10 Best ABC Watches You Can Buy For Sporty Look in 2022

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or an adventure junkie, ABC Watches might be the best addition to your gear collection. These watches offer the essential information for backcountry adventures, making them an ideal companion for hikers and mountaineers.

Watches like FitBit for men and ABC watches options are built to handle the extremes. However, choosing the rightmost product that goes with your needs might be intimidating.

There are plenty of options available in the market that turns a simple choice into a backbreaking task. But don’t you freak out, as we have got you covered.

Here’s the list of the best ABC watches to go for.

What is The ABC Watch?

best abc watches

ABC watches are slightly different from ordinary watches and are considered the best Apple Watch Alternative.

In addition to display time, these use three sensors to calculate your current direction, elevation, and ambient pressure.

The altimeter, barometer, and compass are the sensors in question. ABC watches are timepieces that have these three sensors.

  • Altimeter
    Provides elevation data for the proper climb and decent tracking.
  • Barometer
    Used to forecast weather changes by displaying short-term air pressure trends.
  • Compass
    Your heading gets determined by an electronic compass (direction of travel). When stationary or travelling at modest speeds, the compass can be used.

What Do You Need to Look for in ABC Watches?

Before jumping into the list of the best ABC Watches, it’s good to know about certain important factors that can differentiate between the two options.

Keep these deciding elements in mind and make a purchase accordingly.

1. Price

While pricing isn’t always the ideal approach to choosing between two watches, it plays an integral role when buying.

If the item is pricey, you won’t be able to buy it, and if it is too cheap, you’ll be concerned about its quality.

2. Quality

Quality is a critical component for the Best ABC Watches in assessing whether or not a watch is worthwhile.

Some people may choose for the lowest choice, but this may wind up costing them more in the long run because low-quality products fail more frequently, requiring you to buy another one, and another one, and so on when you could have just purchased a high-quality product in the first place.

3. Experience/Reliability

If a watch does not provide a pleasant everyday experience, you will not wear it, and it will eventually collect dust in your drawer.

As a result, the overall experience of a watch was a critical component in selecting whether or not it made our final cut.

10 Best ABC Watches to Buy for Sporty Look in 2022

Since now you are well-aware of the ABC Watches and how to buy them, it’s time to unveil the list of the best options to go for.

We have compiled the list of the 10 best ABC watches that you can add to your collection without costing a dime.

1. SUUNTO Core

SUUNTO Core Watch Features
  • Suunto Core: This classic outdoor sports watch is...
  • Essential for Adventure: This watch has dual...
  • Suunto Sports Watches: Versatile and durable,...
  • Adventure Starts Here: Combining Scandinavian...
  • Authentic Heritage: Founded in 1936, Suunto brings...


  • Dual time feature
  • Resistant to Water
  • It aids in the prediction of changing weather conditions.


  • It doesn’t have a satellite connection.
  • The compass does not maintain its accuracy.

This traditional outdoor sports watch has smart functions like a Storm Alarm, Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass to keep you aware of circumstances, whether hiking, biking, or camping.

This watch has dual time, a date display, an alarm, as well as anticipated sunrise and sunset timings to help you get the most out of your daylight hours, and a depth meter that is accurate to 30 feet.

The Scandinavian design and ultra-durable material make SUUNTO Core outdoor sports watch an ideal choice for all adventure enthusiasts.

2. Casio Men’s Pro Trek

Casio Men's Pro Trek Watch Features
  • Tough Solar Power,100M Water Resistant,Low...
  • Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds per month ,Full Auto...
  • Full Auto LED (Super Illuminator) Backlight with...
  • Barometer Display range: 260 to 1,100 hPa (7.65 to...
  • Digital Compass Measures and displays direction as...


  • Full Auto LED Backlight with Afterglow
  • Pro Trek Tough Solar Power


  • Big and bulky

The digital display of Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRG-270-1 will get illuminated by a full auto LED backlight for easy viewing in low light or at night, making it the best ABC watch.

When the Auto Illumination Feature gets turned on, turning your wrist to look at the display will automatically activate the backlight.

Casio Pro Trek has Triple Sensor Version 3, an innovative CASIO unique technology that allows sensors 95% smaller than prior models to be packed into a completely new type of tiny PRO TREK.

The Watch’s Battery gets Recharged by an Integrated Solar Panel That Uses Sunlight and UV Light.

3. Casio Men’s PRO TREK Stainless Steel

Casio PRO TREK Stainless Steel Watch Features
  • Tough Solar power, Silicon band, Direction Bezel,...
  • Low-temperature resistant (-10 degree celsius),...
  • Quartz Movement
  • Case Diameter: 55mm
  • Water resistant 200m (660ft): in general,...


  • Version 3 triple sensor altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and compass.
  • Full Auto LED


  • The date and light do not operate as they should.

The PRO TREK PRG-600 series is appropriate for both outdoor and everyday use. Their high-contrast, basic dial format, and thin (13.4mm) designs are ideal for everyday and outdoor use.

Large Arabic numeral hour markers and prominent stainless steel bezels get featured on these models. The readability of an STN LCD is improved.

The model’s characteristics are triple Sensor Version 3 (compass, altitude/barometric pressure, temperature), one-touch measurement button, Tough Solar power, and more.

4. Garmin Instinct Watch

Garmin Instinct Watch Features
  • Rugged GPS watch built to withstand the toughest...
  • Constructed to U.S. Military standard 810G for...
  • Built in 3 axis compass and barometric altimeter,...
  • Monitor your estimated heart rate, activity and...
  • Stay connected with smart notifications (with a...


  • Long Battery Life
  • 3-Axis compass
  • Trackback feature


  • The ecosystem is not good.

If you are looking for the best ABC watch, add Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct to your collection right away.

The U.S. Military standard 810G for heat, shock, and water resistance is satisfied by this complex, dependable outdoor GPS watch (Rated to 100 meters).

The fibre-reinforced polymer shell adds strength and durability, and the chemically enhanced, scratch-resistant display is bright enough to see in strong sunshine.

The ventilated silicone bands include two separate, detachable keeper loops for a snug fit and protect you from getting stuck on items. So you can take it anywhere.

5. Garmin Descent Mk2i/Descent T1 Bundle

Garmin Descent T1 Bundle Watch Features
  • Advanced, watch-style dive computer with 1.4”...
  • Battery life: up to 32 hours in dive mode with T1...
  • Pair with the Descent T1 transmitter for...
  • Enhanced estimated wrist-based heart rate and...
  • Built-in support for multiple sports apps,...


  • Built-in support for multiple sports apps.
  • Advanced training features


  • None

When combined with the Descent T1 transmitter, the Garmin Descent Mk2i/Descent T1 Bundle watch offers SubWave sonar technology for integrated tank pressure monitoring on up to 5 tanks, making it perfect for instructors or group dives.

The Descent Mk2i is equipped with ABC sensors, an underwater 3-axis compass, and surface GPS capabilities to help you identify your entrance and departure spots.

Mountain bike measures and unique Grit and Flow assessments that rank trail difficulty and how smoothly you descend allow you to keep track of every aspect of every ride.

6. SUUNTO 7 GPS Sports

SUUNTO 7 GPS Sports Smart Watch Features
  • Suunto 7: This versatile smart watch combines...
  • Make Life Easier: Compatible with Android and iOS...
  • Get Connected: Connect to your favorite sports...
  • Adventure Starts Here: Combining Scandinavian...
  • Authentic Heritage: Founded in 1936, Suunto brings...


  • Smart Widgets
  • Track Sports Accurately
  • Intelligent Battery


  • The original watch faces are not very functional.

You can choose how your watch operates thanks to intelligent battery options. The battery of the Suunto 7 can last up to 40 days in battery saver mode, two days in smartwatch mode, and 12 hours in GPS mode, which makes it the best ABC watch.

Download your favourite Spotify music and podcasts to the Suunto 7, attach your headphone to the device, and listen without the need for an internet connection or data costs.

View meetings or to-do lists on your wrist with Wear OS by Google, instantly view incoming messages and calls, and even pay with Google Pay.

7. Casio Men’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor Watch

Casio Men's Pro Trek Watch Features
  • Solar-powered sport watch with stainless steel...
  • Features triple sensor, atomic timekeeping,...
  • Titanium band with...
  • Water resistant to 200 m (660 ft)
  • Altimeter Measuring range: -700 to 10,000 m


  • Water-Resistant
  • Triple Sensor
  • Full Auto LED Backlight with afterglow.


  • None

It is a new addition to the 100M water-resistant PAG-240 Series from Pro Trek, gear for the outdoor enthusiast.

A duplex LCD panel with a full auto EL backlight gets used to show Triple Sensor data such as direction, air pressure, temperature, and altitude. Directional indications are also etched on the bezel to aid with bearing measures.

Thanks to self-charging Tough Solar Power, this watch will stay charged for as long as you need it.

Limited edition collaborations get frequently created, so you’ll always be able to discover a G-SHOCK that fits your personality and taste.

8. Garmin Vivoactive 4S

Garmin Vivoactive 4S Watch Features
  • Keeps track of your energy levels, Pulse Ox (this...
  • Easily download songs to your watch, including...
  • Record all the ways to move with more than 20...
  • Fits wrists with a circumference of 110-175...
  • Battery life: Up to 7 days in smartwatch mode; Up...


  • Safety and tracking features
  • Excellent battery life
  • Lightweight


  • GPS takes time to connect.

To assist you in achieving your objectives. With the 40 mm Vivoactive 4S GPS wristwatch, you can tune in to your body and tone up.

It provides the most comprehensive set of all-day health monitoring capabilities, music storage, and animated exercises on the market.

Download your favourite Spotify or Deezer (may require a paid membership with a third-party music provider) playlists to your watch and amp up every activity.

While your watch and phone get synced, you may send your location to your contacts either manually or automatically during outside activities.

9. Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Men’s Watch


  • Safety and tracking features
  • Excellent battery life
  • Lightweight


  • GPS takes time to connect.

If you know what you want and what you’re getting, Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Men’s watch is fantastic.

The first step is to ensure that you order the item with the colour band of your choice.

This watch, the GWG-1000-1AJF, has a black band, whereas the GWG 1000-1A3JF has a military green belt.

It’s critical to recognize that this watch has a large case size (56mm) and a thick case depth (18mm). This model is analogue and digital at the same time.

10. Fossil Men’s Gen 5E

Fossil Men's Gen 5E Watch Features
  • Use the WearOS by Google app on your phone running...
  • Battery: 24 Hr + multi-day Extended Battery Mode...
  • This is one smart watch with always-on display and...
  • Automatically tracks activity goals, steps, sleep,...
  • Stay connected with notifications for calls,...


  • Track your sleep
  • Customizable Dials


  • Short Battery life

Wear OS-enabled smartwatches that are compatible with both iPhone and Android phones.

This 44mm Gen 5E touchscreen wristwatch has a black stainless steel strap, speaker capability, 4GB of storage, and three battery modes that increase battery life for several days.

Google LLC owns the trademarks for Wear OS and other related brands, and hence the functionalities that get supported by each platform may differ.

Do not use a USB hub, USB splitter, USB y-cable, battery pack, or any other type of peripheral device for charging. Only use the provided charger to avoid damaging your watch.

Our Thoughts

The primary goal of this post was to assist you in locating the best ABC watch for your requirements.

Long story short, an ABC watch is an outdoor watch featuring sensors such as an Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass, from where the acronym got derived.

Although certain firms gradually took over the market, several companies created numerous ABC watches and refined them through time.

Although all watches listed above are worth adding to your collection, we prioritize SUUNTO Core outdoor watches.

Their dual-time feature, traditional watch design, and budget-friendly price make them an ideal choice for all.

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