10 Best Gaming Tablet to Buy in 2020 [AFFORDABLE COST]

Best Gaming Tablet

In this blog, TechSpunk sharing with you all the best Gaming Tablets for 2020. Gaming Tablets are well-known for delivering powerful features as portability. It used as a notebook, a creative tool, and an all-in-one reader.

These days, the best gaming tablet is very much in demand due to the big screen, convenient, and the cost is less than laptops.

The main problems like internet connectivity, overheating, and limited optimization are the main issue by tablet users.

I worked on features like color, size, battery life, portability, durability, processor, and RAM, which helps you to get an idea about the best gaming tablet with their price.

Hey! Guys go through it and clear the aspects regarding the features you are looking in the gaming tablets. You have also given the pros and cons of the best gaming tablets here.

Choose your tablet according to your need.

List of The Best Gaming Tablet in 2020

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung Galaxy best gaming tablet 2020Price: $477.99

Samsung is a globally recognized brand and ranked among the top 10 industry leader in the technology. It has a big family of mobile, TV, Electronic Appliances, Tablets, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has a beautiful screen of 10.5 inches and ultra-light in weight, i.e. 400 gm and available in black, gold, and silver color. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is portable and durable.

The battery life is wow, which lasts for 14.5 hours. The long-lasting life is suiting the performance. You can enjoy playing games for a long time, and RAM is 6 GB.

It has an excellent audio output, which recommends for gaming tablets. The price is $429.99 only.

Samsung Galaxy tab S5E is among the top 10 best Gaming tablet. You’ll get four months of ad-free YouTube and YouTube music with Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e.

Let’s check the pros and cons:

1.Excellent battery lifeLacking S-Pen support
2. Beautiful vibrant displayKeyboard folds awkwardly on the device
3.Good audio output

2. Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro Best gaming tablets

Price: $735.99

Apple Inc. is among the top 4 technology companies in the world. It is the American Multinational Technology Company. The new Apple iPad Pro has a gorgeous screen of 11 inches.

The latest model is available in Space Gray and Silver color. The face ID is used instead of the Home button to unlock the screen, and battery life is 10 hours. The memory size is 256 GB. The capacity varies from 64 GB to 1 TB.

Apple iPad Pro tablet is among the best innovations of the Apple product. The Apple iPad Pro is considered best for portability and durability. It has an elegant keyboard with front and back protection.

The apple pencil is available with it, which can work as a brush or an eraser without any interruptions.

ProMotion Technology used in the Apple iPad Pro, which has taken it to another level of success in the game tablet market. The price is just $899.00.

You may also like to check the best Apple Macbook air alternatives before purchasing a laptop or MacBook.

The pros and cons are listed below:

1.Superb speakers
2.high refresh rate displayMulti-tasking still limited
3.Incredibly powerful
4.The new Pencil is a big step in terms of design and charging

3. Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini Best gaming tablet apple

Price: $349.99

Apple iPad Mini is among the next best innovation of the Apple Company. It is a very slim and light design tablet ever never introduced in the market till now.

Apple iPad Mini is available in three colors, i.e. Space Grey, Silver, and Gold. The screen is 7.9 inches, and the storage capacity is 64 GB and 256 GB. It has a long battery life of up to 10 hours.

iPad Mini has a 7MP front camera and an 8 MP back camera. The Apple Pencil is also available with it. Game tablets buyers loving the Apple iPad Mini tablets and share a good experience when playing the games on it.

The Apple iPad Mini is among my favorite list; you should give it a try.

The list of pros and cons is below:

1.Good battery life
2.Apple Pencil support
No second-gen Apple Pencil support
3.TrueTone screen 
4.Best performance

4. Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus

Lenovo Tab 4

Price: $166.95

Lenovo product ranked at the top position and covered the global market entirely without any doubt. Lenovo Tab4 10 Plus is a very slim and thin tablet which is considered best for the portability.

The beautiful screen of 10.1 inches and available in black color. The octa-core processor features it, and the RAM is 3 GB. It is one of the most reliable Android tablets had launched in the market.

Fingerprint technology is introduced in it to make it wholly secured to switch on it. You’ll highly amaze when you know that the phone talk time is 20 hours. The speaker has the booming Sounds, which give you the theatre type experience.

Its big and decent screen attracting the gaming tablet buyers, all its features are giving fierce competition in the market. The price of Rs 12,999/- is just half than any other tablet and beaten the big brand these days.

I feel all the features offered by Lenovo at such a minimum price have never seen before. The Lenovo product is among my favorite list. I suggest not go but run to buy it.

I still made a list of the pros and cons to make you judge the features.

1.Affordable, Decent overall performance
 Mediocre camera
2.Great battery life
No dual-band Wi-Fi
3.Decent speaker sound
4.Multi-user and child account features

5. Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD

lenovo smart TabPrice: $99.99

The android tablet Lenovo Smart Tab M10 is one of the best creations of the Lenovo Company. The ideal screen size is 10.1 inches, and the color is Slate Black. It is very slim, and the weight is just 480 gms. It has a soft-touch matte back.

The rubberized surface helps in preventing slipping from the hand and also helps to make an additional grip. 2GB RAM supports it, and internal storage is 16 GB.

The stereo speakers support the Dolby Atmos. The price is just $99.00 only. It is considered the budget all-rounder tablets.

I am highly impressed by the Alexia built in it. The tablets can be turned into the big screen when docked.

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 is now a day’s known as family tablets and includes the child-friendly features in it. It has made itself ranked among the top 10 best gaming tablets in the national and the international market.

I think in just $99.00, you are getting the world top company best gaming tablet you should go for it — the best laptop for portability and also known for versatility.

Still, I searched the pros and cons for you all to make up your mind for it. But I didn’t get yet.

6. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

amazon fire HDPrice: $149.99

The beautiful screen of 10.1 inches, and it is available in different color options like black, white, plum, twilight blue. Supported by the octa-core processor.

You can enjoy the movies, games, music, songs, book, and app with enhanced Wi-Fi. The RAM is 2 GB, and internal storage is 32 or 64 GB. The battery life is excellent for up to 12 hours. It sounds goods for browsing the web, watching movies, and playing games.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet is featured by ‘Alexa’ digital assistance. The tablet charges with USB-C, which is good enough to win the life of the Tablet. The price is just $149.99.

I like the features offered by All-New Fire HD 10 tablet, and the cost is also reasonable. The long battery life and 2 GB RAM is tremendous for any tablet.

The pros and cons are listed below:

No. ProsCons
1.Great performance
Weak app-selection
2.Loud stereo speaker
Underwhelming screen
3.Affordable price
4.Support the Alexa

7. Dragon Touch K10 Tablet

dragon touch

Price: $104.99

Dragon Touch is an Android tablet that has a classy screen of 10.1 inches. The resolution is 1280*800px, which remains constant in any light. It is available in black color and very handy. It is considered suitable for portability.

You can enjoy playing games on its big screen. The battery life is 8 hours. The RAM is 2 GB and 16 GB internal storage. It is pretty good at the price of $99.00.

The incredible brightness and clearness make you enjoy the games. It has a memory card slot that can accept up to 128 GB memory cards. Wow! It sounds great.

The Wi-Fi makes you connect to the near and dear ones, and you can remain active on social media. This Tablet has a beautiful experience for the users. It is providing such excellent features that put it in the list of top 10 best gaming tablets.

Without taking your much more time, let check the pros and cons.

1.Affordable price
Average battery life
2.Wireless Keyboards
3.Great Camera

8. Fusion 5 (Ultra Slim Windows Tablet)

fusion 5

Price: $239.99

Fusion 5 is the ultra-slim and black, which supports the latest user-friendly window 10s packages. The weight is 1.54 pounds, which makes it completely handy. It contains the 8 generation Intel HD Graphic Core processor.

The ideal screen size is 10 inches. The battery life is durable, i.e. 5 hours. The 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage is more than enough to run the tablets accurately. The price is very reasonable at $239.99.

It is a good Tablet for portability and versatility. You love playing games, watching movies, and videos on its big screen. Its outstanding camera and the unbeatable performance has raised its demand high in the market.

Those who bought it loves playing the games on its big screen. It has the G-Sensor, which makes you play the game more efficiently. The power audio gives the experience like the theatre.

I must say that Fusion 5 is the idle Tablet and support almost all the features which everyone looks in their Tablet. It is among the best ten gaming tablet in the world.

9. ZonKo Tablet (Android 9.0 3G Phone)


Price: $91.99

The GMS certified tablet Zomko Tablet is available in black color. It has 10 inches beautiful screen. This big screen is the choice to play games. It supports the latest Android 9.0 Quad-core 1.3 GHz.

Zomoko tablets support the dual sim card, and you can make phone calls during traveling. The built-in Wi-Fi makes you enjoy millions of app as per your choice. The storage capacity is very high.

It supports the 2 GB RAM, and internal storage is 32 GB. The battery life is 6 to 8 hours. The price is just $91.99.

A Zonko tablet is known for watching movies, playing 3D games, and surfing the internet. The best part is the Google play store through which you can download thousand of free Android games, e-mail apps.

You can also download and play all of the modded games to enjoy gaming without any obstacles.

Zomko tablet is available at a reasonable price and offers the best feature that has rocked the market. It has earned the name among the top 10 gaming tablet in the national and international market.

10. Lepow (Full HD IPS Screen)



Price: $170.99

Last but not least, the Lepow Portable Monitor is among the top 10 best gaming tablets in the world. The screen size is just wow, i.e. 15.1 inches. It is very thin, slim, and only weighed 1.76 pounds.

Lepow USBC Monitor has a stunning resolution of 1920*1080px with impressive color reproduction. It has a smart cover and screen protector, which increased its life.

The smart cover is made up of PU leather and can behold from a different position to create a stand for reading, watching movies, and playing games.

The dual speaker and HDR mode support the excellent mainstream transmission so that you can enjoy the games, watching movies, and other apps. The price is just $169.99.

I work hard to find the pros and cons of you all so that it helps to make the decision.

1.Big Screen
Medium image quality
2.Moderate Price
Dull Colors
3.Portable Panel
4.Handy OSD, menu and controls

Final Words

All the tablets are among the top 10 best gaming tablets at a reasonable price. The choice is yours as per the futures you looking at gaming tablets.

All are portable, extra slim, and light-weighted Tablet has good battery life. All the brands offer excellent quality on tablets.

Go ahead and give them a try. Cheers.



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