10 Best Wireless Carplay Adapter You Can Use for Car in 2022

For many customers, the wireless CarPlay adapter outperforms the cable version in various ways. But only when it works.

It’s no secret that Apple’s system is notoriously unstable, as it might suddenly stop operating or encounter numerous glitches. But don’t freak out as we are here with other options available in the market.

Keep scrolling the page and get a rundown of the 10 best wireless Carplay adapter or dongle options to add to your collection right away.

What is a Wireless Carplay Adapter?

best wireless carplay adapter

Wireless CarPlay Adapter is an automotive application that’s designed to pair your car with your smartphone.

It simply makes use of the car’s dashboard for call controls, voice-to-text, and other features. The CarPlay adapter also enables you to call up music or even ask for directions.

You can learn more about Bluetooth adapters for your PC/desktop. Whenever you want to connect accessories to the desktop, you don’t worry about trouble with many wires and all.

Why Do You Need To Use Wireless Carplay Adapter?

Before you invest in the Apple Wireless CarPlay Adapter or any other option, you must know about the significant reasons that make this product a must-have for car owners.

  • First and foremost is the added convenience. With a wireless CarPlay Adapter, users can keep their phones in their pockets and forget about cables. There’s no need to plug in the smartphone as long as you don’t need to recharge.
  • Secondly, it’s an instant response. Most people believe that switching to a wireless version would affect how the system responds and generate lag.
  • Thirdly, the wireless Carplay Adapter eliminates the likelihood of issues encountered due to cable connection. It’s no secret that the cable you use for Carplay is a vital part of the experience, so switching to a wireless system means you no longer have to deal with such an issue.

10 Best Wireless Carplay Adapter for Your Use in 2022

It’s time to unwrap the list of the best wireless Carplay Adapters to use in 2022. Keep scrolling and find the product that fits your requirements well.

1. CarlinKit 3.0 Wireless Adapter

CarlinKit 3.0 Wireless Adapter Features
  • 1. Compatible Devices: Your car must have a...
  • 2. Main Function: Enjoy automatic and wireless...
  • 3. Working Principle: Our adapter has WiFi and...
  • 4. How to Get Wireless CarPlay: Choose Carlinkit...
  • 5. After-sales Service: Carlinkit 3.0 Wireless...


  • Fast connectivity
  • Easy to play music and get navigation
  • Great compatibility


  • None

It connects to the Bluetooth network and transmits the Wi-Fi credentials to the phone before disconnecting.

Your vehicle must have a factory-installed CarPlay system to use this adapter. It is compatible with all iPhones, from the 5 (running iOS 7.1) to the 12 Pro MAX.

From that point forward, it only works with Wi-Fi. The CarlinKit 3.0 Wireless Adapter comes with a one-year worldwide guarantee and ongoing technical support.

2. CarlinKit 3.0 Plus Wireless Adapter (VolksWagen)

CarlinKit 3.0 Plus Wireless Adapter Features
  • 🛒【How to Get Wireless CarPlay】- Choose...
  • 🛒【MAIN FUNCTION】-Wireless CarPlay makes it...
  • 🛒【Special case】Volvo/Nissan is currently...
  • 🛒【MODULE FEATURES 】- Automatically connects...


  • Easy to operate
  • Complete quality control
  • The Startup connection speed is faster


  • No Wi-Fi or BlueTooth

CarlinKit 3.0 CPC200-U2W Plus Wireless CarPlay Adapter comes with a low power consumption design to ensure that it may operate reliably in various situations.

It supports OTA upgrades, online feedback, and problem resolution promptly. The automated connection logic is better optimized, and the startup connection speed is faster.

User authentication and 5.05.8GHz data transmission are needed to ensure a steady connection.

3. OTTOCAST CarPlay Wireless Adapter

OTTOCAST CarPlay Wireless Adapter Features
  • 【How to get wireless CarPlay? 】With the...
  • 【Easy to Install】Plug & Play, simply plug the...
  • 【Stable & Uninterrupted 】With 5.0GHz Wifi and...
  • 【High compatibility】We have good support with...
  • 【100% Customer Sevice】We are always committed...


  • High compatibility
  • Stale and uninterrupted


  • Lack of stability

Make your driving experience more fun and less stressful with OTTOCAST CarPlay Wireless Adapter.

It is compatible with Ford Chevrolet Toyota Subaru, Jeep Honda Nissan Cadillac RAM Mercedes Peugeot Lincoln Volkswagen Volvo Mazda Porsche Audi etc.

With 5.0GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can call Siri hands-free, make voice calls, use online navigation, and listen to music while driving.

There is a day-night mode option, switching between day and night settings automatically recognizing car headlights.

4. Drimfly CarPlay Wireless Adapter

Drimfly CarPlay Wireless Adapter Features
  • FITMENT - Your Car Must Have A Built-In Factory...
  • BENIFITS - Enjoy automatic and Wireless Connection...
  • WORKING PRINCIPLE - Our Adapter Has Wi-Fi and...
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - Our CarPlay Wireless...
  • PLUG & PLAY - Simply plug the Wireless CarPlay...


  • Fully carplay function
  • Automatic connectivity
  • Simple and effective


  • Expensive

Connect the Drimfly Wireless CarPlay adapter to your vehicle’s USB connection for iPhone, and your infotainment system will get automatically upgraded to a wireless CarPlay.

With this, you no longer need to utilize the data cord to connect your iPhone to the infotainment system.

Siri gets also supported by the car’s original CarPlay technology, which is wireless.

It works excellent with Volvo, VW, Audi, Ford, Mazda, Mercedes, Honda, Chevy, Subaru, Porsche, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, GMC, Acura, Equipped with Factory Wired CarPlay and other vehicle models.

5. CarlinKit Wireless Adapter

CarlinKit Wireless Adapter Features
  • ✔[Carlinkit of Carbon Fiber]: The latest carbon...
  • ✔[Advantages of the solution]: The carbon fibre...
  • ✔[Special case]: Volvo/Nissan is currently...
  • ✔[Vehicle & Mobile Phone]: The wireless Carplay...
  • ✔[Plug and Play] Connect the adapter to the...


  • Reliable after-sale service
  • Auto-connect


  • None

It is the latest wireless Apple CarPlay adapter with a faster Wi-Fi 5 chipset made of carbon fibre.

This updated internal hardware of this wireless CarPlay adapter improves and stabilizes the wireless CarPlay between the iPhone and the dongle.

This device connects to a vehicle’s USB port, and the product then establishes a wireless connection with your iPhone, allowing you to use Apple Carplay hands-free.

The carbon fibre substance resists scratches, and connecting without wires is far more convenient.

6. CarlinKit 4.4.2 Wireless Adapter

CarlinKit 4.4.2 Wireless Adapter Features
  • 【Important Buying Conditions】➤1.Car...
  • 【Compatible Devices】➤This product supports...
  • 【Main Functions】➤For Android phone:wired...
  • 【Adapter Wireless CarPaly Connection...
  • 【Wired Android auto Connection...


  • Support all car play applications in the apple store
  • Support real-time navigation


  • Heating problem

Download the Autokit app from and install it on your car’s desktop to use CarlinKit 4.4.2 Wireless Adapter.

The product supports Android phones on the market to ensure excellent compatibility. Keep in mind that the device speed depends on the phone’s OS speed.

It supports Voice Control, Siri, GPS Navigation App(real-time navigation), Online Music App, Phone Call, Screen Mirroring, Support iOS13 split-screen multiple windows.

7. CarlinKit 3.0 Plus Wireless Adapter

CarlinKit 3.0 Plus Wireless Adapter Features
  • ✅ How to Get Wireless CarPlay: Choose Carlinkit...
  • ✅COMPATIBLE DEVICES: Your car must have a...
  • ✅MAIN FUNCTION: Enjoy automatic and wireless...
  • ✅CarlinKit 3.0 Working Principle: Our adapter...
  • 【 Reliable After-Sales Service 】- All...


  • Auto Connect
  • Online upgrade
  • Simple to install


  • None

The newer CarlinKit 3.0 CPC200-U2W Plus Wireless CarPlay Adapter is compatible with all iPhones from the 6 to the 13 Pro MAX (running iOS 10 to 15).

Without the use of a USB cord, you can connect to CarPlay automatically and wirelessly.

The adapter has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hardware and works solely on Wi-Fi from that point on. As a plug-and-play, the Carlinkit is very easy to install.

Wireless CarPlay Adapter allows you to listen to music, obtain directions, and utilize Siri without having to use your hands!

8. DriveLink Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter

DriveLink Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter Features
  • 【2022 Wireless Carplay】: Super convenient to...
  • 【For Latest Car model】: It's compatible with...
  • 【Plug and Play】: DriveLink carplay adapter...
  • 【Fast and stable】: The equipped 5Ghz chip will...
  • 【You'll Get】: 1 x DriveLink Wireless Carplay...


  • Easy to play music and get navigation
  • Easy to install


  • None

DriveLink is yet another apple CarPlay Adapter compatible with various automobiles before 2017, and it is not ubiquitous.

It is not possible to watch videos on it, and the sound quality will deteriorate due to the wireless signal transfer.

Determine if your car has an authentic constructed factory wired Apple car play that can be connected to through USB C and also make sure your iPhone is running iOS 10 or later.

Easy to play music, get navigation, or use Siri wire-free – what else is needed??

9. CarlinKit 2.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter

CarlinKit 2.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter Features
  • 【NEWEST VERSION 2.0 Online Upgrades】- Support...
  • 【COMPATIBLE DEVICE】- Only support the car...
  • 【EASY TO USE】- Not need to disassemble, plug...
  • 【HANDS FREE AND SAFE DRIVING】 - Make/answer...


  • Easy to use
  • Hands-free and safe driving


  • None

Carlinkit Wireless Carplay dongle allows the original car’s built-in apple car play to connect to the wireless car play system.

Keep in mind that this device supports only original CarPlay models. You can purchase the product if you wish to use your car to play wirelessly.

The product is compatible with most car brands’ models, and there is no need to disassemble, plug, and play.

It enables you to make/answer calls, check voice mails, text messages, and bring maps.

10. Vrriis 3.1 Wireless Carplay Adapter

Vrriis 3.1 Wireless Carplay Adapter Features
  • 🚘 【Plug And Play & No Delay】You just need...
  • 🚘 【Easy Setup & Automatic Connection 】Just...
  • 🚘 【Wireless Car Adapter For Apple...
  • 🚘 【Faster Response】Built-in 5G chip with...
  • 🚘【Professional Customer】Service 12 months...


  • Strong Compatibility
  • Connect automatically


  • It does not allow you to watch videos.

The Vrriis 3.1 Wireless Carplay Adapter is compatible with all iPhones, from the 7 (running iOS 7.0) to the 12 Pro Max.

The first time you connect the box’s Bluetooth, it will connect automatically the next time you utilize wireless CarPlay.

The wireless CarPlay adapter has strong compatibility, and it is compatible with 98% of Cars that have Factory Wired CarPlay.

Our Thoughts

This is all about it!! We hope you have enjoyed reading this and found it informative. Wireless CarPlay does seem to be the best option to opt for.

Even if the vehicle does not have these characteristics but has some CarPlay capability, you could switch this with a third-party HU or an adapter.

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