11 Best PayPal Alternatives For Money Transactions

PayPal is an online transaction platform that replaces paper operations in the bank. Here we can give you all the details about the best PayPal Alternatives for online money transactions.

We can transfer, receive and make an online purchase anywhere, anytime through PayPal. It makes an instant purchase without annoying paperwork.

In short, it’s like an online wallet. It is yet another brainstorming Idea of Elon Musk, an entrepreneur who owns SpaceX and Tesla Motors.

There are many such platforms that give real competition to PayPal, like Paypal alternatives. So, let’s get started with the best Alternatives of PayPal that you can use globally.

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Now a day PayPal accepts payments from some surprising businesses; you must know that.

List of PayPal Alternatives for National/International Money Transfer

1. Google Pay

Google Pay

Download on Google Play

Google Pay is a trending, smarter, safer wallet which is currently running in the US but also accepts debit cards and credit cards from other countries. It’s an easier way to make digital payments.

It has a secure transaction gateway with several layers of security network almost impossible to bypass those who always try to fraud with your account.

Because it is based on one of the biggest internet search engine named, Google.com. Hence much safer than other digital wallets.

We can store debit and credit card information without worry because Google Company is the most trusted one with high-security backup.

If the transaction fails, the digital money gets refunded safely to the wallet within 2 or 3 days. It is the best PayPal alternative for money transactions.

2. Paytm – Best Among PayPal Alternatives


Download on Google Play

Paytm is one of the best online transaction platforms, which also provides multiple payment modes, including QR code scan payment and many other ways like the transfer from mobile number.

It’s a trending wallet in India that became famous after Demonetization in India.

It also provides extensive services linked to the portfolio, like online shopping, bill payment, Mobile Recharge, Bank Transactions, etc.

All these in one platform Paytm which is used widely in India and helps in digital transformation at the time of demonetization.

Paytm uses 128-bit encrypted digital transactions, which in combination with other security layers, provides high-end secure transactions in the digital currency/money transfer.

3. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

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Amazon Pay services are provided by Amazon Giant company which provides secure payment transactions. It has the right user interface and high-end server-based security, but it doesn’t have a good app.

It only concentrates on online transactions, merchant payments, billing services, and much more in one application.

Also, It doesn’t provide options for multipurpose online services like Paytm, but its focuses entirely on its security features, Gateway UI, etc. Hence it’s much better for online transactions.

4. Freecharge


Download on Google Play

Basically, Freecharge was a mobile recharge application platform. Still, it expanded its services and now provides the best digital wallet for merchants, which offers many online services like recharge, banking services, ticket bookings, and many others.

The best thing is it provides Zero convenience charges for bank transactions.

Freecharge the name itself indicates free charges for online transactions as well as online services like mobile recharge and many more. It has a rich user interface which is easy for anyone using it.

This also provides a 128-bit encrypted secure payment gateway and also stores the information of the card so that a user doesn’t need to enter card info every time he makes a payment.

5. Square


Download on Google Play

Square is a US Company based mobile payment company which supports credit card processing and online merchant services like digital transactions.

It provides 24*7 services for its customers, who indicate supportive care for its clients. It uses a credit card terminal for the secure processing of card information from the user.

The best thing is it supports Apple pay transactions which are done by using NFC communication.

NFC stands for “Near Field Communication.” Anyway, this company cares for its customers through its wide variety of services and easy to refund if your transaction is failed due to any technical problem.

6. Stripe


Download on Google Play

Stripe is an online merchant-based company supporting transactions in many countries and hundreds of different currencies.

This is widely used in many countries around the world. It also supports bank and debit card payments.

The best thing is that it supports payment through Bitcoins, digital money earned through chain blocking with the help of bitcoin and transfer currency in your bank account.

This cryptocurrency isn’t supported in many countries, but still, we can exchange the currency through this platform.

7. Wepay


Download on Site

Wepay is an online e-commerce site that also provides a virtual terminal for online transactions, similar to Amazon Payments. With its secured payment gateway, we can buy and make payments in the same location.

It has an excellent user interface and many other online transaction modes. The name itself indicates that it pays its customers to zero transaction fees.

8. Payza


Download on Google Pay

Payza is a payment processing company which is also known as AlterPay. We can quickly send/receive amounts through this platform which provides many other options for online transactions.

This is supported in many other countries with different currencies because this is an international payment processing company.

Millions of people use it for their online transactions. It has an interactive UI, which is easy to navigate throughout the site.

It has zero convenience charges for its online transactions. It also has secured servers that satisfy its customers.

9. Skrill


Download on Google Play

Skrill is also known as MoneyBooks, one of the best Digital payment services. Which provides different kinds of services like Online shopping, instant funds transfer, send or receiving money.

It is like a digital wallet useful in many transactions like bill payments or every digital payment.

It also provides Skrill Master cards, which help us make real-time transactions. This is also supported in 200+ countries. It also has excellent customer service.

10. PayMate


Download on Google Play

Paymate is an interface between buyers and sellers worldwide and can also share, transfer, and receive funds from them. It is the best alternative payment site if you are a buyer/seller.

All you have to do is give your card information and proceed with payment with PayMate online.

You can run a business using this platform without having any trouble. It also has good UI, which makes it pretty impressive.

11. Payoneer


Download on Google Play

Payoneer is one of the best online transaction services that provides different kinds of services worldwide. You can also receive money from a person from a different country. No need for any bank account to sign up for Payoneer.

There are many benefits to using Payoneer. The best thing is it gives us 25$ on signing up, i.e., creating the account.

It is a perfect platform for doing online transactions or receiving money from other companies from other countries; every blogger used this method for payment.

Nowadays, Payoneer is 2nd trending online money transfer application or in your own words great option for online money transfer and PayPal alternatives also.

Final Words

At TechSpunk, we have discussed the best PayPal Alternatives apps for making free international transactions or transfers.

These apps can be used for money transfers, bill payments, and online transactions as well. The procedure to use these apps isn’t that difficult.

So, if you want to make free international transactions with your friends or family living in abroad, you can use any of the apps mentioned above. It is free, reliable, and easy to use.

So what are you waiting for? Go and start the transfers or pay your bills.

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