How to Stream EURO Live in 2021

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. You can stream EURO live 2021 easily with the help of the TechSpunk guide.

End last year with Euro 2020, now Euro live 2021, was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The popular tournament is scheduled between 11 June and 11 July 2021. The shelving of the league provided an opportunity for European leagues that had been suspended to be completed.

The stream Euro live 2021, organized by UEFA, is played every four years by European national teams and decides the European champion.

Before you get your answer about how to stream EURO live in 2021, you can check our best free Soccer streaming sites to stream EURO live online.

Which Games to Keep an Eye on?

If your country’s team has qualified to play in Euro live 2020, you will keep an eye on their progress. Here are some of the other matches to watch out for.

1. Turkey vs. Italy (Rome, Group A): 11 June, 21:00

Turkey plays with Italy in the opening game of the final tournament. This will be exactly twenty-one years after the two teams’ encounter when Turkey lost to Italy 2-1 on the second day of the stream Euro live 2000 in Arnhem.

However, both sides made it through their group. What might worry Turkey is that they have never beaten Italy and have lost four of their opening games in the Euro.

2. Denmark vs. Finland (Copenhagen, Group B): 12 June, 18:00

Finland will be facing the Danish team for the 60th time. Denmark will be making their debut in a major tournament after more than a century and over 750 fixtures.

Two of the sixty times have been in a UEFA competition and two 1-0 wins for Denmark during the Euro 1988 qualifiers.

3. Austria vs. North Macedonia (Bucharest, Group C): 13 June, 18:00

Austria beat North Macedonia in their qualifying group before beating Georgia and Kosovo in the playoffs.

This earned them their first appearance in the final tournament.

4. England vs. Scotland (London, Group D): 18 June, 21:00

In 1996 when England hosted the Euros, the second match they played was their first in any major tournament against Scotland.

This will be Scotland’s first finals appearance in the Euros since then. This is a match you must mark in your match diary.

5. Spain vs. Poland (Bilbao, Group E): 19 June, 21:00

Spain and Poland have only met twice competitively before the Euro finals. This is a game to watch, and it is hard to predict who might win.

6. Portugal in vs. France (Budapest, Group F): 23 June, 21:00

This will be a spar between two champions, with Poland being the current Euro holders and France the reigning World Cup champions.

These two teams are meeting for the second time while defending their title. Portugal had lost ten games straight against France before changing this with a 1-0 win during extra time in the Euro 2016.

Since then, France has won the World Cup and defeated Portugal in the UEFA Nations League. Keep an eye out for who comes out on top.

How to Watch Stream EURO Live?

If you would like to watch stream Euro live 2021 from home without necessarily sitting in front of a T.V., you can watch live stream matches.

These live streams allow you to watch the games on the go via your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Here are some options for watching the matches.

1. BBC and ITV

BBC and iTV

You can watch the games for free on BBC and ITV. The first thing you need to do is to download a VPN app.

The VPN app will bypass any geo-restrictions and allow you to watch the matches from anywhere.

The BBC and ITV are the sole owners of the U.K. broadcasting rights for the UEFA EURO Championships.

To watch for free:

  • Connect to your VPN and connect to a server located in the United Kingdom (U.K.)
  • Sign up for ITV or BBC iPlayer.
  • Enter a valid U.K. postal code and proceed to watch for free.
  • You can check any postal code from

2. Zattoo Switzerland

zatto tv

Zattoo Switzerland is free of charge and has two channels- ITV and BBC One.

To watch the matches on Zattoo:

  • Connect to your VPN and connect to a server in Switzerland.
  • Sign up for a Zattoo account and start watching.

3. RAI


RAI holds the official Italian broadcasting rights for the UEFA Euro Championship (2021), and the stream is free.

For more details, you can check the RAI TV Guide. The stream commentary is in Italian, so unless you know Italian, there is no need to bother.

To watch:

  • Connect to your VPN and server in Italy.
  • Go to RAI and continue watching for free.

4. Live streams on M6 and TF1

M6 and TF1

Another free Live Stream option is M6 and TF1, free-to-air channels, and the French official broadcasters of UEFA 2021.

The broadcasters will provide coverage for 23 out of the 51 matches. This includes all the matches France plays, the semi-final, and the finals. The stream commentary, as expected, is in French.

  • Connect to your VPN and connect to a server located in France.
  • Connect to a server located in France.
  • Sign up on 6play or TF1 Direct, where you may need to provide a valid French postal code.
  • To know when to tune in, check the official M6 and TF1 schedules.

5. Stream on YouTube T.V.

youtube tv

YouTube T.V. offers all channels that stream EURO live 2021. You can watch the matches live on ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC.

ESPN will air 39 games, ESPN 2 will televise seven matches, while ABC will air five games.

You can download videos from YouTube easily so that you can collect all matches on your computer.

YouTube T.V. is available for $65 per month but offers a five-day free trial.

  • Connect to a server located in the U.S. via your VPN.
  • Sign up by paying $65 and enter a valid U.S. postal code. Use an appropriate browser extension if using a web browser and enjoy the matches.
  • Use the YouTube T.V. app if using a mobile on either Android or iOS.

6. HULU App


Hulu is available for $55 per month, and you can stream on ABC, ESPN, and ESPN 2, although Hulu offers all channels that the stream EURO live 2021 is being broadcasted on.

Hulu offers a seven-day free trial for all first-time customers. You can download and use the HULU app if using a mobile on either Android or iOS.

You can watch by:

  • It would be best if you connected to a VPN server in the U.S.
  • Signing up on Hulu by paying 55 USD or using the free trial first.
  • Provide a valid American postal code.
  • If paying, use PayPal or a valid (U.S.) credit or debit card.

Final Words

These are not the only methods you can watch the matches online, and you can watch on AT&T TV, UEFA TV, or listen on Talksport Radio.

Either way, you can look forward to not missing any of the games by using these Livestream channels. Be prepared and enjoy the stream Euro live!

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