Easy Way to Make Passport Size Photo in PhotoShop

There is too much software available in the world for creating the best photo but as per expert, I recommend Adobe Photoshop for this photo work.

Every people need a passport size photo for various work such as for online form filling, for passport, ID card, and so on.

For this reason, I will give you the best guide for creating a passport size photo at your home in a fast and easy way.

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Without further delay, we can start step by step procedure to make the passport size photo easily.

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Easy Ways to Make Passport Size Photo

1. Passport Size Photo (in Pixel in Inch)

You can create any photo in pixel or inch size. But most of the photographers used inch for making a photo.

Because the photographer has much knowledge about the inch size. So I would like to recommend you to use inches for making any photo via PhotoShop.

2. Create Passport Size Photo (Manually)

For creating a passport size photo you need to go to the File menu and click on the open option. Now you need to open that photo you want to work on.

Open Option
Open Option

It’s not compulsory that every photo you click looks good, so we need to do some adjustments to make a photo better.

We don’t have many words to explain every tool in this article, that’s why you can check all tools manually.

We can use only important tools for making passport size photos in PhotoShop.

Now you need to go on the below path:-

Go to image > adjustment > curve tool (Shortcode M), a curve tool will open.

1. Curve Tool (Make The Photo Lighter or Darker)

If you check, you will find many options in this tool. Every option has its own importance. The first option is preset, you can check the preset option in the curve tool.

Easy Way to Make Passport Size Photo in PhotoShop 1
Curve Tool

There is the next option channel, this option is very important for all beginner or a professional artist to make your photo brighter or darker you need to choose RGB(Red, Green, Blue).

Now move the curve tool to make your photo brighter or darker as per your choice. If you like to give the feel in red, blue, or green color to your photo.

You need to change the channel mode from RBG to Red, Green, or Blue as per your requirement and finally move the curve tool as per your need.

Check below-mentioned the path to use:

Go to image > adjustment > Brightness/Contrast

You can use this option to make your photo brighter or darker.

2. Level Tool

We use this level tool for shining the photo.

level tool
Level Tool

Go to Image > adjustment > level

Now Level tool will open to create your photo shiner than before. because the Level tool is used for shining the photo in PhotoShop.

3. Crop Tool

Now go to crop tool (Shortcode C) to crop your photo in passport size. Enter the width of 1.2 cm and height of 1.5 cm and make sure your resolution is 300 in the open bar.

If the resolution is below 300 then enter 300 in resolution. You can get the options bar on the top side. Now go to the File menu again and click on the new file.

crop tool
Crop Tool

A new file dialogue box will be open. It’s time to enter your photo paper size. Basically, most people used passport size photo dimensions as 2×2, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, etc.

So you can choose your photo size which you need for work and click ok.
(If you choose 4 x6, 8 x 10 paper sizes skip this step.)

Go to image > image rotation > 90 degree CW

Now, you need to copy your created image or move by drag and drop function into your newly created page.

Move your image to the top right corner.

Now copy your image and paste it multiple times. (You can hold Alt + mouse left click button to copy this image.)

Repeat this step for making 15 copies on the single photo page.

3. Make Passport Size Photo (Automatically)

Every person likes the faster and time-saving task for each process or work. Also, making passport size photos regularly is much hectic.

So you can automate the process with just simple few clicks.

Open your photo and crop it.

reset workspace
Reset Workspace

Go to window > workspace > reset workplace.

In the latest PhotoShop version, the name change to reset workspace to reset essentially.

Now see that in PhotoShop right side box with the history and action tab, if you not find it, no worry.

Go to Window and click the action tool (Short Key Alt + F9).

Action Tool
Action Tool

After getting the history or action tab, you need to click on the new action icon in the action tab. Now, a new action tab will be open.

Write any name in name, We write passport size photo action, now you can set your function key. After clicking on the record button, create your photo manually.

Now, click on the stop button, your work will record.

For your future work, make sure you can use the short key every time if possible, it will help you in the future.

Time to create passport size photo within just seconds or minutes(Quickly).

I repeat all processes as a summary, crop your photo again, and press the shortcut key that you use for action, your photo was created automatically.

You can also save and open saved action for future use.

In the action tab, select your action from the top right side. You will see a down arrow icon as well as many options, click on the down arrow icon.

Just click on save action and press ok. You can also load your action from these same techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Create a Stamp or Ticket Size Photo?

Ans: You don’t need to create whole steps again for ticket size photos. You just need to change the crop size of the photo.

Write 0.7 in width and 0.9 in height and resolution as we mentioned is 300. Now crop the photo and use the same techniques.

Q. How to Create Passport Size Photo Using Automate Command?

Ans: I personally like the automated command option because this option will create photos automatically and you don’t need to do anything manually.

Automate work for lots of tools to take your task completely easy.

We can give you little detail one by one.

1. Batch

In case, you want to create 20 or higher than 20 number passport size photo very urgently. If you do this work step by step, it consumes a lot of time.

So let find a solution for that step by step.

2. Photoshop Batch Dialogue Box

Initially, you need to create a new folder and paste your all photos into it.

Now go to File > automate > batch, and get the PhotoShop batch dialogue box open.


Now, you need to select your action that you were created above for making photos automatically.

After that select source as the folder then click on choose folder and now select your folder and click ok.

Now you can choose the destination, you have three options for the destination.

1. None – If you choose this None option, the photo will create and save one by one.

2. Save and Close – If you choose this Save and Close option, then your photo will create and save automatically.

3. Folder – If you choose this Folder option, your photo will save in a folder. But you need to write some extension name for saving it. After that click on Ok.

3. Contact Sheet II

With this contact sheet, you can easily create your photo with the caption but how?

So the answer is…

Go to Automate > Contact Sheet II, A contact sheet dialogue box will be open.

Contact Sheet
Contact Sheet

Click on the browse button and choose your photo folder. (If you have multiple folders in one folder, click on include subfolder)

Choose your width, height, resolution, and mode RGB in the document section.

If you want to use the caption, then click on use filename caption, otherwise leave it. Your contact sheet ready within a minute.

4. Picture Package

This picture package is a great tool but I don’t know why PhotoShop removes this option from the latest version.

Picture Package
Picture Package

If you like to use this option, then you need to use PhotoShop 7.0 or an older version. Yet you tell him, his work and its usage below.

Go to automate > picture package, a package dialogue box will open.

You can choose source file or folder, and click on the browse button and select the file or folder, for the picture package, I think files are good.

Under the document section, you can also choose page size, layout, resolution, and mode according to your requirement.

Do you want to use the label on your photo? If yes then do the below steps:

Label your photo under the label section > click ok.

Your picture package is ready in a few seconds.

Final Words

So what you think, creating passport size photos in PhotoShop is easy or not? Tell me your answer via comment. Also if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask a question in the comment section below.

You may upload your created photo to the Instagram account. Also, you may check that how to check the private Instagram profile easily.

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