Secure Payment Solutions: Exploring PayPal Alternatives in France

France boasts one of the world’s biggest economies. According to data and official figures, it is the seventh-largest in terms of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is the monetary value of all goods and services from the country.

This makes it one of the biggest in the world for exports and imports, thus making it an essential player in international business, including secure payment options. However, the country is hugely significant across other industries, too.

France is among one of the top tourist destinations for travelers from all over the world. Many flock to the European nation for various reasons, with its cuisine, culture, landmarks, and history.

It is a destination with so much to offer, with many heading to the country on more than one occasion. Places like Paris, the French Riveria, and Cannes have become iconic locations to visit.

At the same time, the country’s global importance and significance have led to a growth in the number of people using and learning the language.

Many are studying with online classes that provide detailed lessons and personalized experiences, thus allowing them to maximize any visit to France that they might make.

France’s Acceptance of Secure Payment Methods

secure payment methodsGiven its status as a world economy, it might not be surprising to learn that it is a popular payment method for French residents, and most businesses also accept PayPal.

They can widely use the way when making purchases online, thus being afforded several benefits and advantages.

However, not everyone will have access to a secure payment method. Those who do not may question what they can use to pay for goods or services.

Thankfully, since the European country is one of the most advanced and developed, many alternatives can be considered if PayPal is unavailable or if you don’t have an account.

1. Cartes Bancaires

secure payment methodsThe most popular, familiar, and secure payment method for French residents is through the use of a local card scheme, which is known as Cartes Bancaires.

It is alleged to be used for around 60% of the consumption of every household across the country, thus making it one of the biggest and best options.

It is said that there have been over 71 million Cartes Bancaires cards have been issued, with more than 12.4 billion transactions worth almost €500 billion being made.

The card scheme has been updated with technology and can be used on Apple Pay, thus providing users with even more convenience and accessibility.

With Mastercard and Visa co-branding more than 95% of the cards issued, it is unsurprising that Cartes Bancaires are a top alternative to PayPal in the country for many.

2. Visa

secure payment methodsVisa is accepted in almost every country around the world.

It is taken in more than 200 countries and territories, with France being one of the destinations where it can be used in millions of areas when making a payment.

As highlighted, it is an option that most French users can utilize when transacting through the Cartes Bancaires scheme, although those with a VISA-issued card will also enjoy the same benefits.

It can also be one of the most convenient methods for those visiting the country. While there may be conversion fees and transaction costs if Euros are not used, there is a perfect chance that any payment will go through without any issue.

3. Mastercard

secure payment methodsMuch like Visa, Mastercard is also a globally renowned payment method that can offer trusted and safe transactions.

Many countries widely accept it, with France being one of them.

Again, it is part of the Cartes Bancaires scheme, thus making it ideal for those in the country who want to make payments without using PayPal.

However, it can also be advantageous for those visiting the country. In the same way as Visa, Mastercard is accepted by millions of different locations.

With tourists likely to want to pay for meals, drinks, or even souvenir shopping through their cards, the payment system will offer them plenty of benefits.

Those who have traveled from within continental Europe can use their card without fees, whereas those who have visited from the UK will likely incur certain charges.

4. American Express

secure payment methodsWhile not as commonly accepted as Visa or Mastercard, American Express is another option for people in France who want an alternative to PayPal.

AMEX is usually for people who spend more than others on average.

Data suggests those who use it spend three to four times more than the average Visa and Mastercard users.

Those who appreciate France’s fashion houses or indulge in the finer things in life might consider using AMEX for their purchases.

They will also reap many of the same benefits as other payment providers. This includes receiving refunds if requested while enjoying many of the same security features that come as standard.

5. Cash

secure payment methodsFor many, there is no payment method as secure as traditional money in the form of cash.

Although society might be becoming cashless, much of the world’s population continues to enjoy using physical money when paying for things.

Transactions can be secure as no data is transferred when making the payment, unlike when using a card or PayPal account, meaning individuals can keep themselves anonymous and not be tracked or potentially targeted by scam artists.

Euros are easy to obtain as they are used in 20 countries around the European Union, thus making it an accessible currency.

6. Cryptocurrency

secure payment methodsThose who wish to be ahead of the times and adopt a method with security as its main premise may consider using cryptocurrency as an alternative to PayPal.

Virtual currency has continued to emerge and become more widespread, with some locations in France now accepting it.

However, it is less widely accepted than other forms of payment, so using it can pose more challenges in determining where and when it is applicable.

That is not to say that it can not be used, as it can. With technology continuing to improve and get better and France being among the leaders in making it legal and regulating it more than anywhere else, it would not be a shock if more places were to accept it nationwide in the future.

Many Secure Payment Methods Available Across France

As can be seen, many different secure payment methods can be used throughout France when looking for an alternative to PayPal

Many of them are globally recognized and have impeccable reputations for providing safe transactions that are highly secure, meaning each of them can be trusted.

When it comes down to picking one to use, it will essentially be down to user preference, but it is always worth considering what the method will be used for and whether it is right for the payee.

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