Walmart Grocery App Not Working? How to Fix Them

The Walmart Grocery App serves as a comfortable and convenient digital space for your grocery shopping needs.

It seamlessly combines the extensive range and affordability of Walmart with the ease and comfort of your smartphone.

This application is specifically crafted to streamline your shopping experience, ensuring a smooth and effortless transition from your desired items to their delivery at your doorstep.

Nevertheless, problems with the Walmart Grocery App can pose significant challenges, especially when they are urgently required.

Users frequently encounter the Walmart Grocery App not working or completely malfunctioning, which can be attributed to various factors.

Also, if you are looking for fixes for the Walmart Grocery App, then there is no need to go anywhere. This guide is also given on our platform.

This article aims to address these issues by providing users with detailed information regarding the Walmart Grocery App not working and potential solutions to rectify the situation.

Overview of Walmart Grocery App

walmart grocery app not workingThe Walmart Grocery App is an innovative mobile application created by Walmart to offer customers a convenient, effective, and user-friendly method of purchasing groceries and household necessities.

As a component of Walmart’s extensive digital services, this app is specifically designed to simplify the grocery shopping experience, enabling users to effortlessly browse, choose, and buy their groceries directly from their smartphones or tablets.

Key Features

The Walmart Grocery App is designed to offer a convenient and user-friendly shopping experience.

Here are its key features in bullet points:

  • Vast Product Selection: Explore a wide variety of groceries, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, pantry essentials, household items, and more.
  • Personalized Suggestions: Get recommendations tailored to your shopping habits and preferences for an easier time finding your favourites and discovering new products.
  • Efficient Search and Browsing: Easily locate specific items or browse through categories to find what you’re looking for.
  • Convenient Pickup and Delivery Choices: Opt for hassle-free pickup at your nearby Walmart or have your groceries delivered right to your doorstep.
  • Discounts and Deals: Make the most of Walmart’s competitive prices and exclusive app offers to save on your grocery purchases.
  • Simple Reordering: Easily restock your must-have items with a streamlined reordering system.
  • Real-Time Order Updates: Stay up-to-date with notifications regarding your order status, pickup, and delivery schedules.

What is the Walmart Grocery App Not Working?

When the Walmart Grocery App not working, users may encounter various problems that can disrupt their shopping experience.

Some common issues include app crashes, where the app unexpectedly closes during use, and loading problems, where the app fails to open or takes an unusually long time to load pages.

Users may also face difficulties during the checkout process, such as errors when trying to complete purchases or problems applying discounts and coupons.

Another significant problem is with account synchronization, where changes made on the app do not reflect on the user’s account across other devices or on the Walmart website.

Additionally, users may experience inaccuracies in inventory levels, leading to frustration when items shown as available are actually out of stock.

The app’s GPS functionality can also complicate store pickup services, resulting in delays or confusion at the pickup location.

Lastly, intermittent connectivity issues, even with a stable internet connection, can lead to an inconsistent and unsatisfactory user experience.

These problems, among others, can hinder the convenience and efficiency that Walmart aims to provide.

How to Fix Walmart Grocery App Not Working?

If the Walmart Grocery App not working as expected, you can take several troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem.

walmart grocery app not workingHere’s a guide to help you get back to a seamless shopping experience:

  1. Verify Your Internet Connection: Ensure that your device is connected to a stable internet connection. Attempt switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to determine if there is any improvement.
  2. Restart the Application: Close the application entirely and remove it from your list of recent applications. Then, reopen it. This can occasionally resolve minor glitches.
  3. Update the Application: Ensure that you are utilizing the most recent version of the Walmart Grocery Application. Check the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) for any available updates and install them.
  4. Restart Your Device: Sometimes, simply restarting your smartphone or tablet can resolve underlying issues that affect the performance of the application.
  5. Check for System Updates: Ensure that your device’s operating system is up to date. Software updates frequently include fixes that can enhance the stability and performance of the application.
  6. Clear Application Cache and Data: On Android devices, you can clear the cache and application data from the settings menu. This can help resolve issues related to corrupted cache files. iOS users may need to uninstall and reinstall the application to achieve a similar effect.
  7. Reinstall the Application: Uninstall the Walmart Grocery Application from your device and then reinstall it. This can help resolve issues caused by a corrupted installation.
  8. Check Walmart’s Social Media and Support: Search for any announcements from Walmart regarding known issues with the application on their official social media channels or support websites. There may be a widespread problem that they are already working to fix.
  9. Reach Out to Support: If none of the aforementioned steps work, contact Walmart’s customer support. Provide them with details about the issue, any error messages you have received, and the steps you have already taken to try to resolve it. They may offer further assistance or insights into the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Won’t the Walmart Grocery App Load or Open?

Ans. This could be due to a poor internet connection, an outdated app version, or issues with your device’s software. Try restarting your device or checking your network settings.

Q. What Do I Do if the App Keeps Crashing?

Ans. Ensure the app is updated to the latest version. If the problem persists, try clearing the app’s cache (Android) or reinstalling the app.

Q. Why Can’t I Complete My Purchase or Checkout?

Ans. Check for any error messages that might indicate the problem, such as payment issues or connectivity problems. Ensure your app is up to date, and consider restarting it.

Q. How Do I Fix Login Issues With the Walmart Grocery App?

Ans. Verify your login credentials are correct. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the password reset feature. Ensure the app is updated.

Q. Why Are My App and Online Cart Not Syncing?

Ans. This might be due to connectivity issues or glitches within the app. Try logging out and then back into your account, and ensure you’re using the latest version of the app.


Dealing with challenges on the Walmart Grocery App may be exasperating; however, keep in mind that there is always a resolution within reach. Whether it involves a prompt app update, a simple device reboot, or contacting the helpful Walmart support team, you are never too distant from restoring your seamless shopping journey.

Take a moment to relax and adhere to the problem-solving procedures, and before you know it, you will be able to resume adding your preferred items and necessities to your virtual cart. Enjoy your shopping experience, and cheers to discovering the minor solutions that simplify life!

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