ChatGPT Vs Bing AI: Know the Key Differences Here

Do you need clarification about ChatGPT vs Bing AI? 

Do you need help with which one to use? Then read this article to know every key difference between ChatGPT vs Bing AI.

Bing Chat and ChatGPT are popular modern natural language chatbots competing for user attention and text input. 

Although both AIs are built on comparable language models, there are some essential differences between the two, making a comparison of ChatGPT and Bing AI a sensational topic of debate.

Although ChatGPT and Bing AI chatbot implementations look similar, they perform similar tasks and achieve different results using other language models. 

Even if you repeat the prompts, they trigger new responses. So, no matter which tool you mostly use, you must clearly understand the key differences between ChatGPT and Bing AI. 

So, in this post, you will learn about 6 distinct factors that make ChatGPT and Bing AI different.

Let’s get started!!

ChatGPT Vs Bing AI: How Do They Differ?

chatgpt vs bing aiChatGPT and Bing Chat fall under the Generative AI category. It means that both AI Chatbots can generate new text that has never been written.

Let’s begin with the key factors differentiating these most popular AI Chatbots.

1. GPT-4 Access

chatgpt vs bing aiChatGPT and Bing AI are based on large-scale language models developed by San Francisco-based startup OpenAI.

The language model underlying ChatGPT is GPT-3.5 and was trained on billions of text samples collected from the internet.

Bing Chat, however, uses the more advanced GPT-4 language model. You can also access GPT-4 technology via ChatGPT, but you must pay for it.

2. Ease of Signing Up

chatgpt vs bing aiSigning up for ChatGPT is straightforward. Most people have immediate access to ChatGPT Login. You must complete an OpenAI account, sign up for ChatGPT, and wait for confirmation.

On the other hand, signing up for the new Bing AI takes a little longer at first. The early users, particularly those outside the United States, had to wait weeks before being accepted.

Fortunately, Microsoft has subsequently removed the waiting. Users get immediate access after creating an email account and downloading Microsoft Edge.

3. Accuracy of Data

chatgpt vs bing aiThere are explicit restrictions regarding data unreliability in ChatGPT. The platform occasionally produces inaccurate information because it needs more knowledge of events after 2021. It doesn’t even know its launch date.

On the contrary, Bing AI’s powerful language model and integrated search engine produce more reliable, up-to-date, and precise data. Microsoft, unlike ChatGPT, did not train Bing on small datasets. 

Instead, it uses its search engine to retrieve timely, pertinent information regarding current events and general knowledge questions.

4. AI Image Generator

chatgpt vs bing aiBing Chat can now provide AI images, which Microsoft calls Bing Image Creator.

Based on an “advanced” DALL-E model, Bing Image Creator allows you to generate images immediately in the context of a chat, which ChatGPT does not currently provide.

5. Ease of Access

chatgpt vs bing aiChatGPT is not readily accessible because there is no mobile or desktop application. So, users must always visit the website to use it.

Bing AI, on the other hand, is cross-platform compatible. Its chat feature is accessible via Bing, Mobile App, Microsoft Edge, and Skype. Add Bing to your Skype group chats to receive AI assistance.

The primary constraint of Bing AI is that it cannot be used in third-party browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome

You’ll need to install Microsoft Edge. Although it may appear insignificant, if Edge is not your preferred browser, you may find it inconvenient.

6. Security Measures

chatgpt vs bing aiAlmost quickly, cybercriminals began abusing ChatGPT. As a result, some perceived ChatGPT as a cybersecurity issue that allows criminals to create spam emails, malware, and phishing URLs.

OpenAI is aware of these concerns. Although developers constantly work on security, the business admits that ChatGPT may produce biased or malicious information.

Conversations are ended if something strange is mentioned. Bing’s AI bot faces comparable cybersecurity threats. It combats them by imposing more substantial constraints, making the platform less vulnerable to jailbreaking.

ChatGPT Vs Bing AI: Which One Should You Choose?

chatgpt vs bing aiChatGPT Vs Bing AI: Which is Better?

Both ChatGPT and Bing can be helpful writing tools and informative chatbots. So, which one is preferable depends entirely on your specific use case.

Bing Chat is your best bet for a sophisticated research tool integrated with a web browser. You will benefit from image production and insights from up-to-date and credible sources.

But, if you want an AI-powered personal assistant that can conduct actions for you across many apps, ChatGPT is the clear winner, thanks to its array of plugins.

What is the most excellent way to find out what works for you? Try both of them out.

Final Thoughts

The AI race is mighty today, and you will find a new AI Chatbot getting launched now and then. However, only one or two can leave their footprints as an innovation that changed lives. 

So, no matter which AI Chatbot you prefer, ChatGPT or Bing AI, they are the most influential and impactful Chatbots in today’s era. 

So, as long as you know how to provide correct prompts without misusing them or violating their terms and conditions, you can work wonders! 

Keep exploring ChatGPT and Bing AI to know which suits your requirements best.

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