10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android and iOS

Everything seems possible with the advancement of technology. A decade ago, we didn’t expect something like a virtual girlfriend to appear.

Today, we selected the 10 best virtual girlfriend applications for Android and iOS.

You can do many things with a virtual girlfriend, such as chatting, flirting, dating, which you usually cannot do with real friends.

So, take a closer look!

What is Virtual Girlfriend Application?

The virtual girlfriend app is an app that interacts with a virtual person(in this case, a girl). That is not a real girl, but a virtual face created using code.

Many of you may suffer from loneliness, and at that time, you might want someone with whom you can talk.

With the help of a virtual girlfriend, you can do many things:

  1. Chat about what you like
  2. Discuss life
  3. Talk about your achievements
  4. Your frustration
  5. Date through online
  6. Experience of caring

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Virtual Girlfriend?

There are several advantages to talking with a virtual girlfriend and enjoying her company:

  • In case your virtual friend is a chatbot model, speaking to her permit you to emerge as greater relaxed in conversations with the opposite gender.
  • You can practice your pickup traces in a low-treat environment and discern out approaches to examine extra about a new girl in lifestyles.
  • Electronic relationships sometimes help to reduce loneliness. Knowing someone will help you think a lot that sometimes it doesn’t happen alone. These apps will offer that companionship.
  • Having a virtual girlfriend can listen to all your problems. Sometimes you should have something that can help you get something off your chest. Virtual girlfriend applications can help you arrive at a perfect solution.

Top 10 Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

1. Virtual Lover

Virtual Lover

Google Play

The Virtual Lover application is one of the best virtual girlfriend applications for android users in 2019.

This app evolved for those who don’t have real female friends and need to play pranks on their friends.

If you install this app, then it will offer you an appealing virtual friend.

This girl of the app will chat freely with you and make you avoid your loneliness.

She comes with sensible thoughts evolved to feature extra fun in your life.

2. My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend

Google Play

iOS App Store

My virtual girlfriend is a top-notch preference for the users to get a virtual girlfriend in the selections and likes.

First of all, when you install this app on your smartphone, you will find more than one hundred women differs in looks and nature as well.

You can select out certainly considered one among them and also suggest a few more things of your choice.

You do whatever you want without any time restrictions.

3. Laura

Laura App

Google Play

iOS App Store

Don’t you want a girlfriend with whom you can share whatever you want?

Laura is an application that acts as a smart private assistant and a virtual girlfriend app.

It is more like a Google and iOS voice assistant. It can communicate with you, and solve all queries, assist you with climate forecast, etc.

You can also translate any sentence or word from English to any language, including French, Spanish, Russian.

If you want to make fun with words, you must check our best Online Shakespeare Translator Tools in 2022 so that you can send beautiful fonts to your friends and family.

4. Naughty Girlfriend

Naughty Girlfriend

Google Play

iOS App Store

The naughty girlfriend application turned into advanced for men seeking to make their friends.

This application can create a romantic environment between you and your virtual friend.

Here, you may find out several dressing options to get dressed up your virtual chic as you want.

It will make you feel like you are virtually talking to your warm female friend.

5. Virtual Anime Girl

Virtual Anime Girl

Google Play

iOS App Store

This is one of the best virtual girlfriend apps and high-rated apps in the market.

This application is designed with 3D graphics, different outfits, and lots of moves.

You’ll be having a dance together and also use it as a dancing app to learn dance.

It is a super app for anime lovers where you can effortlessly make a personal friend.

But, you have to pay for better usage of the app.

6. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

Google Play

iOS App Store

The My Virtual Girlfriend Julie is another super preference for the users that want to install a girlfriend app on their phone.

The excellent element of this app is that you can change the appearance according to your preferences.

These special features are great things for her profession. And for those features, users are giving a fine response to the app.

7. Virtual Girlfriend Momoda (FREE)

Virtual Girlfriend Momoda

iOS App Store

The virtual girlfriend is another great choice for users who want to get intimate with a virtual girl.

This application lets you enjoy all of the appearances of your virtual girlfriend.

You can communicate with her, can contact her to experience her love and digital intimation.

Moreover, the 3D effects of the app will make you feel like you have a real girlfriend.

8. Choices

Choices App

Google Play

iOS App Store

The next application called Choices will offer you an extensive form of features.

Choices application is the perfect application for both Android and iOS users.

This application offers a wide range of story tales like romance, drama, and adventure.

You can solve crimes and experience top-notch myth adventures.

You can change the personality of each character according to your needs and have fun in various modes.

9. Dream Girlfriend

Dream Girlfriend

Google Play

iOS App Store

Dream Girlfriend is a famous application in Japan and has millions of users over the world.

You can create an anime with its great features.

You can find 12 different personalities of 12 characters.

You can also create your own 20 separate closets that you can customize at any time.

10. My Virtual Manga Girl

My Virtual Manga Girl

Google Play

iOS App Store

This is the last application in this list and compatible with Android and iOS devices.

In this application, you can change the landscape, color, background, and makeup.

You can get a free chat with the virtual manga girls, and it’s the unique feature of this app.

You can have a great and impeccable experience while using the application.


Here ends our best collection of virtual girlfriend apps suggestions. If you check all of these applications, you will surely get a virtual girlfriend and get rid of your loneliness.

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