Pokémon GO: How to Catch Zygarde in Pokemon Go

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Legendary Pokemon is the most attractive thing in the Pokemon Go game since the game launches back in the 1990s.

Zygarde is a dragon, ground-type legendary Pokemon in the Kalos region that looks like snakes. This unique creature is scarce, and everyone wants to own them.

Zygarde debuted in the Pokemon games and Pokemon X and Y. It is known as Order Pokemon and is associated with the concepts of balance and preservation of the ecosystem.

It is an essential member of the famous Aura trio alongside Xerneas and Yveltal. Talking about its features, it is very effective in attacking Pokemon with great move sets. Zygarde is the only Legendary Pokemon to have more than four forms.

Zygarde can be found in multiple locations, including the deepest part of Terminus cave, the resolution cave on Poni Island, and the Ultra Space Wilds.

Want to learn how to catch Zygarde in Pokemon Go?

Well, this guide on TechSpunk will assist you in catching Zygarde in Pokemon Go. So keep reading the post till the end.

Information of Zygarde Pokemon

zygarde in pokemon goZygarde is the most powerful Pokemon that has three signature moves at its disposal. It is very balanced, with its defense being the standout boon.

Zygarde is the most challenging encounter in the game due to its Power Construct ability. When it reaches half health, it will transform into its 100% form.

Players will need to deplete the health of players to catch Zygarde. While you can download PokeMMO on iOS which helps iPhone users play Gen 3 Pokemon games.

Zygarde is a captivating and powerful Legendary Pokémon with a fascinating backstory and a pivotal role in the Pokémon X and Y games and their sequels.

It is enigmatic appearance and unique abilities have made it a beloved and sought-after Pokémon among franchise fans.

When Zygarde gathers its cells and reaches its Complete Forme, it takes on a more humanoid shape. It becomes more imposing and powerful, with additional wings, arm-like extensions, and a larger core.

How to Catch Zygarde in Pokemon Go?

zygarde in pokemon goTo catch Zygarde in Pokemon Go, you need to follow the steps below:

Steps to catch Zygarde in Pokemon Go:

  • To catch Zygarde, you first need to beat the Elite 4 and Champion. Also, it would help if you saw Xerneas and Yveltal.
  • Next, go to Couriway town and take Route 18: Vallee Etroite Way to Terminus Cave. To enter the cave, go up the stairs that lead to the cave entrance.
  • Please make your way to the Terminus Cave and follow it until you reach the lowest level of the cave. Head right to floor 1 of the cave and down the three slopes.
  • Go up across the bridge, down near the mine, and walk into floor 2. Just go up to the last floor, where you will find this legendary Pokemon.
  • It features a few rare orb sites and Zygarde. So there is a chance to catch level 70 Zygarde.
  • If your Pokemon are of equal or higher level, they can hold their own and weaken Zygarde until its HP bar goes into the red.
  • Although the Zygarde Pokemon on weak now, you still need to paralyze it. But remember that if all your Pokemon got faint, you must rush to the Pokemon Center to heal them.
  • Please wait for the Zygarde to make its Camouflage move. After that, select the Pokemon that knows Spore or Thunder wave, like Jolteon, to paralyze Zygarde.
  • Finally, its a time to throw Dust Balls to catch Zygarde, as it cannot move now. Since Zygarde has a low Capture rate, you need to stock up on plenty of Ultra Balls or at least 20 timer balls.

Since Zygarde is level 70, make sure you have Pokemon that are at least of that level.

Warnings Before Catch Zygarde in Pokemon Go

  • Never try to kill the Pokemon that you want to catch.
  • Never use Electric-type Pokemon on Zygarde, as they will not get damaged by them.
  • If, by chance, Zygarde faints, you need to beat Elite 4 again to make it come back.
  • It is better to use Fairy Pokemon as they are immune to Dragon Attacks.
  • Save all of your game before battling.
  • It would help if you got this Legendary Pokemon.


Zygarde is undoubtedly the most powerful Legendary Pokemon in the game that every player wants to grab. However, getting Zygarde in Pokemon Go is more challenging.

You need to follow this step-by-step guide to catch this legendary Pokemon.

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