10 Best Reverse Phone Lookup You Can Use

Techspunk gives you the complete details with features of the best reverse phone lookup free. All the relevant information will help the user to make up their mind whether to pick up a call from an unsaved number or not.

Receiving a call from an unknown number makes you confused about whether to pick or not. It would help if you left the stress behind as I brought the solution for you all on techspunk.com.

You’ll certainly be able to get the details of a person, like a name and the location of a phone call.

My friends read the full blog and became smart enough to deal with an unknown number. You can check out free government phone providers in the USA and Europe.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

reverse phone lookupA gray pages directory is known as Reverse Phone Lookup. It enables the user to search for a telephone service number and customer details.

The free Reverse Phone Lookup has a collection of numbers and the associated customer details like name and address.

Reverse Phone Lookup and ZIP code lookup are essential tools for all people to find the name and location of an unknown number.

These days fraud call brings fear, and you would like to know the details of the unknown number instead of running here and there.

It would be best if you used the reverse phone lookup free of cost so that you can the know name and location of your caller.

Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup and Search Services

1. Truecaller

reverse phone lookupYou will amaze more than 25 core people worldwide using TrueCaller. You can run on the web as well as on the phone.

The interface of TrueCaller is user-friendly and easy to use.

One of the best-trusted applications by people for communication needs like caller ID or blocking SMS or spam calls.

It drops a notification of the name of the person who is calling you from an unknown number. You can search for the number on the app and locate the country of the person.

The True caller brings the solution for the stranger calls, and you precisely grasp the person’s name and location.


  • Display the name of the phone number owner along with the location.
  • Helpful in blocking SMS or spam calls.
  • Free of cost.

2. AnyWho

reverse phone lookupAnyWho’s reverse phone lookup tools allow people to enter the number in the search bar and provide the related information, first name, last name, and email address.

It helps you to identify the person associated with the number using the yellow pages.

The app gives more specific information about the caller as well. When you visit the website, you notice AnyWho providing another service, like finding a business with a name under the category of yellow pages.

Another service like People Searches to find the near and dear ones.


  • You can find the first name, last name, and email address of the suspicious incoming
  • People search and find Businesses with names possible on Any Who.
  • Free of cost.

3. WhitePages

reverse phone lookupAlex Algard founded WhitePages in 1997. A white page amongst the most popular web, the app has been used to identify mobile, landline, and spam numbers for free.

The white pages have the most extensive database available for contact information.


  • If you search with a landline phone number – you are able to retrieve the owner’s name, address, and possible relatives or associated businesses for free.
  • If you search with a cell phone number – You are able to find the city and state associated with the cell phone number as well as a mobile carrier for free.
  • You may also do multiple searches such as people search, reverse phone, reverse address, and business search; the entire icons are available just above the search bar.
  • Free of cost.

4. Pipl.com

reverse phone lookupThe Pipl is a renowned platform, and 3 billion people trusted the website for reverse phone lookup.

It initiates the feature of speed investigation and provides all the relevant information about the phone number entered in the search bar.

The most trusted platform to get accurate identity verification information.

When the user enters a number in the search bar, they are able to collect the name, email address, location, and many more.

The user must have a login Id and password to precede the action.

Visit Pipl.com, create your account, keep knowing the details about the people who made a call, and if you find a request is genuine, then you can contact back.


  • You got many details like name, address, and many more associated with the owner of the phone number.
  • Need to maintain an account.
  • Free of cost.

5. Reverse Phone Lookup

reverse phone lookupReverse Phone Lookup is available for the user free of cost. Users can be able to gain the details of the unknown call person.

Momentarily, more the 10 million free reverse searches have been done from the renowned platform of Reverse Phone Lookup.

Just enter the number in the search bar and wait until the processing ends. You can collect the details like a name.

The app will give you more specific information related to the person who made a call, i.e., the address of the person, map location, and where the number got registered.

I prefer the Reverse Phone Lookup as there is no need to create an account, times saved from login, and log out.

I must say the expert team of Reverse Phone Lookup did an excellent job for its user.


  • Provide specific details like the person’s address, map location, and the place where the number is authorized.
  • No need to spend a single penny.

6. Truth Finder Phone Lookup

reverse phone lookupTruth Finder Phone Lookup is among the trusted platform like True Caller, Any Who, Whitepages, and so on.

The Truth Finder Phone Lookup provides a comprehensive report on an individual.

It gives you lots of information than just a name. The platform makes you connect with friends, family members, and more in addition to this work.

The App of Truth Finder Phone Lookup helps track a person’s information through social media.

It gives you all the related information, including the photos and videos of that person available on different sites.

The Truth Finder Phone lookup covered all the possibilities to collect the details about a person who made a call.


  • You can be able to identify the spam caller.
  • Give you all possible information along with photos and videos of the person who made an unknown call.
  • No price.
  • Don’t wait. Just visit the website or open the app and get the in-depth details of the caller of the unknown number.

7. Intelius

reverse phone lookupA Reverse Phone lookup service offered by Intelius shows the details regarding a person who had made a suspicious call.

One of the best platforms available on the internet.

The steps associated with Intelius are comprehensive, and the result possible by the search engine contains lots and lots of information about the person.

Enter the phone number in the search bar. The user can collect details like the owner’s name, age, address history, phone type and carrier, possible relatives, the location associated with the number, and so on.

Intelius provides all possible details related to the stranger’s call, whether a phone number, landline number, or business number.


  • You can find the background details.
  • You can do the people’s search.
  • You may also search the property records.

8. Instant Checkmate

reverse phone lookupInstant Checkmate has a reverse phone lookup search service.

If you are suspicious about the phone call, then you may get all the relevant information and be able to pull the background report by the Instant Checkmate phone search feature.

The app uses public records through a background-checking tool to find relevant information.

You may check the criminal history of a number associated with the stranger’s calls. It helps you judge whether it is safe to call back or not.

All you have to do just search for the name and state of a person and get the details.

Install the app or visit the website, and I am sure you all like to find the relevant information before picking up a call from an unknown number.


  • Able to find out the background report of a person who made a call.
  • The app has a premium version and an extra set of services available for its users.
  • The platform is highly workable in America.

9. Zlookup

reverse phone lookupZlookup is among the favorites list of the user as it offers the best Reverse phone lookup service.

The app will be installed very soon, and you will be able to get 100% accurate information about the owner of the phone number.

The database of Zlookup keeps frequently updating so that the user can get exact details of the person who made a call.

The user trusts the Zlookup platform as the information it maintains is completely secured and anonymous, and the best part is that users don’t have to keep any account.


  • Provide the latest ownership information.
  • The phone lookup service is entirely free.
  • Provide a hassle-free lookup for any mobile number or fixed number.
  • Download the app today and get secure about unknown calls.

10. PeepLookup

reverse phone lookupPeep Lookup offers a free reverse phone lookup service. The platform allows the user to search through various essential aspects to find details of the unknown person who made a call.

The app is functional for mobile and landline numbers. The app is excellent to provide details by phone number, name, or email address.

You have to enter the person’s number in the lookup section of the app, and it’ll take care of the rest.


  • One must sign up or use the app to use its services.
  • Free of cost.

Our Thoughts

The entire apps listed for free reverse phone lookup are working correctly. When you find the name and location of the unknown caller, it becomes more comfortable for you to deal with the suspicious call.

Before picking up an anonymous call, installs any of the apps to provide you with sufficient information, and efficiently you can block the phone number.

The services offered by the above app allow you to gather adequate data against them. It’s a time no need to worry about the people who keep calling you from unknown numbers.

Still, you have more suggestions for free reverse phone lookup; let us know your reviews in the comment box.

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