How to Fix Removeddit Not Working Error? 3 Easy Fixes

Are you looking to fix Removeddit not working issue in 2023? Here’s everything that you need to know.

We all have heard and used Reddit at least at one point in our lives, whether directly engaging in a popular Reddit trend or referring to Reddit for any of your research on Google.

This website serves as a platform for everything happening around the world. It is one of the most popular sites where people hide their identities and share their honest opinions and thoughts on various topics.

However, as with other social media platforms, some people misuse Reddit through unfair means and post comments and content that may be inappropriate or hurt someone’s feelings.

These comments and content are removed from time to time by Reddit or its moderators.

But where exactly do these removed contents and comments go? It is stored in Removeddit.

Despite its excellent quality, Removeddit experiences periodic lags like Removeddit not working, and users may find the errors it experiences highly unpleasant.

But do not worry about it; here in this article, you will get the easy fixes for the Removeddit not working error.

What is Removeddit? What Do They Do?

removeddit not working isssueRemoveddit! Just like the name suggests, it houses all the removed comments and deleted contents of Reddit.

If you missed a discussion that was important to you, you could check Removeddit right away. Removeddit is a site to view deleted comments or topics on Reddit.

The process of doing it is also effortless. You can view all removed comments by visiting the Reddit thread and changing “reddit” in the URL to “removeddit.”

It can be done by comparing comments stored in Jason Baumgartner’s Pushshift Reddit API with those in the Reddit API.

The front end is written in React and uses Saas as a CSS preprocessor. However, several users have recently faced the “Removeddit not working” issue when accessing Removeddit.

If you are facing the same problem and want to fix it, here is the complete guide.

How to Fix Removeddit Not Working Issue?

removeddit not workingRemoveddit faces a few hiccups along its way from time to time, despite its exceptional quality. This site periodically encounters errors that can be very annoying to users.

Several users have reported seeing posts labeled as “comments not found” and “censored” in deleted comments.

Some tried to use another browser without any add-ons. However, they couldn’t access it even then.

Some users even tried to use Removeddit and said the website headers got loaded, but the content, unfortunately, didn’t. We can underline these problems with the same caption – Reddit is not working.

Worry not; we are here to help quickly resolve this issue with simple-to-follow steps.

Steps to Fix the “Removeddit Not Working” Issue Quickly

There are a few remedies that have helped users to get rid of the Removeddit not working issue.

Try one or all of these to solve the problem and enjoy Removeddit.

Fix 1. Disabling Tracking Protections

One of the first things you should do whenever you face the “Removeddit not working” issue is to disable the tracking protection option for no location found.

Follow the steps below to do so perfectly.

Step 1. Tap on the black-and-white shield icon that is located next to the https in the URL.

Step 2. After that, choose “Turn off Tracking Protection for this site.” You may also resolve the “Removeddit not working” problem by disabling your browser add-ons. You can switch to “Safe Mode.”

Fix 2. Log in Issues

More than often, any Removeddit not working issue happens because of login errors.

So, you need to correctly enter your login credentials, such as your username and password, and then try to log in again.

In addition to that, you need to have a strong and stable Internet connection. You can use a WiFi analyzer to check that the signal is stable and good.

I recommend using a WiFi connection over mobile data whenever you use Removeddit and WiFi extenders to fix problems like weak or dead spots in the WiFi network.

Fix 3. Removeddit App Black Screen Issue

If you use the Removeddit app, you will likely encounter the app’s black screen problem. One of the quickest ways to resolve this problem is to force-close the Removeddit app.

You can also close all the tabs and apps and relaunch Removeddit. If both processes don’t work, you can opt for a quick factory reset on your android phone.

To do so, hold the Home and Power buttons together for more or less ten seconds. Then, before releasing the Power button, keep it down until the screen illuminates.

Now you should open the Removeddit app and see if it’s working. As a large website, Removeddit can go down for various reasons, such as minor or major server failures.

If you cannot access the website even after trying our quick fixes of “Removeddit not working,” you should wait until the problem is resolved and try again later.

Removeddit Best Alternatives in Current Year

If you are tired of the Removeddit not working issue and none of the fixes can resolve it, you must try out the three best alternatives for Removeddit.

1. Resavr

removeddit not workingResavr is an excellent tool for finding deleted posts on Reddit. It also helps read deleted posts and comments on Reddit.

There is only one catch. Resavr only saves comments longer than 650 characters. This site is easy to navigate.

You can view deleted posts and Reddit comments on the main page. You may crawl removed comments by post title using the search box at the top.

2. The Wayback Machine

removeddit not workingThe Wayback Machine, often known as the Internet Archive, saves a copy of every online page.

If the above tools cannot display your removed content, please visit the Wayback Machine.

Go to and enter the URL of the deleted Reddit post you want to view. Make sure you remove unnecessary HTTP parameters from your URLs.

3. Unddit

removeddit not workingAnother helpful tool to view deleted Reddit topics is Undit.

You can view deleted posts and comments and highlight them in color to distinguish deleted content.

It also displays the username of the account that originally posted the message. Drag the red Unddit button from the website to the bookmarks bar.

Once the website is fully loaded, click the Undit tab in the panel to access the remote Reddit thread you want to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When You Delete a Reddit Post, is It Gone Forever?

Ans. No. Reddit postings can be deleted, but they do not disappear from the site’s servers. You can use the Removeddit platform to see the deleted postings on Reddit.

Q. Can I See the Deleted Posts on Reddit Somewhere Other Than Removeddit?

Ans. Yes. If you are not interested in Removeddit or facing the Removeddit not working issue frequently, you should try its alternatives like the Wayback Machine, Unddit, and Resavr.

Q. Does Removeddit Not Working Issue Appears on the App Too?

Ans. If you use the Removeddit app instead of the website, you may encounter a black screen or other login problems.

Wrapping Up

This guide on Removeddit not working has given you plenty of insights on fixing the problem. However, Removeddit is a large website, so minimal problems will likely occur frequently.

In that case, you should opt for the best Removeddit alternatives like Unddit, Resavr, and the Wayback Machine. I have given the instructions to use all three Removeddit options above.

So try out which works best for you and start reading all the deleted comments and removed posts on Reddit now. Are you frustrated with Removeddit not working?

Our expert guide has all the tips and tricks you need to get this essential resource up and running again.

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