Why Aniwatch Blocked Me? How to Unblock?

Do you want to know “why Aniwatch blocked me?” and learn how to unblock yourself in 2023? Then keep on reading!

Aniwatch has been a fan-favorite for a significant length. It has been the go-to website for streaming anime online. However, several users need help with using this streaming service.

Users are complaining that they are getting blocked by Aniwatch out of the blue. They have raised many Twitter threads asking “why Aniwatch blocked me.”

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In this article, you will learn why Aniwatch blocked me and ways to unblock it in 2023. 

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What is Aniwatch?

Aniwatch is a streaming website that houses unique anime series to watch online. 

This website showcases some valuable features that make users enjoy their streaming time. 

Some of these exciting features are :

  • The expansive stock of high-definition anime.
  • Quick search results.
  • Conversion to local time.
  • Enhanced list representation.
  • Improved presentation of available subtitles and audio and much more.

However, for a while, users have been getting blocked from Aniwatch. 

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Let’s find out everything about it in the next section.

Why Aniwatch Blocked Me?

why aniwatch blocked meMany users see the message, “You have been blocked by Firewall,” when logging in to Aniwatch. 

But what exactly is happening?

In a recent Twitter post, Aniwatch posted an official statement declaring the site was going down. 

So, all its users who were getting the message of being blocked and wondering “why Aniwatch blocked me” know that the site was shutting down.

How to Unblock Myself on Aniwatch in 2023?

The firewall issue on Aniwatch that has been troubling users and making them wonder “why Aniwatch blocked me” is suggesting the discontinuation of the site itself. 

And since the site is no longer available, there are no ways in which users can unblock themself on Aniwatch in 2023.

Why is Aniwatch Shutting Down?

Aniwatch has been nothing less than an earthly paradise for anime lovers. It streamlines the series without any payment of ads. 

However, this is precisely the reason behind the discontinuation of the site. Aniwatch provided several anime collections without the stacks of ads. 

It violated many rules and regulations of anime series because they were not meant to be shown for free.

So, the owner of the famous Attack on Titan anime series has now demolished some of their server locations as they made their recently released AoT content available for free. 

And that is why users were getting messages like “Firewall blocked you” and wondering, “Why Aniwatch blocked me.”

So, it is evident that Aniwatch is struggling financially and needs help to keep up with the financial burden of the site because it never featured ads.

Another significant reason behind the crushing down of the site can be server issues. The servers of Aniwatch were full and had already stopped registrations in January 2021. 

Aniwatch reached 12.9 million viewers per day. So Aniwatch was suffering from a server outage, as the load on the site must have gotten out of control.

In addition, you must also know that there is currently no information regarding the reopening of Aniwatch. 

So, you need to know the best alternatives to Aniwatch in 2023.

Best Aniwatch Alternatives in 2023

If you have the answer to “why Aniwatch blocked me,” it’s time to find the best alternatives to Aniwatch in 2023. 

Check out the curated list below to find your favorite platform to watch anime online.

1. AnimeLand

why aniwatch blocked meAnimeland is a French-based service, but its streaming service is so original that it complements copyright laws.

Animeland It’s free and straightforward, and easy to use.

You can watch and download great shows without registering first. So it can be accessed from all over the world. 

With Animeland’s huge library, there’s little chance you won’t find what you’re looking for.

2. Anime Planet

why aniwatch blocked meSuppose you are tired of googling “Why Aniwatch blocked me” and looking for unique alternatives to watch anime online. 

In that case, you need to check out Anime Planet the best feature of Anime-Planet is its fastest anime availability. 

You can be assured that most anime will be available for users to watch on the site within days of their initial release in Japan. This site provides a categorized list of all interests. 

It is a user-friendly website to stream free anime that houses over 40,000 industry-supported anime online.

3. RetroCrush

why aniwatch blocked meAre you a fan of Retro anime? Then RetroCrush will be your one-stop destination.

RetroCrush is also available as a mobile app but cannot be accessed from video game processors such as Xbox and PlayStation. 

You will have all retro in one place, and that too for free. There is a background in advertising, but you can easily use your best browser and restrict most ads.

4. Crunchyroll

why aniwatch blocked meCrunchyroll can be quickly declared as the one-stop website for all your anime needs, like – Manga, comics, anime, shoes, games, and comics, including all the latest releases.

It is one of the oldest anime streaming services, launched in 2006.

Crunchyroll is now legal and available in French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Russian, and English. 

The service is available for all devices and platforms. It’s free with ads, but you can pay to do it all ad-free. It also gives users three options to watch.

5. Funimation

why aniwatch blocked meFunimation, the North American anime source website, has been one of the top competitors of Aniwatch. 

So, maybe it’s time to stop asking about “why Aniwatch blocked me” and start enjoying Funimation. 

It is already widely chosen among fans. Additionally, this website offers the latest anime sequences for both anime movies and series. 

You can easily download what you want to see on Funimation. In addition to the high quality, you can keep up to date with all news related to Manga and anime.

Final Take

We all know how disastrous it has been for anime lovers to witness the shutdown of Aniwatch. 

It gave rise to the popular Twitter and Reddit trend, “Why Aniwatch blocked me.” But since no news is available, I can state that Aniwatch is not resuming. 

So, till then, try out the best Aniwatch alternatives in this post to enjoy streaming anime anytime, anywhere.

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