Is ClickASnap Legit? Check Genuine Review

Are you triggered to use ClickASnap and have a passive income right away? Only start by reading this post.

Today, almost anyone can take amazing photos. Modern smartphones come with great cameras, making it easier to take excellent pictures than ever!

Starting a photography hobby can also be extremely rewarding, while pro photographers can turn live photo to video. But what if you could earn passive income at the same time?

Websites like ClickASnap allow this to come to reality. This photo-sharing platform lets artists and photographers receive payment based on uploading photos and selling their work to an audience of millions on the ClickASnap site.

But do you want to go and upload your masterpieces without getting confirmed about the legitimacy of ClickASnap from a verified source? Worst comes to worst.

You can see your photos getting downloaded by so many people you still don’t receive a single penny for the things you own.

That’s why today we will share everything you need to know about ClickASnap’s legitimacy – whether it’s legit or you should use it.

What is ClickASnap, and What Does It Do?

clickasnapClickASnap is a photo-sharing platform where you get paid for posting photos. With more than 44 million viewers and over 1 million of his photographers, it is an excellent platform for anyone interested in buying or selling and even viewing photos.

Before sharing their photos, photographers can capture and modify them. You can use this for social media benefits by turning them into funny comical videos.

The site also claims to be the only platform in the world that pays photographers every time someone views a photo.

It happens due to the site pays premium members when other people see your work. It pays up to $0.40 per picture view. 

In addition, photographers can also sell their photos and prints online to fans worldwide. However, you can create avatar from photo or customize your picture without spending any money.

How Does ClickASnap Work?

ClickASnap was established in 2016 by Tom Oswald for amateur and professional photographers to help them have a passive income source.  

With the vast number of visitors and photographers, the site is confident that anyone looking to sell their photos can get passive income, especially since they value communication and authenticity.

In other words, the company knows that creators are at the heart of the program.

Photographers can retain the rights to their images and earn money thanks to the platform’s massive audience.

It also boasts a user-friendly system that allows creators to easily upload their pictures to the forum and get started as quickly as possible.

Is ClickASnap Legit? Should You Use It?

ClickASnap is a legitimate website that pays you to share your photos online. But this needs to be more accurate, and you don’t get paid as much for your photos as you seem. 

clickasnapAnd the downside is that you must spend money in your paid merchant account to make money.

It is still potentially useful for amateur and professional photographers to build exposure and make quick cash.

However, there are more lucrative ways to make money online for most photographers. Selling your print and digital downloads can make you much more money than using sites like ClickASnap.

How to Earn Real Money Using ClickASnap?

Many people wonder if ClickASnap is legit and look for answers on Reddit and other online forums. Fortunately, it’s not a scam, and it pays off.

Uploading your work is easy, but uploading is different from selling! It seems simple enough. Upload the photos you want to sell, and you’re done.

Here’s a complete guide to using ClickASnap in detail –

1. Upload Your Photos and Get Views :

It only requires you to upload your original photo, so you cannot use screenshots or stock photos. Also, you cannot use graphics, only photos taken with your camera.

It would help if you first upgraded your membership level to a “Paid” member to start earning money from downloads. You must renew your subscription by default to not see ads on your site.

2. Sell Your Photos :

If you don’t like pay-per-view, you can always sell your photos as long as you subscribe to the paid version. Uploaded images appear on the ClickASnap Marketplace and are available to potential buyers.

If they are interested in your work, you can purchase them online. Ready with ClickASnap, including printing and mailing. Users have access to both digital and physical copies of their photos.

How Much Money Can You Earn From Pay-per-view on ClickASnap?

You need to pay a minimum of $2.53 per month to get pay-per-view and $5.06 to sell photos as products. After subscribing, you can earn 0.70 cents or $0.007 per view.

However, for the site to count as paid views, users must view the photo for at least 5 seconds.

How Much Money Can You Earn by Selling Photos on ClickASnap?

The best thing about selling your original photos on ClickASnap is that you can set a price for the photos you want to sell.

It only charges 4% of the total cost to cover service fees, including printing and shipping. So you can also keep most of your revenue.

How Do You Receive the Money on ClickASnap?

The money you earn from the views and photos you sell on ClickASnap goes straight to your account on it. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal once you reach the $15 minimum payout.

While it doesn’t offer other payment options, PayPal is still convenient, and PayPal accepts payments readily for many photographers, especially freelancers and passive income earners.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using ClickASnap?

Although the advantages of using ClickASnap are plenty, you need to consider its disadvantages before using it.


  • The site is highly beginner-friendly so that anyone can use it without confusion.
  • PayPal is a vital mode of payment.
  • The membership account is readily available, and signing in is simple.
  • It is entirely open to being accessible by the entire world.


  • It’s challenging and time-consuming to build a following and earn on this platform. Firstly, you must pay for a paid subscription to begin your earnings on this platform.
  • It offers very low pay-per-view rates.
  • Lastly, the cash-out requirement is $15, which is a high price.

Final Words

If I talk about the reviews ClickASnap has got online, it can be concluded by saying that it pays less. So it’s not worth it for a photographer, be it a beginner or a professional—some users like how easy ClickASnap is to use. 

However, the low pay-per-view rate and the high requirement for cashing out are the two major drawbacks of it that hinder several photographers from using this platform.

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