Is Cluedupp Games Legit? A Comprehensive Review

Cluedupp Games has become quite popular in the past few years for its exciting and immersive outdoor games with a detective theme.

However, given the increase in online scams and fraudulent activities, it’s only natural to wonder if any company offering fun experiences can be trusted.

In this article, we’ll delve into “Is Cluedupp Games legit or not?” by looking at different aspects of their operations and reviewing what customers have to say.

What is Cluedupp Games?

is cluedupp games legitCluedUpp Games, a game company based in the United Kingdom, has transformed the manner in which individuals participate in outdoor activities and social events by employing cutting-edge technology and captivating storytelling.

With the aim of transforming entire cities into interactive game boards, CluedUpp employs a smartphone application to guide players on captivating detective-themed escapades throughout urban landscapes.

This innovative approach enables participants to unravel mysteries by tracking down clues, conducting virtual interviews with witnesses, and collecting digital evidence scattered across their city.

CluedUpp distinguishes itself through its unique combination of physical exploration and digital gameplay, fostering collaboration among players as they unravel mysteries and discover their local surroundings from a fresh perspective.

These immersive games cater to a diverse range of participants, including families, friends, and corporate teams, making them a sought-after option for team-building activities, birthday gatherings, and relaxed outings.

Is Cluedupp Games legit? Absolutely, with its distinctive approach to combining real-world exploration with engaging digital elements.

How to Cluedupp Games Play?

CluedUpp Games works by combining a mobile app with real-world exploration to create immersive, city-wide detective adventures.

Here’s a brief overview of the process:

  • Event Selection and Ticket Purchase: Players have the option to choose from various events taking place in their city and conveniently purchase tickets online to secure their participation.
  • Download and Setup: Participants are required to download the CluedUpp app, where they will proceed to register their team and make necessary preparations for the upcoming game.
  • Game Day: On the day of the event, teams gather at a designated location where they will be provided with their initial set of clues and challenges through the app, marking the commencement of the game.
  • Solve the Mystery: Teams navigate through the city, utilizing the provided clues, solving puzzles, and accomplishing tasks in order to gradually unravel the captivating story and ultimately solve the mystery at hand.
  • Complete Challenges: The game incorporates both virtual interactions with characters and physical visits to real-world locations, enabling teams to gather crucial evidence and uncover additional clues.
  • Finish and Compare: Upon successfully solving the mystery, teams have the opportunity to assess their completion time and compare their performance with that of other participating teams, adding an element of competition to the overall experience.

Is CluedUpp Games Worth It?

Whether CluedUpp Games is worth it or is Cluedupp games legit depends on what you’re looking for in an entertainment experience.

Here are some factors to consider that might help you decide:


  • Novel Outdoor Experience: CluedUpp offers a novel way to explore cities through a mystery game that combines sightseeing with the thrill of solving puzzles.
  • Promotes Teamwork: It’s a great team-building exercise that fosters collaboration and communication among participants, whether with friends, family, or coworkers.
  • Inclusivity: The games are designed for a broad audience, accommodating various ages and fitness levels.
  • Educational Significance: Players gain interesting historical insights into the city, adding an educational twist to the fun.
  • Safety Precautions: As an outdoor, app-guided activity, it follows social distancing guidelines, providing a safer option than indoor gatherings.


  • Weather Dependency: Outdoor gameplay means weather can greatly affect the experience.
  • Diverse City Experiences: Enjoyment varies by city layout, attractions, and game integration.
  • Cost Considerations: Costs are reasonable but depend on team size and personal value for interactive games.
  • Technological Reliance: Requires a smartphone with a good battery and data, which may limit some players.

The Practical Implications: How This Translates in the Real World

The practical application of CluedUpp Games successfully brings the concept of app-led, city-wide detective games from theory to reality through a combination of engaging storytelling, advanced technology, and interactive urban exploration.

Here’s a brief overview of how it’s done:

  • Narrative Crafting: Each game is centered around a compelling story, often involving a mystery that encourages exploration and problem-solving.
  • Technological Integration: The CluedUpp app uses GPS to guide players to real-world locations, where they solve puzzles and interact with virtual characters, integrating the digital game experience with physical movement.
  • Urban Exploration: Games are designed to lead players through cities, highlighting historical sites and cultural landmarks and encouraging discovery and learning.
  • Event Coordination: Organizing the event includes setting up the starting point, managing registrations, and ensuring the game runs smoothly, often requiring coordination with local authorities.
  • Community Engagement: Feedback and engagement with players help refine and improve future games, fostering a community of enthusiasts.

Is Cluedupp Games Legit?

The answer to the question, “Is CluedUpp Games legit?” is “Yes.” CluedUpp Games is definitely a legit company that specializes in outdoor detective and mystery adventure games.

They’ve become quite popular for their awesome app-led experiences that let you dive into interactive stories and puzzles while exploring your own city.

With events organized in cities worldwide, they’ve managed to captivate thousands of participants with their unique real-world gaming experiences, confirming that “Is CluedUpp Games legit?” is a question with a positive answer.

CluedUpp’s credibility is backed by multiple factors:

  • Wide Participation: CluedUpp hosts worldwide events, drawing numerous players who post positive experiences and reviews online.
  • Media Recognition: Featured in various media and news outlets, CluedUpp’s popularity and presence are well-documented.
  • Customer Feedback: Participants often leave satisfied reviews, praising the fun, interactive games, and the company’s professionalism.
  • Official Website and Social Media Presence: With a professional website for event information and ticket purchases and active social media for community engagement, CluedUpp stands out in digital spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is CluedUpp Games?

Ans. CluedUpp Games is a company that offers outdoor, app-led detective games, turning city streets into interactive gaming environments.

Q. How Do CluedUpp Games Work?

Ans. Participants use an app to navigate through the city, solving puzzles and uncovering clues to solve a mystery, all while exploring real-world locations.

Q. Are CluedUpp Games Available Worldwide?

Ans. Yes, CluedUpp hosts events in numerous cities across the globe, allowing players from different regions to participate.

Q. Is There a Cost to Participate in CluedUpp Games?

Ans. Yes, players must purchase tickets to participate in an event. The cost varies by location and event type.

Q. Can I Trust CluedUpp Games With My Personal Information?

Ans. CluedUpp Games operates with standard privacy practices to protect users’ information, as outlined on their website and in their privacy policy.

Wrapping Up

CluedUpp Games is a legit company that offers engaging outdoor detective games, blending physical activity with digital storytelling in cities globally.

With positive feedback and media features, CluedUpp offers a credible and enjoyable way to explore your city, perfect for team building, family outings, or a fun day out.

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