20 Free Soccer Streaming Sites to Watch Football Live Online

Would you like to watch Football online the most exciting Soccer matches around the world? Technology advancement building high day by day now people can watch Soccer live on TV, laptops, smartphones, and many other devices from these free Soccer streaming sites.

If you are wondering for How to watch live Football matches online? then you are on the right platform, I have written a blog on the best Soccer streaming sites to watch Football online.

You can enjoy the live Football streaming online on any of the sites mentioned in the blog, all work efficiently, and have a high resolution to make you enjoy the match.

Also, get Live Soccer streaming on USTV now. You can check USTV now installation and how to use USTV on PC? from our USTV now for PC article.

I shared all the features offered by given Soccer streaming sites and the other related details.

Visit any of these mentioned websites and watch your favorite team matches.

Read the complete blog and collect the details of the best sports streaming sites, and all the given information mentioned in the blog will be very beneficial. 

You can download live Soccer matches with the help of a YouTube video downloader.

Best Soccer Streaming Sites to Watch Football Online

1. First Row Sports

First Row Sports

First Row Sports get loaded very quickly and very easy to use, and the other best part is all the soccer links get listed 45- 3 minutes before the match start.

The incredible interface makes it simple for the user to watch Soccer live on TV. It is among the top Soccer streaming sites to Watch Football Online without any distraction.

On the menu, many other sports like Basketball, Rugby, Boxing, Tennis, and much more available for the user to watch live Soccer.

You will find a few adds on the website, but the overall working of the First Row Sports is satisfactory, and people found watching the Soccer live streaming from the platform.


  1. The website loading speed is very high.
  2. The entire soccer link gets listed 45 minutes before the match start.
  3. The website is a platform for various streaming links to support other sports like Boxing, Rugby, Tennis, and many more.
  4. The ads displayed on the website get close in a single click.
  5. The interface is easy to use.

2. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV has a massive platform and a wide range of soccer leagues. You can collect the details with the help of the menu for the specific Matches, Competitions, Teams, and Channels.

You can click on the television provider where a match is about to telecast. You can also see the latest news related to Football.

Live Soccer Tv helps you to choose from all the Soccer which are getting broadcast on TV.

One of the very renowned websites, millions of users, likes to use the website for the Soccer live streaming through TV, Laptop, and phone as well.

When you visit the site, you found the option of language. When a user chooses the language, the whole interface of the website turns into the opted language.


  1. The site displays a lot of useful football information beneficial for the user.
  2. For user convenience, the website has Android and iOS mobile apps.
  3. News related to Soccer is available for the user.

3. Feed2All


Feed2All is among the best Soccer streaming site for live streaming football matches. The best part about the website, the user can adjust the time zone and gain which event is coming.

When you visit the website, you find the interface made effortless to use and includes an abundance of live video feed all over the world.

You can view live other sports like Cricket, Ice Hockey, Tennis, and many more.


  1. The website offers the perfect streaming quality.
  2. You can watch live national and international football leagues.
  3. The interface is user-friendly.

4. Stream2watch


The Stream2 watch platform is a very comprehensive football live website available on the internet. On the website, users can able to watch the best action covered entirely in every Soccer league.

The Stream 2 watch website is free. The most remarkable thing about the Stream 2 watch, it is compatible with all modern browsers like Mac, Mobile, or PC.

The website got a place among the 20 best Soccer Live streaming sites to watch Soccer online.

Everything related to Soccer Premier Leagues available on the Stream 2 watch. There are two alternatives, Live Sport and Live Television.

When you click on Live Sport, you find there are many sports accessible in addition to Soccer once a user opts for Soccer live stream event along with the time and link displayed correctly.


  1. Golf streaming available on the website, which is hard to find somewhere else.
  2. The user can also stream Boxing sports, Darts sports, Motorsports, Tennis, and wrestling on the stream2watch platform.
  3. You can chat while watching a stream.

5. FromHot


The FromHot website doesn’t host links but provides reliable and high-quality live streams from external sources, and you can view the Soccer on the FromHot platform.

The site is providing links for multiple sports, and you can see significant events like the Championship League. The interface of the website presented user-friendly.

There is no need to download and install any software. You can even hunt quickly by entering the keyword in the search bar.

This is my favorite soccer streaming site to watch any sport on android and iPhone as well.

The From Hot platform is significant and workable to provide links for TV Channels, movies, sports events, and one of the leading websites for sports.

The most priority is given by Soccer Fans to watch the league. The two tiers games like cycling to motorbike can be streamed best from the Hot platform.


  1. The stream works ideally, even if there is no plugin.
  2. All the sports, including Soccer, are available on the same page.
  3. Users can watch significant events like the Championship league from the platform.

6. Ronaldo7


Ronaldo 7 website offers numerous live streams for football matches. As we all recognize the Ronaldo Cristino is a legendary football player and the site dedicated to his name.

Ronaldo7 is a dedicated website to watch Soccer streaming easily. It only streams Soccer for TV, laptop, Android, and iOS devices.

You will note the website has a vast collection of Ronaldo photos and keep updating the news regarding him.

When you visit the site, you attain the option to view the most significant match in the world.


  1. The website helps Soccer fans to stream all significant football matches live.
  2. A paradise for Soccer lovers.

7. Cric HD


Don’t be in a dilemma by the name of the cricket mentioned for the Cric HD website. The platform supports streaming for multiple sports. Cric HD is official for cricket streaming but they provide all sports streaming.

This is another best and easy-to-use Soccer streaming site for everybody.

The left sidebar of the Cric HD has listed the significant sports TV channels, and you can view any streams without any cost.

When you visit the website Circ HD, you discover the option of live chat available on it. I am sure you will enjoy the match while doing live chatting with sports fans.


  1. User friendly.
  2. Very reliable website.
  3. Excellent Streaming Quality.
  4. You can watch Soccer live on TV channels.

Visit the site and click on the “watch” button to get started. You can even watch other sports like Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, and many more.

8. Live TV (Not Working)


Live TV website uses P2P technology and enables sports fans to watch the high-quality stream completely free. The user needs to create a free account on Live TV and share what they watch with other fans by putting the comment on every broadcast page.

The website comprises various boards like Upcoming Broadcast, Other Top Broad Cast, Popular Videos, The Leagues, Upcoming League matches, and Premier League Table.

The Live TV website outlined so suitably once you visit, you get complete details related to Soccer and various other sports. The quality of streaming is maintained.

That’s the critical reason Live TV among the choice of best Soccer streaming sites.


  1. Live TV is designed so well and contains complete details.
  2. User-friendly Interface.
  3. Users can watch various soccer highlights of different time zones and regions.
  4. Watch the high-quality stream.

9. Real Stream United

Real Stream United

Real Stream United platform affords the biggest selection of Football streaming in the world.

The millions of followers would like to stream the Football event live and enjoy the high resolution to watch the match.

The webmaster can even add Sport steam Widget to their website. The website schedule keeps updating from time to time, and there are many chances you able to get the streams you are looking for, all the live streaming sorted according to the time.

Visit the website once, and you find it caters to the streaming for multiple sports. You can even stream the favorite live TV show on Real Stream United.


  1. The real Stream United interface is easy to use.
  2. You can enjoy watching and sharing your favorite streams.

10. Atdhe


The Atdhe website is famous for watching Soccer live streaming online and has an extensive collection of free soccer live TV shows.

The Atdhe is not a streaming site but a streaming aggregator with links. The interface is made user-friendly, and the ads shown are barely noticeable.

The platform imitates the streaming of other sports like Volleyball, Baseball, Handball, and many many more.

The time zone remains fixed, and you notice the social widget at the side panel, which makes a lot of people visit the website.

Millions of football fans found streaming live Soccer from the Atdhe platform. You can use this simple website to watch Soccer streaming online on site.


  1. The work correctly and simple a site.

11. Watch ESPN (Best Soccer Streaming site)

Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN doesn’t require any introduction. It is one of the leading platforms for almost all popular sports.

The list is long, but still, I mentioned few games like Football, NBA, NFL, Cricket, Rugby, Golf, and much more available for streaming Online on the Watch ESPN platform.

Watch ESPN is a popular website for sport at the global level. The Olympic Games and Common Wealth Games live broadcasted on Watch ESPN.

The interface designed so well that the entire menu drop-down list items arranged correctly, the user hardly likes to switch to any other website for streaming.

You can even search for the sport by entering the keyword in the search bar.


  1. All types of Sports activities well organized.
  2. The most reliable site to stream all the matches of Soccer and American Football.
  3. You can check the live scores, watch the replays and highlights of Football matches.
  4. You can subscribe to Watch ESPN and get the latest updates.

12. Hotstar


Hotstar is a fantastic video streaming website. The website provides various services like news, television, sports, and channels.

The language menu has a drop-down list for user convenience. The website is having popularity, among the best Soccer streaming sites to watch Soccer online.


  1. Friendly user interface.
  2. It provides an accurate search result.
  3. The best video streaming quality.
  4. You can watch the latest Premier League and tournaments broadcasted on the Star channel.
  5. Available in paid and free version.

13. Social442


Social442 dedicated to football lovers. The website is the platform for Live Soccer, and 1 million users found to watch the football leagues from this platform.

One of the most interactive platforms for Football is Social 442. The news all over the world related to Football available exclusively on the platform of Social442.

The website merely contains all the updates regarding Football.


  1. HD quality videos with excellent sound quality.
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. No pop-ups
  4. You can subscribe to the website to get the latest updates.
  5. You can watch live football leagues without any disturbance.

14. VipBox Sports

VIPBox Sports

VipBox Sports allow you to watch live Soccer from its platform. Visit the website, and you find the VipBox Sports website has all the utilities to watch the Football live.

You can select the “football” button and proceed to see the available Football live streams. You can stream live even for other sports too.


  1. You can watch all the videos in high resolution along with excellent quality sound.
  2. Easy to use interface.
  3. You were able to find the latest ongoing matches and events of Football.

15. Sky Sports

Sky Sports

Sky Sports having a versatile interface, offer live streaming Soccer matches, and live TV.

The website has a vast collection of Sports, Scores, Videos, TV, Sky Bet, Games, and many more.

The interface has made it so impressive, and the user hardly found switching to any other site to stream the football matches.

Millions of football fans from Europe and the US like to use Sky Sports to stream Football matches.


  1. The impressive and user-friendly interface.
  2. It offers multiples live TV channels.
  3. It provides technical and customer support.
  4. It renders the streaming link to all popular sports in Europe and the US.
  5. You can access them quickly and for free.

16. Sony Liv

Sony Liv

Sony liv is an ideal entertainment platform sponsored by SONY Pictures. It is a fantastic platform to watch live Football, Cricket, and WWE without an interception.

Sony Liv is the official platform for any sports but dedicated to the Soccer streaming site especially.

It offers unlimited streaming services for popular shows of Sony Channel, live sports, Web series, movies, live TV Channels, and many more.

Sony liv is available in a free and paid version.


  1. You can watch the videos in high resolution with good quality sound.
  2. Excellent site for sports, movies, and entertainment.
  3. The interface is user-friendly without any ads or pops up.
  4. Sony Liv is a platform where you can watch all the Sony Channels programs.

17. Sports RAR

Sports RAR

SportsRAR is one of the best Soccer streaming sites. You can quickly view the ongoing and upcoming matches on the Sports RAR.

It leads together all popular sports such as Football, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, and more in one place.

The Sports RAR have the options button like Lives, Finished, and many more through which user assemble all information within a few seconds.

The website serves all sports amazingly around the world.


  1. Multiple links are available for a particular match.
  2. The high-quality streaming links available for the sports.
  3. Regular updates regarding sports events and news available for the subscriber.
  4. The interface is easy to use.
  5. The video content and schedule available free of cost.

18. Facebook Watch

facebook watch

The Facebook company generates Facebook Watch. The secure going platform available for the user free of cost to watch the live Soccer streaming site.

The unique feature available for the user by which they can save their favorite videos. You can watch the Latest videos by typing the keyword in the search bar.

The Facebook company brings a live streaming platform for the user. Now Facebook provides live Soccer matches for Facebook Football fans and followers.


  1. You need to have a Facebook account.
  2. You can enjoy streaming Football and other sports on your laptop, mobile or PC.
  3. Among the best platform for all the games.

19. SuperSport

Super Sports

SuperSport has listed its name among the best soccer streaming site for TechSpunk users. The platform is good enough for streaming multiple sports.

Football fans from the Continent of Africa admired watching the games from the Super Spot website.

The website is the major broadcast aggregator of the sporting continents across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Enjoy live streaming, video highlights, results, live scores, fixtures/schedules, tables, rankings, latest news, top scorers, and many more.

The website is famous for watching live Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Motorsports, Tennis, and many more.

Offer various other attributes like Services, Apps, and many more.


  1. The website is a well-known platform for streaming Football and other sports too.
  2. Various Channels of DStv are available to watch live.
  3. You need to have a login ID and Password.
  4. You can watch live Rugby, Golf, Motorsports, and many more,
  5. The interface created easy to use.

20. NBC Sports

NBC Sports

Last but not least, NBC Sports is a superb Soccer streaming site for nontechnical users. You can check the highlights, scores, tables, fixtures, and many more.

To be quick, enter the keyword in the search bar and get the result. The website, likewise famous for streaming live the other sports like NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and many more.

Keep checking the latest updates available on NBC Sports.


  1. You can watch live football leagues without any disturbance
  2. You can view all the videos in high resolution along with excellent quality sound.
  3. Easy to use interface.
  4. You were able to find the latest ongoing matches and events of Football.


Techspunk has presented a compelling option to watch live football matches online. All the websites, as mentioned above, is the best Soccer streaming sites to Watch Soccer Online.

Visit them, and I am very sure you finally give the credit for the research. Still, you have better options mention in the comment box, highly appreciated.

Happy Streaming!

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