What Is A Discord Kitten? Discord Kitten Meaning

The slang term Discord Kitten has recently become pretty famous on Discord. I will explain the meaning of Discord Kitten meaning and its origin in this article.

Discord is a popular online communication software that allows groups of various sizes to communicate, collaborate, and engage.

A “Discord Kitten” is a term used to refer to a new or inexperienced user of the Discord platform, typically someone who is just starting or is unfamiliar with the various features and tools available on the platform.

The term “kitten” is used playful and lightheartedly and is not meant to be derogatory or insulting.

So let’s spill the beans and learn the Discord Kitten meaning.

Discord Kitten Meaning: What is a Discord Kitten?

The word “Discord Kitten” is slang for a female Discord user who likes to dress up as kittens, like cosplay.

The term was popularized initially with phrases like “Will you be my Discord Kitten, muffin? that came to light on several social sites.

discord kitten meaningIn simpler terms, a Discord Kitten is a Discord slang term to address a “sugar baby,” someone who is spoiled for many goods, services, or other perks (like Discord Nitro) in exchange for dating or companionship.

Discord Kittens can be both male and female, and the word is used humorously and seriously.

There are numerous chat rooms and dating servers or various users of Discord on PS4 where several people like to engage with others romantically in exchange for materialistic goods.

So, these people, who want to be cared for by others materially, are known as Discord Kittens.

The Discord Kitten meaning can also suggest that the Discord Kittens are usually younger than their ‘sugar dads,’ the people who provide for the Discord Kittens in exchange for companionship.

It doesn’t have to be that way, as some older Discord Kittens have younger mates.

Where Did Discord Kitten Term Originate?

discord kitten meaning

The first appearance of the term Discord Kitten was in a tweet by the SlaytypeDA account back in 2016.

However, the famous Youtuber Quackity coined the term in their current widely used Discord Kitten meaning in 2021.

Quackity pretended to be in a fake relationship with another YouTuber like Dream and joked about the materials he would give them as his “Discord Kittens.”

How Did the Term Discord Kitten Get Popular?

What’s clear from the use of the term Quackity is that the behavior of the kittens on Discord was happening at the time, even if you hadn’t called them kittens yet.

Since 2021, the expression has been used more and more often, but it has never been as popular as it is now, with Discord kittens peaking in 2023.

Since Quackity started using the term, its popularity has skyrocketed, and you can now see it used on Twitch, Discord, Reddit, Youtube, and everywhere.

Other content creators have even used slang to create montages. Take the example of YouTuber Jamisho, who made an entire video mocking the Discord Kitten/Discord Daddy relationship and other Discord interactions.

What Does a Discord Kitten Do?

A Discord kitten’s goal on Discord is to find her Discord daddy and please him in exchange for attention or gifts to follow.

The most frequently mentioned exchange on the internet is Discord Nitro. However, it’s usual for professional cats to make a living by befriending incredibly wealthy people online.

Simply role-playing as an UwU girl and presenting a cute, submissive behavior to Discord Daddy is usually a common activity for a Discord Kitten.

However, mainly all these relationships majorly occur online and remain there so.

These relationships on Discord and other sites may cross the threshold of sharing real-life information, but that only happens once in a blue moon.

Who is a Discord Daddy or a Kitten Daddy?

A Kitten Daddy, also known as a Discord Daddy, is the person who gets into a relationship with a Discord Kitten and provides materially for her.

Discord Daddy can gift Discord Kittens items like Discord Nitro, money, or anything they desire. These Discord Dads are old and rich, but not always.

Is the Term ‘Discord Kitten’ a Slur?

There’s no definite answer, as the Discord Kitten meaning differs based on how one uses it. It could be seen as an insult depending on the context.

Calling someone a Discord Kitten can be interpreted the same way as calling someone a “simp,” so it is used as a slur in this context. However, calling a person a Discord Kitten is no less than a playful troll.

Are Discord Kittens Allowed on Discord?

Yes, Discord Kittens are accepted on Discord. There are no Discord rules banning Discord Kittens or Discord Daddies.

Discord has rules about sexual content, but as long as Discord Kittens and Daddies don’t break these rules, it’s okay.

The Discord Kittens and Discord Daddies get in trouble when they start having sex or chatting with other users without their consent.

Discord has also prohibited the sexualization of children or the creation of adult content for users under 18.

In a nutshell, both Discord Kittens and Discord Daddies are allowed on Discord as long as they don’t violate any rules and Discord guidelines.

Final Take

I hope that the Discord Kitten meaning is now clear as a crystal to you. So, from now on, you can catch the context of the term’s usage whenever you come across one in seconds.

While the term may sound playful and cute, it is important to remember that these users may need assistance and guidance to fully understand and utilize Discord’s various features and tools.

Also, if you have any updated suggestions or any further meaning for this Discord kitten, you can share it with us in the comment section.

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