What Are the Roblox Slenders? Who Created Slenders in Roblox?

In the Roblox game, various subcultures and fashion styles are widely popular due to the extensive character customization options available to players. 

With such a large player base, it is common for trends to appear by becoming regular in the game. 

Many trends have evolved and flourished in the game, creating an ever-changing and dynamic world for players to explore. The slender movement has gained popularity. 

It is critical to grasp what Roblox Slenders are and how to fully utilize this in-game character to prevent losing out on this trend. 

If you are new to the Roblox platform and want to play Roblox, then you can read our guide on download and install the Roblox game.

Thus, without further ado, let’s dive into Roblox Slenders.

What is Roblox Slenders?

roblox slendersPlaying the Roblox game enables customization, allowing players to morph their avatars into terrifying creatures’ skin to Slender Man – a famous fictional character featured in various forms of American media.

It has earned a vast fanbase from every corner of the world; however, players need a premium Roblox account to enter the game. Now you can create a free Roblox account with Robux using our post.

As its name suggests, Slender refers to a lean and thin avatar type that certain players equip and is commonly associated with the infamous Slender Man due to their tall and slim appearance.

Typically, there are Roblox Slender boy avatars, although Roblox Slender girl versions can also be encountered.

Character Structure of Roblox Slenders

Within Roblox, you can come across various Slender characters, each crafted based on the creator’s preference. 

Nevertheless, most Slenders in the game feature the trademark elongated body of Slender Man. 

In terms of gender, both male and female Slenders can be found in Roblox, but generally, the male body type is more prevalent. 

You can use unique usernames for both males and females. For the unique username for Roblox, you can check our guide on Roblox display name ideas.

To become a Slender, your Roblox body should have the following settings:

  1. Height: 105 percent
    • Width: 100%
    • Head: 100%
  2. Proportions: 0
  3. Body Type: 100%

Types of Style and Avatar in Roblox Slenders

roblox slendersThe community offers a diverse range of Slender styles and avatars, typically characterized by black clothing consisting of long pants and sleeve shirts.

Some members also opt for dark hairstyles and black hats to create a unique and distinctive appearance. 

Despite the availability of countless avatars, many still prefer to develop goth-punk-style Slender Man, reflecting the enduring popularity of this aesthetic. 

Some of the accessories a Slenders might have include:

  • Black Spiked Hair
  • Plain Black Shirt
  • Plain Black Pants
  • Stitch face Korblox Items

Who Created Slenders in Roblox?

Although some names have been circulating in the Roblox community, they have yet to be concretely proven to have started the trend, so the short and quick answer is that nobody knows. 

In the Roblox community, there are several theories about who started the trend of Slenders. 

Some suggest that the late Roblox creator ‘Nimblz’ may have initiated it, while others attribute it to ‘3bwx’, who reportedly created Slenders to counter the Ro Gangster trend. 

Another theory points to ‘TheNarrowGate’ as the originator, as they were the first to develop a Slender and may have wanted to spark a trend. 

Additionally, two other names, ‘KhandyParker’ and ‘SharkBlox,’ have been linked to the beginning of Slenders, but no clear motivations have been associated with either.

This will resume being a topic of discussion for some time. Eventually, like most fads, it will likely lose its prominence and be overshadowed by a new trend. 

Nevertheless, it remains a simple fact that the Roblox community is still determining the originator of the trend.

What Are the Different Body Types in Roblox?

Before delving into creating and personalizing your Roblox avatar to resemble Slender Man, you must familiarize yourself with the distinct body types available within the game. 

If you are a frequent player, you may already be aware that Roblox features two primary body types:

  • R6: Classic blocky body built of cubes and cuboids.
  • R15: Human-like structure with realistic characteristics

roblox slendersThe R6 body type has limited customization options for the limbs, torso, and head, while the R15 body type enables editing of all movable and animated parts of the limbs. 

Due to this, the R15 body type is considered ideal for creating a personalized version of Slenders Roblox. 

As long as the R15 body type adheres to the character description outlined in the following section, it is possible to create a Slender Man character quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Slender Nice in Roblox?

Ans. Slenders is neither a good nor a negative concept, so it might be difficult for outsiders to grasp. It simply identifies a particular sort of Roblox avatar that some players desire to be.

Q. Is Slender a Scary Game?

Ans. You will constantly feel lost among the trees attempting to find clues about the monster that haunts the forest, which is a disturbing part of the game. To reach the end of the game, you must gather all the pages hidden throughout the forest.


The Roblox Slenders, inspired by the character Slenderman, has gained a significant following within the community. 

However, its unsettling and spine-chilling content has also attracted criticism. 

Despite this, the game stands as a testament to the potential of the Roblox platform to deliver engaging and exhilarating gaming experiences.

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