10 Top AutoCAD Alternatives Software For Free

AutoCAD is an Autodesk product. AutoCAD is one of the best in its design category for design, architecture, and engineering purposes.

It is the reason to post Free and Best AutoCAD Alternatives to help you. It is a professional CAD software for creating 2D and 3D designs and drafting.

It is a well-known, globally used commercial software that offers excellent utility. Still, not everyone can afford it as it is expensive, so subscribing to it might be everyone’s dream, but it is impossible for everyone to live it

But sometimes people ask what other AutoCAD software has the same capabilities as AutoCAD alternatives free?

Then TechSpunk.com is sharing the perfect post for those who need free AutoCAD alternatives this year.

Also, we must keep ourselves updated with AutoCAD alternatives as we never know when we might need them.

List of AutoCAD Alternatives Software Tools

autocad alternatives


1. BricsCAD Pro

autocad alternativesBricsCAD is renowned for its extensive 2D drafting and 3D modeling functionality.

Its interface will be familiar to those with AutoCAD experience, particularly the 2008 edition.

Additionally, the platform boasts a vast library of third-party applications that can augment user capabilities.

BricsCAD is fully compatible with templates, blocks, and sheets produced in AutoCAD, with native support for LISP routines and dynamic blocks.

The Blockify feature employs AI-based technology to discern user intent and streamline processes, according to BricsCAD.


  • LISP, DIESEL, PGP, and BRX programming interfaces are supported.
  • Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux on several platforms.


  • AutoCAD is not completely replaced.

2. CMS IntelliCAD

autocad alternativesCMS IntelliCAD is designed as a substitute for AutoCAD.

CMS IntelliCAD supports 2D and 3D modeling techniques, LISP compatibility, and full BIM support.

Native support for DWG files and digital signatures, alongside an intuitive layout featuring a ribbon-style menu, are also offered.

In addition, CMS IntelliCAD’s built-in photorealistic rendering capabilities are on par with those of AutoCAD, making it a valuable tool for architectural and interior design applications. Moreover, students and educators can obtain a free license.


  • MS IntelliCAD offers similar functionality to other CAD software but at a lower cost.
  • It supports a wide range of file formats, including DWG and DXF.
  • CMS IntelliCAD allows for customization of the interface.


  • CMS IntelliCAD may lack some of the advanced features.

3. DraftSight

autocad alternativesThis CAD software is straightforward and sophisticated for creating 2D design models. It serves both personal and business purposes.

It also comes in two different versions. While the film version is more comes to be paid for, the personal one students can use.

This is all for free and is the easiest to use.


  • Excellent compatibility with 2D drawing tools.
  • 2D drawings it is nearly identical to Autocad.


  • Only available for Windows operating systems.

4. FreeCAD

autocad alternativesAs the name suggests, it is free CAD software, i.e it comes for free and does all the work expected to be done by CAD software compared to AutoCAD Premium.

Mechanical engineers were the main inventors of it, but over time, people have modified it, and now several fields of architecture use it.

Initially designed to create 3D designs using FCStd software, it is now available in several formats, like DXF, DAE, STEL, STEP, SVG, etc.


  • It is completely free to use.
  • The interface is simple to learn and adjust to.


  • There are no drawing facilities.

5. NanoCAD

Thautocad alternativesis free CAD software rivals all the CAD software in the drafting department. It comes in two languages, namely, English and Russian, and the Windows system support it.

This CAD software has an interface similar to that of one in AutoCAD. It helps to open, create, edit, and share designs in DWG format.

You can use it for both personal and business purposes. The interface in this CAD software precisely resembles the one in AutoCAD.

The software facilitates the opening, creation, editing, and sharing of designs in DWG format, making it suitable for personal and business use.


  • Supports Native DWG support.
  • Easy convert DWG to PDF functionality.
  • Minimal UI and a dark theme.


  • In comparison to AutoCAD, it has fewer features.
  • It is not available for Mac or Linux.

6. OpenSCAD

autocad alternativesThe best part about this OpenSCAD app is that it’s completely free.

Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X systems support this 3D design-creating CAD software hence it is mostly used.

It is available in English, so it’s easy to use and even helps create animated designs. Files in 2D and 3D can be imported using unique formats as well.

Compared to other AutoCAD alternatives featured on this list, it operates through a distinct process. Rather than being an interactive 3D modeler, it functions more like a compiler.

You can modify attributes like colors, sizes, shapes, and positions through the code editor instead of manually drawing them out. Additionally, you can import libraries at no cost to construct your designs.

Furthermore, it supports the import of DXF, STL, and OFF files from AutoCAD and other alternatives showcased on this list.


  • OpenSCAD offers a lot of flexibility for creating complex 3D models.
  • It is a free and open-source.
  • Users can easily customize their models with the help of OpenSCAD.


  • OpenSCAD requires some knowledge of programming.
  • It does not have a visual editor.

7. ProgeCAD

autocad alternativesProgeCAD is a proficient CAD program that natively operates with DWG files and has a user interface recognizable to AutoCAD users.

It provides 3D modeling and full support for BIM objects and dynamic blocks.

Its advanced features include a PDF-to-DWG converter and many tools and plug-ins suitable for architectural applications.

Additionally, it has a built-in photorealistic render named “artisan,” which comes with a complete yet expandable library of materials and textures. ProgeCAD also has an Excel-style table editing feature, similar to NanoCAD.

Windows users have two main versions: ProgeCAD Professional and ProgeCAD Architecture.

Meanwhile, MacOS users can access a third version called ICADMAC, a general-purpose CAD software. All licenses for ProgeCAD are perpetual.


  •  ProgeCAD is relatively inexpensive.
  • It supports DWG Format.
  • It offers 3D modeling, PDF to DWG conversion.


  • It may experience performance issues

8. SketchUp

autocad alternativesIt is famous for providing users with the easiest ways to draw in 3D.

It is simple and it is straightforward to use and therefore prevents the users from the headache of learning complex methods to draw in 3D in AutoCAD.

This CAD software also comes in different versions for different users and initially comes with the advantage of the free trial version.

It helps to check and learn about this software before paying to subscribe. For professional users, SketchUp Pro AutoCAD is available, and for beginners, SketchUp Make is free.


  • It has user-friendly interface and intuitive tools.
  • It has variety of applications such as architectural modeling, interior design, product design, and more.
  • It integrates seamlessly with other design tools.


  • It is limited to its own file format.

9. SolidFace

autocad alternativesSolidFace is the most exceptional free AutoCAD alternative available.

It is a parametric historical constructive CAD modeling software supporting 2D and 3D projects.

SolidFace is an excellent option for creating mechanical parts, multiple engineering designs, graphic designs, and civil plants.

It has over 15 years of experience in UniCAD 2D/3D development, resulting in an application with powerful 3D visualization, detailing, and parameterization capabilities.

The software can seamlessly read other CAD programs through DWG, DXF, and standard BMP files.


  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It has a wide range of advanced design tools.
  • It supports multiple file formats, including DWG, STEP, IGES, and STL.


  • It may not have as many support resources or a large user community.

10. LiberCAD

autocad alternativesAre you familiar with the free, open-source software suite Libre Office?

Among its extensive offerings is LibreCAD, an open-source 2D CAD application on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

LibreCAD can read DWG files and others as of its latest Nightly build. The program relies on Qt, a top-tier cross-platform application and UI development framework.


  • Imports DWG and DXF are supported.
  • Export choices include SVG, JPG, PNG, PDF, DWG, DXF, and others.


  • There is no support for native DLG files.
  • There is no block editor or a way to create dynamic blocks.

Final Words

If you want to make designing, architecture, and engineering work for your friends or family, you can use any of the best AutoCAD alternatives mentioned above.

But we must go with BricsCAD because it has the same interface as AutoCAD and is much easier to use than above mention software, so it is the best alternative for AutoCAD. It is free, reliable, and easy to use.

Also, if you are searching for the best PayPal alternatives for money transactions with your client as work fees, one more thing, check our alternatives category for other application alternatives.

So what are you waiting for? Go and start designing for your client.

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