AniWatch Not Working: Did AniWatch Block Me or It is Shut Down

Did AniWatch block me, or is it not working? If you love to access the AniWatch website but suddenly you can’t able to access the website, then such queries will arise in your mind.

Please read the whole post to discover the reason behind it.

AniWatch is one of the best anime streaming websites that let users watch anime or download subbed or dubbed Anime in ultra HD quality. As you can enlarge anime images too.

The best thing is that to access this website, you don’t need to pay any subscription charges or do any registration.

Imagine when you wind up all your chores to enjoy binge-watching the latest anime series on AniWatch, but are met with endless buffering or error messages on the screen. It is frustrating for anyone.

But you are not alone, as many users having question why Aniwatch blocked me or cannot access it. Did AniWatch block me, or is it another reason?

Let’s explore the facts about this anime streaming site on TechSpunk.

Did AniWatch Block Me?

aniwatchThere is excellent news for AniWatch Users is that the website does not block them.

Presently, the website is facing technical issues. An official statement has been issued on Twitter that people trying to access it are not banned.

The attack of Titan owners has nuked some of their locations. Due to this reason, the website’s firewall is presently facing issues.

The officials have released this statement for the users who want to know Did AniWatch block me?

Since the website used to provide copyrighted content to its users for free, this violates several privacy policies of anime series and causes many legal troubles for the website.

How to Fix AniWatch Not Working Issue?


1. Check the Server Status

To check the server status, visit AniWatch’s official social media pages or their community forums.

Besides this, you can visit websites like Down Detector that provide a real-time status check about the website.

2. Update Your Browser

Most of the time, outdated browsers cause compatibility issues with modern websites. To solve this issue, it is essential to keep your browser current.

Clear Cache and Cookies Data. You can even try accessing the website with a different browser.

3. Stable Internet Connection

Ensure you access a strong and stable internet connection while streaming high-definition content.

4. Try Using a VPN Service

Sometimes a network or other restrictions cause such issues. To bypass this problem, you need to use a good VPN service.

Does AniWatch Safe to Access?

aniwatchYes, is quite a safe website to access anime for free. We checked the website’s URL and found not any red flags.

The only downside of this website is that it covers the server cost. They used to run lots of ads on the website.

Although the developers claim to keep running the ads 24/7 to keep them clean, we recommend our users use an adblocker with the website for further safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is AniWatch Working Presently?

Ans. Yes! AniWatch is working fine right now. However, if you cannot access the website, the servers might face downtime and are under maintenance.

You can visit the down detector website to determine the server status of it in your region. If the server is down, you can only wait for the server to get back to normal.

Q. Do and AniWatch Are Same?

Ans. Gone are the days when was the most popular website to stream anime. Suddenly this website shut down. The users to try to visit were redirected to it.

It is because a new developer team now acquires, and they rebranded it as AniWatch. All the content of Zoro is now available on the AniWatch website.

Q. Can I Download Anime on AniWatch and Watch It Later?

Ans. Unfortunately, it does not provide any option to download Anime. However, many third-party video downloader tools open online that you can use to download any content easily.

Q. List Some Good Alternatives to AniWatch.

Ans. It is better known for its high-quality anime collection provided to users without charging any subscription fees. Since this website is not working for some users, it is better to move to its alternatives.

Some good alternatives to AniWatch are:

  • 9Anime
  • Animekisa.TV
  • GoGoAnime
  • Crunchyroll
  • KissAnime
  • AnimeFreak


Since last week, AniWatch blocking users from accessing the website started circulating on social media.

Many users in the middle of the episode are receiving an error message- “Oh Noes! You have been blocked.

However, it is clear that this happens due to some legal issues, and people are still determining when this website will return to normal.

That’s a complete rundown of Did AniWatch block me? Thanks for reading!!

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