How to Fix Instagram Messenger Update Not Showing Error?

Are you looking for easy solutions to know how to fix the Instagram messenger update not showing error? Then you want to make sure to see this blog post.

There’s no denying that Instagram has remained a hit among all types of users since its launch. 

But, during the initial period, Instagram primarily had most teenage users who craved eye-catching content.

On the one hand, it’s an excellent visual platform that lurks users of every age. If you want to take a blast with your friends but can’t find it, then try the buzz cut filter on Instagram.

However, the tables have turned now. About a decade after its introduction, Instagram became the fourth most prominent social media site, with over 1.3 billion users worldwide. 

While on the other hand, Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing platforms for various industries and brands. Due to its massive popularity, it will be helpful for social media benefits.

So, it’s evident that if any user comes across a glitch while running Instagram, it will become a concern for millions worldwide. 

Recently, many users have been facing Instagram Messenger update issues.

To let you know how to fix the Instagram messenger update not showing errors, I have compiled the best and easiest ways in this blog post. 

If you are facing this problem on Instagram, then keep on reading.

Why Can’t You See Instagram Messenger Update?

instagram messenger update not showingOne of the most familiar reasons you face the Instagram messenger update not showing an error is that you still need to update the Instagram app.

Another principal reason is that the recent Update is unavailable in your country. In that case, you must wait until the app is available in your country.

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Let’s now jump into how to fix the Instagram messenger update not showing errors quickly.

How to Fix the Instagram Messenger Update Not Showing an Error?

If you see that the messenger option is not showing or you can’t access it to send and receive messages from other Instagram users, there are a few fixes you need to try.

I have listed all the solutions to how to fix the Instagram Messenger update not showing errors in the next section of this blog post.

Before that, if you Want to manage multiple Instagram accounts, you can read our post on managing various Instagram accounts.

Now let’s go for the fix Instagram Messenger update is not showing an error.

Method 1. Update the Instagram App

instagram messenger update not showingYou must first update your Instagram app to the latest version to fix the Instagram messenger update not showing an error.

More often than not, previous versions of Instagram contribute to an increase in some in-app bugs.

It can also disrupt the Instagram messenger functions, resulting in Instagram messenger updates not showing errors.

So, updating the Instagram app should be the first thing to do if you notice this error.

Method 2. Remove Instagram App Data

instagram messenger update not showingAnother quick solution to fix the Instagram messenger update not showing the problem is to remove all the app data from your Instagram app.

Every app accumulates a vast amount of data over time.

If you do not clear, the enormous amount of stored data can occasionally harm the app’s performance and cause the Instagram messenger to update, not show the issue.

To clear app data from Instagram, you must visit your device’s Settings and select Apps. After that, click on Instagram and hit the options Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Method 3. Log Out of Instagram and Then Log in Again

instagram messenger update not showingSometimes, most of the app glitches can be solved with the simplest of solutions, like logging out of the app and then try logging in.

The same goes for Instagram. So, if you have tried updating the app and clearing the app data, try to log out and then log in again.

Method 4. Use a VPN

instagram messenger update not showingUsing a powerful VPN can also help you fix the Instagram messenger update not showing an error. 

A VPN changes your original location on Instagram. So it can remove any country-related errors on Instagram.

If you don’t use a VPN already, uninstall the Instagram app from your device and enable VPN on it. 

And finally, install Instagram and use it from a different location provided by your VPN. 

If you have yet to try a VPN before or looking for a strong one for Instragram, try installing ExpressVPN for extra security.

Method 5. Get in Touch With Instagram to Help

instagram messenger update not showingIf none of the fixes mentioned above work to remove the Instagram messenger update not showing an error, you need to contact Instagram for help.

To do so, launch the Instagram app. Then click on Settings and choose Help.

Finally, select the Report A Problem option to report the issue of the Instagram messenger update not showing the error you are currently facing.

Method 6. Wait Until the Update Gets Launched

instagram messenger update not showingIf you are facing the Instagram messenger update not showing an error for a long time and none of the fixes work, the chances of the Instagram update not being available in your country are higher.

There’s no other way out, and you will need to wait until the Update gets launched in your country.

How to Get the New Messenger Update on Instagram?

To download the latest version of Instagram Messenger to fix the Instagram Messenger update not showing error, follow these steps below:

Step 1: Open Instagram and go to your Profile.

Step 2: Click on the Menu icon.

Step 3: Then tap on Settings.

Step 4: After that, select Update Messaging.

Step 5: Finally, click on Update.

After clicking on Update, the Instagram messages feature will be upgraded. So you can reply to messages, add emoji reactions, control messages, and more. 

If you don’t see the update messages feature, it’s unavailable in your country.

Final Thoughts

You can try some bonus methods to view Messenger updates and fix Instagram Messenger updates not showing errors. 

For instance, try using a different Instagram account. Several users reported being able to get Messenger updates via another Instagram account. 

However, it’s essential to note that Instagram is gradually launching this Instagram messenger feature in all countries. 

So if you still encounter the Instagram messenger update not showing an error after trying all the fixes, you must wait until it’s released in your country.

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