs Ryujinx. Thanks for reading!!

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