10 Best SportSurge Alternatives for Live Streaming – Curated List

Predominately live sports streaming websites are highly imperious as many sports events keep running on any corner of the planet.

Today the internet is flowing with sports streaming websites, and choosing one is undoubtedly a tough call for all of us. Read the post until the end to learn more about the 10 best SportSurge alternatives.

No doubt SportSurge emerged as one of the best websites to stream sports events, but accessing this site is unsafe as there are many loops and holes. Sports fanatics people always crave free and reliable sources to watch sports online.

To fulfill their desire, we have curated the 10 best SportSurge alternatives based on factors such as ease of use, accessibility, safety measures, and more.

Hey, sports-loving people! Keep reading this post on TechSpunk to find all these desired features in one place of SportSurge alternatives.

A Quick Overview of SportSurge

sportsurge alternativesIt is the most used sports streaming website that lets you stream your favorite game events for free. The user interface of this website is satisfying.

Some events that you can enjoy on this website are English Premiere League, French Ligue, NFL, NBA, German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, and more.

However, displaying copyrighted content without permission is not legal at all. That’s why SportSurge is in the grey area of security. So, people are looking for the best alternatives for it.

10 Best SportSurge Alternatives to Try

sportsurge alternativesAll the sites mentioned below will let you enjoy English Premiere League, UEFA Champions League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Spanish Primera Division, Italian Serie A, Rugby, NBA, NFL, and more.

Let’s dig for all the sites!

1. 12th Player

sportsurge alternativesIt is the most popular sports streaming platform among gamers, where they will get all the updates about their favorite sporting events, including live scores, upcoming events updates, and more. The procedure of handling this website is simple as it has a user-friendly interface.

The best thing about this platform is that it provides a live chat feature to speak with your friends and followers, which is stunning.

It is the most affordable platform that lets you easily manage your player performance, team stats, online ticket sales, and more. If you face any technical issues, you will get complete support from the team.


  • Various Sports Categories are available.
  • No need for Registration.
  • The user interface of the website is top-notch.
  • It lets you chat with your friends.
  • Easily get information about upcoming events.
  • A mobile app is available.
  • This website is free to access.

2. NBC Sports

sportsurge alternativesNBC Sports is a perfect SportSurge alternatives that lets users watch various sports, including the NBA, NFL, Soccer, Formula 1, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, and many others.

It is one of the legitimate and safe sites where you may explore and view live streams.

NBC Sports is the most reliable and customer-friendly online console affiliated with NBC TV Network. Recently, NBC Sports has added a 45-minute preview feature that allows sports fans to watch live streaming without logging in. This feature is accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.


  • NBC Sports Network is safe, secure, and trustworthy.
  • It will provide you with an ad-free experience.
  • The user interface of the website is top-notch.
  • It allows you to stream content for free.
  • Not annoying pop-up ads.


sportsurge alternativesIt is one of the best SportSurge alternatives option that let users enjoy US Sports events.

This site offers many sports, including NBC Sports, NFL Network, Golf Channel, Fox Sports 1&2, and many others.

The best thing about this platform is that it provides an ad-free experience to the viewers. You can watch or stream over 80 channels on this website.

It has an extensive library of premium channels like Disney, FOX Sports, and HBO. Other popular channels include Reelz Channel, VH1 Music, PBS Kids, AWE, EdgeSports TV, Sundance East TV, and Outside TV.


  • No ads at all.
  • Damn easy to navigate this website.
  • The categories of Channels include Family Entertainment, Sports, News, Movies, etc.
  • Smooth interface with easy navigation.

4. Sony LIV

sportsurge alternativesThis website is a free high-definition sports streaming option sponsored by Sony. It is one of the best SportSurge alternatives that can be accessed via Android and iOS smartphones.

SonyLIV offers live streaming of Cricket, tennis, the UFC, Moto GP, NBA, and WWE.

However, the only downside of this platform is that most of the content it streams is from India. If you do not belong to this country, this website is hardly beneficial for you.

If this website is unavailable in your region, You need to use the VPN service to conceal your digital location. You can stream Sports Events without paying any subscription charges.

However, the streams may be delayed by 5 minutes, which is completely ok if you can watch content for free.


  • HD quality content is available.
  • Android and iOS apps support.

5. Facebook Watch

sportsurge alternativesBy getting right to broadcast several sports events, the technology introduces the Facebook Watch feature.

By providing various sports, Facebook Watch has become the best streaming service for sports.

Facebook users can now stream MLB games, Big League Baseball, and other sports without paying anything. People use this platform to live stream cricket matches in India and other Countries. While the list is small, it will grow with time.

This stream is entirely free if you own a Facebook account. Log into your Facebook account and navigate to www.facebook.com/watch; type the sports you want to stream in the search field and tap the Live Filter option.


  • It lets users explore unlimited benefits and features.
  • Sports Highlights can be seen for free on Facebook Watch.
  • You can respond to Sports Video by sharing or Commenting.
  • It provides an ad-free experience while watching games online for free.

6. Live TV

sportsurge alternativesLive TV is a website that offers numerous live Sports Entrances. Users can enjoy video sports streams on their mobiles and tablets.

Live TV lets you watch the online broadcast of hockey, basketball, football, tennis, and other sports.

It provides a new feature of TAB which displays forthcoming games you might interested in. Here, you can watch all the live matches ongoing and tournaments across the globe for free.

Since it is available worldwide, all sports are available on this website. Users can also watch sports-related news and information about upcoming sports events on this website.


  • It updates the game schedule for future live games, live streams, and more.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Buffer-free Services.
  • Ad blocker feature is also available.
  • It offers a messaging channel where fans can discuss any sport.
  • Completely free and high-quality content.
  • Users can view live video sports feeds on their phones and tablets.
  • No need for Registration.
  • Social Online chat feature is available.

7. BossCast

sportsurge alternativesIt is one of the leading sports streaming websites that offers a wide variety of content to stay updated with your favorite content.

This website provides dozens of sports links to watch their favorite games.

It provides a unique feature of conversation that enables people to connect with unknown users while streaming their favorite games. In addition, it provides a scheduling mechanism that ensures you do not miss any of your favorite live broadcasts.

This website offers various categories, including Football, WWE, boxing, hockey, soccer, and much more. No credit card is required to stream this website.


  • There is no need for Registration.
  • A massive library of Sports Events is available.
  • It provides easy navigation.
  • It provides Dashboard access on mobile.
  • Multiple Sports Streams.
  • Chatbox feature is available that enables you to connect with unknown people.

8. Fox Sports

sportsurge alternativesDue to visuals and sound quality, this website is always our top priority.

It is a premium, and most demanded website where you can view various sporting events.

This website also features a complete calendar of Sporting Events.

The Fox Sports app is available for Android and iOS users and is a convenient way to stay updated with the latest sports events.

Fox Sports used to maintain its social media presence on various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

They used to share highlights, the latest updates, behind-the-scenes and other updates for the viewers. You can stream content without concerns of minimal charges.


  • It lets you view Sporting Events through a Computer or a mobile device.
  • You can add your favorite teams, players, shows, and more.
  • It enables you to access the Complete Calendar of Sporting Events.
  • Clean and user-friendly interface.
  • A safe and trustworthy site.

9. Fubo TV

sportsurge alternativesFubo TV is a famous IPTV and online video streaming website that stands out.  It is a channel dedicated to Football, Other Sports, and other information. It has extensive coverage of live sports of the NFL, MBL, NHL, NASCAR, Golf, boxing, College Sports, Tennis Activities, and more.

Besides sports, other channels include Movies, Entertainment, News, and more. However, the only downside is that this platform is only partially free to access. After 7 days free trial, you need to pay for it.


  • Customer-friendly interface.
  • No need for Registration.
  • Multiple Online Sports Content.
  • TV Streaming platform with over 100 Channels.
  • It broadcasts significant Soccer Events such as the UEFA Champions League.

10. ESPN

sportsurge alternativesESPN is a great choice for die-hard sports fans that offers a variety of excellent sports information such as live matches, analysis videos, and highlights.

It mainly focuses on American Sports, including Badminton (NBA), American football, and Baseball.

Highlights and analysis videos are free to access; however, you require a subscription package for streaming live matches. People can access this website on various devices, including PC, Macs, Android, and Smartphones.


  • Easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Ad free Streaming.
  • High-quality video content is available.
  • On-demand Sports content is available.


With so many great options available, we have curated the list of the 10 best SportSurge alternatives with an easy-to-use interface, wider design, easy connectivity, and more.

Which of the options do you find perfect for you from the above SportSurge alternatives? Do share with us in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!!

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