How to Log Out of Genshin Impact Account on PS4? Easy Steps

Genshin Impact is undeniably a gorgeous and versatile MMORPG game available on every PC, android, and iOS device, and gaming console.

While the functionality and performance of Genshin Impact are simpler on PC and mobile devices, it’s pretty complicated on the PS4 gaming console.

Several PS4 users have encountered problems while logging out of Genshin Impact on PS4 and PS5 since most users asked how to log out of Genshin Impact account on PS4.

Your PlayStation account is linked with the Genshin Impact game, causing this error. So, there is no direct option to log out of Genshin Impact or unlink your PS4 account from the game.

So, today, I will address this widely faced problem and make you know how to log out of Genshin Impact account on PS4 with some easy tricks.

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Let’s dive headfirst into it!!

How to Log Out of Genshin Impact Account on PS4?

how to log out of genshin impact account on ps4

As I mentioned earlier, you cannot log out or sign out of your Genshin Impact account on PS4 and PS5 consoles because your PlayStation account is linked with your Genshin Impact account.

So, there’s only one simple way to do this: logging out of your PlayStation account on the PS4 console itself.

Let’s know how to log out of Genshin Impact account on PS4.

Step 1. Turn your PS4 console on and visit the Settings option.

Step 2. Then go to the Account Management category and hit the Sign Out option.

If you are eager to know why there is no way to log out of Genshin Impact without signing out of your PlayStation account on PS4, then it is pretty tricky to understand.

Most users think the reason behind this is that the developers of Genshin Impact want to hook the players and make them play this game only on PlayStation.

This is due to significant developments with all new gaming gadgets. It also restricts the players from sharing the game data between several devices.

How to Unlink Your PS4 Account From Genshin Impact?

You must understand that unlinking your PSN or PlayStation account will erase all the Genshin Impact game progress data on the PSN and your purchase data.

Before beginning to learn how to log out of Genshin Impact account on PS4.

This process can be a bit challenging, so you need to follow the steps correctly:

Step 1. First, you need to send an email to “” where you should write “PSN Account Unlink Request” as the email’s subject.

Inside the email, write about the content on unlinking the PSN account from Genshin Impact.

You can write something as simple as “I want to unlink my Genshin Impact account from my PSN account,” and it will work flawlessly.

Step 2. You will receive an answer via an automated email within a few minutes. Please also check your spam folder, as the reply may be from another email address.

In this email, PSN will tell you the terms and consequences of unlinking your account before providing a link to the process.

You will find a clickable section named “PSN Account Unlink.” When you click on it, it will redirect you to a questionnaire window.

Step 3. Now, once you see the questionnaire window, you will notice various types of questions present along with the sections for you to provide answers.

You must learn how to log out of Genshin Impact account on PS4. Remember to provide only valid information in all the fields, especially those marked with red asterisks.

You must be extra cautious while filling up the questionnaire because any false information will render the unlinking process a complete failure.

Consider the following points to obtain a sense of the sorts of questions you must answer on the form:

  • Your current PSN Online ID.
  • Provide the correct email address that’s linked if you have already linked your PSN to your HoYoverse account.
  • The location/region in which you have created your Genshin Impact Account.
  • The date of creating the Genshin Impact account.
  • UID on your PS4(available on the bottom right of the game screen.
  • The Region of.
  • Adventure rank.
  • The Receipt of the Purchase Receipt or the Top-up number.
  • Screenshots of the purchase made.
  • Game Account Data.
  • Definite reasons behind your PSN Unlink request.
  • Confirmation of the Unlink request

Step 4. When you complete answering all the questions on the form, hit the Submit button to unlink the Genshin Impact from your PS4 account successfully.

But for this to happen, you must provide only the correct information on the form. So this is your guide on how to log out of Genshin Impact account on PS4.

What You Need to Keep in Mind Before Unlinking Your PSN Account?

Before you go on with how to log out of Genshin Impact account on PS4, you need to consider a few aspects.

To begin with, you should only unlink Genshin Impact from your PS account if you never plan to play the game again.

You must remember that unlinking will erase all progress and data, including all purchases in your account.

Also, there needs to be a refund system. Therefore, if you want to start over or don’t want to play the game anymore, you should unlink the game from your account.

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Furthermore, if you bought any rare items, collectibles, or gift cards on PS4, they will permanently remove them.

And last but not least, such games like Genshin Impact follow a strict account integration process. However, unlinking an account will let you link the same account later whenever you want.

However, you should start the game from the beginning, as there will not be any game progresses once you unlink your account.

Steps to Sign Out of PS4

If you only have Genshin Impact on a specific account on PS4, simply logging out of that account will be enough to know how to log out of Genshin Impact account on PS4.

Because it’s free, you can access the game through another account on your console and resume it without hassle. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1. First, open the Settings menu and go to the Account Management section.

Step 2. Now, hit the Logout button to log out of your account automatically.

If you need to play through the same account again, you must log in with the correct credentials via the same Manage Account option to continue.

Also, logging out will cause more problems if you have other games you play regularly via this account.

How Can You Change Your Genshin Impact PS4 Account?

To change your Genshin Impact PS4 account, ensure you are not logged in to the account you wish to switch to on your PS4.

Once you have checked, visit Settings and go to the User section. Then, Add the User and follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

Can Two Genshin Impact Accounts Be Merged Into One?

After following the steps for how to log out of Genshin Impact account on PS4.

If you want to know whether two Genshin Impact accounts can be merged into one or not, then the answer will be a yes. Simply merge two Genshin Impact accounts.

All you want to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. To begin with, launch the Genshin Impact app and visit the main menu. Then select Settings.

Step 2. After that, tap on Accounts.

Step 3. Then click on the option named Merge Accounts, and after that, follow the instructions on the screen to combine two accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Make My Genshin Impact Work Again?

Ans. Yes, if you delete the app and reinstall it, you can begin your game immediately.

Q. Can I Move My Account for Genshin Impact From PS4?

Ans. Yes, you can move your Genshin Impact account from PS4. But you have to create a new PS4 account to do so.

Q. How Do I Switch to a Different PS4 Account?

Ans.  If you want to use a different account on PS4, you will need to sign out of the current account you are using and then sign in with the new account you have created.

Q. How Do I Switch Accounts on Genshin Impact PS4?

Ans. As of now yet, the Switch Account feature is not currently available on the Genshin Impact game for PlayStation gaming consoles.

Final Take

So, this was my take on how to log out of Genshin Impact account on PS4; as you can see that there is no direct LogOut option in Genshin Impact on PS4.

So, if you want to know how to log out of Genshin Impact account on PS4, you need to follow everything mentioned in this article.

Although the process is quite challenging, I hope you understand how to do it yourself correctly.

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