How to Use Shunt Boost in GTA 5: Step-by-step Guide

GTA 5 is an immersive popular game that has been around for many years. In this competitive gaming world, to beat the other video games, developers added Shunt Boost Mechanism to the game.

Since the players need clarification, this post will tell you how to use Shunt Boost in GTA 5 on various platforms. Shunt Boost is a beautiful tool that is used to enhance your performance in the game.

This feature can transform the car into a wrecking ball that has the power to demolish everyone who drives alongside the player. This can quickly improve your gaming skills.

Shunt Boost is more focused on either attacking or avoiding attacks. You can easily hit the person standing beside you. This technique is also unique because it lets the players fly in the sky.

This guide on TechSpunk will let you know how to use Shunt Boost in GTA 5.

So let’s get started!!

What is Shunt Boost?

shunt boost in gta 5Shunt Boost is the most compelling feature that transforms your car into a wrecking ball that has the power to demolish everything who dares to drive alongside the player.

To access this vehicle mod, you must purchase it, which is available at Arena War Workshop. This feature is beneficial for players to eliminate the competitors moving in the opposite direction.

The Shunt Boost is particularly useful in races, where timing and strategy can make a significant difference in securing a win. Players can activate the boost strategically to overtake opponents or to navigate tight turns more effectively.

It’s important to note that the availability of the Shunt Boost ability might depend on the specific car being used, and it’s not a feature present in all cars in the game.

Additionally, game mechanics and features can change with updates or mods, so it’s recommended to consult the in-game documentation or official resources for the most accurate and up-to-date information on Shunt Boost and other abilities in GTA 5.

How to Use Shunt Boost in PS5?

shunt boost in gta 5Shunt Boost is a feature that will turn your vehicle into a Wrecking ball. To access this feature, you need to purchase it.

To purchase Shunt Boost, take your car to the Workshop and buy Shunt Boost under the Boost section. After using the Shunt Boost feature, your experience will get change. Look at the bottom left screen of your minimap.

You can see a Yellow bar along with Armor or a health bar. This bar indicates how much boost you have left. Since every platform differs, you must learn about various input buttons on multiple devices.

So look into the ways below:

1. PC Shunt Boost Buttons

If you play GTA 5 game on a PC, using Shunt Boost keys is damn easy. To perform this, press X and tap either the left or right movements keys to indicate your direction.

2. Shunt Boost on Xbox

If you want to use the Shunt Boost feature on Xbox, press the A button and then use LB or RB buttons to indicate the direction.

3. For PS4/PS5 Users

You must hold the X button if you are playing the game on PS4/PS5 Console. After this, press L1 or R1 key to indicate direction. L1 will take you to the left, while R1 will take you to the right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Fly With Shunt Boost in GTA 5?

Ans: Definitely! You can fly with Shunt Boost in GTA 5. However, you will need specific practice for this.

Q. What Buttons Must You Press to Use the Shunt Boost Feature?

Ans: Depending on your platform, you need to press the following buttons to perform the Shunt Boost feature. These buttons are:

  • On PC: Hold down the X key while pressing LMB/RMB.
  • On PS5: Hold down the X key while pressing L1/R1 keys for direction.
  • On Xbox: Hold down A key while pressing LB/RB

Q. How Do You Shunt Jump in GTA 5?

Ans: To make a shunt Jump in GTA 5, follow the steps below:

  • First of all, launch GTA 5 game and go to GTA Online.
  • After this, you must apply a Vertical boost to lift your vehicle into the air.
  • Then, use the left Analog stick to tilt your vehicle to the side.
  • To send your car hurtling to the right, use the Shunt Boost.
  • Use the hydraulic moves numerous times to keep your car in the air.


Shunt Boost is undoubtedly the most exciting feature to boost your gaming experience. If you are a hardcore GTA 5 player, accessing Stunt Boost is entirely worth it. Read the post to learn how to use Shunt Boost in GTA 5.

Thanks for reading!!

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