How to Mod a Switch: Everything You Need to Know

The Nintendo Switch, with its versatile gaming capabilities, has captured the hearts of many. But for those looking to push the boundaries of their console, the question arises: How can you elevate this already impressive device? Enter the world of modding.

In this guide, we’ll delve deep into how to mod a switch, offering invaluable tips and tricks to transform your standard gaming experience into something truly extraordinary.

Suppose you’re an experienced gamer or just starting to explore; delving into modding offers new opportunities for your Nintendo Switch online.

Let’s dive in!

Why Mod Your Nintendo Switch?

how to mod a switchWhen you first lay your hands on a Nintendo Switch, the thrill of its versatility and game library is undeniable.

But as with any piece of technology, there’s always that lingering thought: “Can I make this even better?” This is where the concept of modding comes into play. But why would anyone want to learn how to mod a switch?

  1. Unlock a World of Possibilities: Modding isn’t just about tweaking; it’s about expanding. By learning how to mod a switch, you can access many games and software unavailable on the standard console. Imagine playing classic games from yesteryears or using applications that Nintendo hasn’t officially approved.
  2. Customization: Everyone loves to add a personal touch to their belongings. When you understand how to mod a switch, you can change its themes, icons, and user interface. Your Switch becomes a reflection of your personality and gaming style.
  3. Enhanced Gaming Experience: Some mods are designed to enhance the gaming experience. Whether it’s graphical improvements, gameplay tweaks, or adding new content to your favorite titles, knowing how to mod a switch can elevate your gaming sessions to a new level.
  4. Breathe New Life into Old Games: Ever felt a game could have been more challenging? Or you wished for a different storyline. Modding allows gamers to modify game elements, offering a fresh perspective on familiar titles.
  5. Community Engagement: The modding community is vast and active. By diving into the world of “how to mod a switch,” you’re joining a group of passionate gamers who share insights, mods, and support. It’s not just about the mods; it’s about being part of a thriving community.

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How to Check if Your Switch is Moddable?

But before you learn how to mod a Switch, there’s a crucial first step: determining if your Nintendo Switch is even moddable.

Here’s a straightforward guide to help you figure that out.

  1. Serial Number Lookup: The quickest way to determine your Switch’s moddability is by checking its serial number. On the bottom of your Switch, you’ll find a series of numbers. Jot them down.
  2. Online Tools to the Rescue: Several online databases can tell you if your serial number falls into the “moddable” category. Enter your serial number, and the site will indicate whether you’re good to go.
  3. Why Does the Serial Number Matter?: Nintendo, aware of the modding community’s efforts, has released several hardware revisions of the Switch. Some of these newer models have patched the vulnerabilities that make modding possible. By examining the serial number, you can identify the specific hardware version you possess.
  4. Proceed With Caution: Even if you discover your Switch is moddable, remember that modding can void warranties and carry certain risks. Always follow reliable guides, especially when learning how to mod a switch, to avoid potential pitfalls.
  5. Stay Updated: The modding community is dynamic, with new developments and methods emerging regularly. Even if your Switch isn’t currently moddable, that could change. Stay engaged with modding forums and communities to keep abreast of the latest techniques to mod a switch.

How to Mod a Switch Step-by-Step?

how to mod a switchLet’s break down how to mod a switch step by step.

1. Research and Preparation 

Before you even touch your Switch, you must do your homework. Familiarize yourself with the modding community, read up on the latest methods, and gather the necessary tools and files. Remember, knowledge is power, significantly when modulating a switch.

2. Backup Your Data

Safety first! Before making changes, back up all your game saves and essential data. This step will protect your precious gaming milestones from any unforeseen issues.

3. Choose Your Modding Method

  • Software Mods: These involve exploiting vulnerabilities in the Switch’s software. Tools like TegraRcmSmash can send payloads to your Switch, allowing custom firmware installations.
  • Hardware Mods: Devices like the SX Pro or RCM Loader can boot your Switch into custom firmware without software exploits. However, they might require physical modifications, such as soldering.

4. Install Custom Firmware (CFW):

Once you’ve chosen your modding method, the next step in modulating a switch is installing a custom firmware like Atmosphere or Kosmos. This firmware acts as a gateway to all the modding possibilities.

5. Access Homebrew Menu

With the CFW installed, you can now access the homebrew menu, which allows you to install various applications, emulators, and game mods.

6. Explore and Install Mods

Now comes the fun part! Dive into the world of mods. Whether you’re looking to enhance game graphics, add new game content, or play classic games from other consoles, the possibilities are endless.

7. Stay Updated

The modding scene is ever-evolving. Regularly update your custom firmware and mods to ensure compatibility and access to new features.

8. Play Responsibly

While it’s thrilling to discover how to mod a switch, always respect game developers and avoid pirated games. Use your modding powers ethically.

Types of Nintendo Switch Mods

Each mod type offers unique enhancements, allowing gamers to customize their Nintendo Switch to their liking.

Let’s delve into the various types of Nintendo Switch mods.

1. Hardware Mods

how to mod a switch

  • SX Pro and RCM Loader: These physical devices allow your Nintendo Switch to boot into custom firmware without software exploits. They offer a more straightforward approach to modding but might require some hands-on adjustments to your console.
  • Joy-Con and Controller Mods: From changing the joystick to adding a unique skin, these mods are about personalizing your controllers. For the nostalgic, there are even kits to convert classic game controllers for Switch compatibility.

2. Software Mods

how to mod a switch

  • Custom Firmware (CFW): Think of this as a modified operating system for your Switch. Atmosphere and Kosmos are popular choices, acting as gateways to a broader modding world. Once you’ve grasped how to mod a switch with custom firmware, many software modifications become accessible.
  • TegraRcmSmash and USB Payloads: These tools allow users to exploit the Switch’s software vulnerabilities, enabling the booting of custom firmware without specialized hardware.

3. Game-Specific Mods

how to mod a switch

  • Enhancements and Add-ons: Ever wished for a different storyline in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”? Or perhaps new characters in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”? Game-specific mods can make these dreams a reality, adding new content or tweaking existing gameplay.
  • Graphics and Texture Packs: For those who prioritize aesthetics, graphic mods can enhance game visuals, making them sharper, more vibrant, or even entirely different in style.

4. Utility Mods

how to mod a switch

  • Homebrew Applications: Beyond gaming, learn how to mod a switch to include valuable apps. Whether it’s a file manager, a media player, or even software to back up your game saves, the homebrew community has much to offer.
  • Custom Themes and Interfaces: Give your Switch a personal touch. From icons to system sounds, these mods let you change the look and feel of your console’s user interface.

Maintaining and Updating Your Modded Switch

After mastering how to mod a switch, ongoing care is crucial. Here’s a concise guide:

  1. Backups: Regularly back up game saves and the entire system. This safeguards your progress and settings.
  2. Stay Connected: Join modding communities to stay updated. Trust only reputable sources for information and updates.
  3. Update Custom Firmware: Check for updates to your custom firmware, like Atmosphere. Read release notes before installing.
  4. Manage Homebrew Apps: Ensure your homebrew apps are up-to-date and compatible with system software updates.
  5. Monitor Game Mods: Update game mods when the base game gets patched and test updates in stages to avoid conflicts.
  6. Be Cautious With System Updates: Only install updates you trust. When in doubt, wait for community feedback.


In mastering how to mod a switch, gamers unlock a realm of enhanced experiences and customization. However, it’s essential to approach modding with knowledge and caution.

By following the right tips and tricks, one can transform their Nintendo Switch, ensuring a tailored and thrilling gaming journey.

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