How to Legit Check Jordan 4 Sneakers? Test Your Jordan 4

Nike Air Jordan 4s are an excellent choice for sneaker enthusiasts looking to expand their collection.

However, it’s important to be cautious as there are numerous factories out there selling counterfeit versions just to make a quick profit.

Among the highly sought-after models from the Jordan brand, the Nike Air Jordan 4 is, unfortunately, one of the most commonly replicated Nike sneakers.

It can be quite challenging to legit check Jordan 4 Sneakers, but don’t worry; we’re here to help you determine if your Jordan 4s are genuine.

Techspunk will guide you through examining the label, logos, stitching, and soles to ensure authenticity.

All About Jordan 4

legit check jordan 4The Air Jordan 4, a basketball sneaker from Nike’s Air Jordan series, holds a special place in the hearts of sneaker enthusiasts.

Created by the legendary Tinker Hatfield and introduced in 1989, this shoe revolutionized the game with its groundbreaking features.

One of its standout qualities is the over-molded mesh, which not only enhances durability but also reduces weight.

Additionally, the distinct “wings” on the sides provide excellent ankle support. Another notable feature is the visible air-sole unit in the heel, combining both performance and style.

Beyond the basketball court, the Air Jordan 4 has become a cultural phenomenon, thanks in part to Michael Jordan sporting them during his incredible 1988-1989 NBA season.

Initially released in iconic colorways like the “Breds” (Black/Red), “White Cement,” and “Military Blue,” this sneaker has remained popular over the years with various re-releases and color variations.

The Air Jordan 4’s blend of innovative design, cultural impact, and connection to Michael Jordan’s legacy has solidified its status as a cultural icon and a significant piece in the history of athletic footwear.

Design and Features
  • Over-molded mesh for durability and lightweight
  • Wings on sides for ankle support
  • Visible Air-Sole unit
Notable Colorways
  • Breds (Black/Red)
  • White Cement
  • Military Blue
Release Information
  • First released in 1989
  • Designed by Tinker Hatfield
Cultural Significance
  • Worn by Michael Jordan during the 1988-1989 NBA season
  • Iconic status in sneaker and basketball culture
Material Quality
  • High-quality leather
  • Durable mesh and rubber materials
  • Checking for stitching quality, label accuracy, material feel, and logo authenticity
Market and Resale Value
  • Often retains or increases in value
  • Popular in sneaker resale markets
Collaborations and Editions
  • Various limited editions and collaborations over the years
Counterfeit Awareness
  • Prevalence of fakes in the market
  • Importance of purchasing from reputable sources

How to Legit Check Jordan 4? Jordan Fake or Legit

Legit check Jordan 4 Sneakers are fake or authentic involves examining various aspects of the shoe, including labels, insole prints, and the construction of specific parts.

Here’s a breakdown of what to look for in each area:

  • Size Label: Check inside the shoe for the size label. Authentic Jordan 4s will have a clear, well-printed label with accurate font and spacing. The label should include the size, manufacturing date, and a QR code. Fakes often have blurry print or incorrect information.
  • Box Label: The label on the box should match the details on the size label inside the shoe. It should be clearly printed and include specific details like style code, size, and color description.
  • Tongue Label: The label on the back of the tongue should be well-stitched and clear. It should match the design and quality of authentic Jordan labels.
  • Insole Print: The print on the insole should be crisp and not easily removable. Fakes might have a smudged logo or a print that fades quickly.
  • Back Insoles: Look at the back of the insole. Authentic Jordans often have a pattern or a set of numbers printed on the back.
  • Rear: Examine the rear of the shoe, especially the shape and quality of the material around the ankle and heel. The iconic Jumpman logo or “Nike Air” should be precisely crafted.
  • Footbed: Check the footbed beneath the insole. If visible, Authentic Jordans will have a clean footbed with evenly spaced stitches.
  • Side Panel: Inspect the side panels, including the mesh and the overall construction. The mesh should be of high quality, and the panels should be evenly aligned.
  • Sole: Look at the sole for its pattern, the quality of the rubber, and the visibility of the air bubble. The sole pattern should match that of genuine Jordans, and the air bubble should be clear and well-formed.
  • Check the Stitching: Authentic Jordans have neat, even, and high-quality stitching. Look for any sloppy or inconsistent stitching, which is a common trait in counterfeits.
  • Evaluate the Jumpman Logo: The Jumpman logo should be well-defined with correct proportions and placement. On fakes, this logo can be distorted or inaccurately positioned.

For a more visual guide, let’s create an image that showcases these points with examples, highlighting what to look for in each section to help to legit check Jordan 4 Sneakers are fake or legitimate.

The image provided visually explains how to legit check Jordan 4 Sneakers. It includes comparison points such as the size label, box label, tongue label, insole print, back insoles, the rear of the shoe, footbed, side panel, and sole.

This detailed guide is crafted to assist in the legit check Jordan 4 sneakers, with each area clearly depicted with annotations or markers.

It highlights what to look for in terms of print clarity, stitching, logo accuracy, material quality, and construction to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit Jordan 4s effectively.

How to Avoid Fake Jordan 4s?

legit check jordan 4To avoid fake Air Jordan 4s, it’s important to be cautious, knowledgeable, and thorough in your inspection.

Here are some helpful tips to steer clear of counterfeit sneakers:

  • Buy from Trusted Retailers: Only buy from official Nike stores, authorized retailers, or reputable sneaker shops to guarantee authenticity. Steer clear of unverified sellers.
  • Know the Market Price: Know the going rate for Jordan 4s. Deals significantly below market value are red flags, as genuine Jordans don’t usually sell for less.
  • Look for Authenticity Features: Inspect the shoes for official labels, quality stitching, materials, and craftsmanship. Compare with genuine pairs for any differences.
  • Be Cautious with Rare Colorways: Be extra vigilant with rare or limited editions, ensuring they’re officially released by Nike and match verified images.
  • Request Detailed Photos: Request clear, detailed photos from online sellers, including tags and the box, and compare them to authentic pairs.
  • Read Reviews and Feedback: Read buyer feedback on online platforms, focusing on authenticity and product quality comments.

By following these tips, you’ll be better equipped to avoid fake Air Jordan 4s and make a confident purchase.

Wrapping Up

In short, if your Air Jordan 4s are genuine, they represent a flawless combination of iconic style, impeccable artistry, and a remarkable heritage that goes beyond the boundaries of basketball and fashion.

Legitimate Jordan 4s not only symbolize a part of sports history but also serve as evidence of the lasting influence of excellence and fashion in the sneaker community.

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