How to Install Discord on PS4 for Better Gaming Coordination

Looking forward to installing Discord on PS4 but unsure about the process. Don’t worry about the same, as your search ends here!

Scroll the page to the end and inform yourself of the step-by-step tutorial to complete this setup.

Installing Discord on PS4 is not rocket science, and players can easily carry out this procedure without seeking professional help. However, I recommend following the guide properly to avoid further hiccups.

TechSpunk is wondering how to start installing Discord on PS4. Here is the detailed procedure and the essential aspects that one needs to know to execute the installation flawlessly.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!!

What is Discord?

With millions of users across the globe, the Discord app barely needs any special introduction.

Discord was Launched in 2015; this application stands out as the best platform for audio, video, image, and text communication.

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Discord is the simplest way of talking over voice and staying connected with your friends and communities.

Discord is mainly an instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for finding new friends online while enjoying your favorite video games.

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Features of Discord App

The Discord app has plenty of features that make it unique and worth trying. Before installing Discord on PS4, let’s find its features in detail.

  1. It comes with several custom moderation tools and permission levels.
  2. It helps you to organize your local group.
  3. This app is available in around 28 different languages.
  4. The spellcheck feature is auto-installed in this app.
  5. It boasts low-latency voice and video that makes you feel like you are in the same room.
  6. It comes with different voice channels.
  7. Discord servers are organized on topic-based channels so you can collaborate with your favorite person without entering the group chat.

Why Do You Need to Install Discord on PS4?

You can install the Discord application on PCs and all other platforms. But have you thought of installing Discord on PS4?

If yes, you should follow the guide and complete this process. It should be installed on the PS4 to add fun and thrill to the games.

With the help of this platform, you can easily organize your specific server and create multiple chats and call channels to stay connected with your friends.

Moreover, Discord also allows you to add bots or robots to make chatting fun.

How to Install Discord on PS4?

discord on ps4Before installing Discord on PS4, it is essential to figure out certain vital aspects. Unfortunately, players should know that the Discord app doesn’t support the PlayStation4 console yet.

Users worldwide have been sending requests on the official page of Discord asking for releasing the PS4 version. However, this doesn’t mean you must wait longer to install it on your console.

There are loopholes to everything, and Discord is no exception. Players can install Discord on PS4 if they have the necessary equipment.

Setting up this might take longer than usual, but the hassle will be worth it.

Essential Equipment to Setup Discord on PS4

Here is a list of the equipment required to install the Discord app on the PS4 console. Ensure you have all the equipment to get the setup done without fuss.

Take a look!!

  • A headset with an optical cable, similar to A40 TR, is required. It must support a USB connection.
  • To switch audio between desktop and PS4, players need a MixAmp or MixAmp Pro TR device.
  • Besides these two, one must require cables that go with them to complete the setup of Discord on PS4.
  • The dimensions for these cables should be – 3.5mm Male to Male, 3.5mm AuxSplitter, and 3.5mm to 3.5mm with Volume. Make sure about the dimensions; otherwise, the cable is of no use.
  • Last but not least is the Discord app. Players need to install the Discord app on their PC. They can visit the official website and choose among the available versions.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Install Discord on PS4

Here is given the tutorial to install Discord on PS4. Execute the process step by step and get it done with ease.

  • You must access your Discord Account on PC, mobile, or any other device to initiate the process.
  • Now, go to the PS4 and click to open the browser of your choice.
  • Move your cursor to the search box and write Discord in the same. Press Enter to initiate the search procedure.
  • Once the results appear on the screen, tap the Discord app and add account and password details as requested.
  • Review the entered information and log into your Discord account hassle-free.

How to Use Discord on PS4?

Once you have collected all necessary equipment and have logged into your Discord account, it’s high time to know the process with the help of which you can use the same.

Let’s have a look.

1. Connect MixAmp to PS4

  • Start the procedure by connecting the MixAmp to the PS4 console. For this, you need to power on the PlayStation 4.
  • Now, connect one side of the cable to the console and the other side to the MixAmp.
  • Make sure that the MixAmp is already set to console mode. If you have completed this step successfully, your headset will be assigned as a USB device, and a message notifying you about the same will appear on the screen.

2. Complete the Setup of PS4 and MixAmp

As you are done with connecting these two devices, move to the next step of setting Discord on the PS4 procedure.

  • Navigate to the Settings tab of the PlayStation4 console, scroll down, and choose the Sound and Screen option.
  • In the next step, users must click on the Audio Output Settings.
  • You must select the Primary Output Port and modify it to Optical. You are also advised to choose the Dolby5.1 channel.
  • Go back to the Audio Output Settings and tap on the Audio Format. Now, choose Bitstream (Dolby) as a new option.
  • Once you finish this, navigate to the initial Settings page. Scroll down the menu to select the Devices tab.
  • Click to access the Audio Devices and ensure that the Output to Headphones is set to the ‘Chat Audio.’

3. Setting Up on Your System or PC

It’s time for the final call, where you need to plug the entire setup into your system. Turn your computer on and execute the below-mentioned steps.

  • Connect one side of the USB cable to your MixAmp and another to your PC. Make sure that MixAmp is set to the PC Mode.
  • Now, access the Discord app on your PC and go to the Settings tab.
  • There, you need to select the Voice & Video option.
  • Navigate to the Input Device section and choose the headset you are currently using.
  • Leave the Output Device and set it to Default.
  • Now, click Done to finish the procedure, and you can use Discord on PS4 seamlessly.

What is PlayStation Party Chat?

The PlayStation Party Chat mainly allows the players to chat with their favorite users privately while playing the game. This can be done without speaking through an in-game chat system.

This feature helps establish secure communication among friends, enhancing the online gaming experience multiple times.

Also, you can upgrade your Discord experience while supporting the platform and gaining access to unique features with Discord Nitro.

What makes this chat feature worth trying is its ease of usability. Players can access this feature while playing the game or using another app.

This Playstation Party Chat also lets you privately share your work with friends.

Keep in mind the fact that up to 16 people can join the party chat at once!

How to Join PS4 Party on PC?

To join PlayStation4 Party Chat, you need to follow the step-by-step procedure given below.

  1. First, download the PS4 Remote Play software on your system.
  2. Once you download the same, install it and open it to proceed.
  3. Now, enter the asked credentials to log into your PSN account and turn your PS4 on.
  4. Spot the Party Chat feature on the PC and connect with the same.
  5. Now, run the Remote Play software in the background and join the PS4 party chat on the go.

Our Thoughts

So, this is all about installing and using Discord on PS4. I hope you find it informational!!

Installing the Discord App on the PlayStation4 Console is not intimidating; however, you must gather all the essential equipment to complete the setup.

Although the process seems time-consuming, it is worth every effort. Don’t miss out on any single step or equipment to make the procedure hassle-free.

Happy Gaming!!

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