What Does WYLL Mean in Texting? With Examples

If you want to know what does WYLL mean in texting, keep reading until the end.

With the rise of messaging apps and social media, people have developed a shorthand way of communicating through text using acronyms and abbreviations.

The internet has given us a new lingo with many acronyms to mean full sentences without typing them out.

Like WBU means What ‘Bout You, or TTYL means Talk To You Later. One such abbreviation which has got quite popular is WYLL.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, what does WYLL mean in texting? So, today we will discover what does WYLL mean in texting in this article. This article will explain the meaning of WYLL with proper examples.

So, let’s spill the beans and learn all about WYLL.

What Does WYLL Mean in Texting?

what does wyll mean in textingWYLL is an acronym to say, “what you look like?” It is a question to ask someone who has texted you back and forth, but you still need to learn what the person looks like.

Like other short forms used in texting or chatting, this one has been shortened for simplicity.

People commonly use this in dating apps like Tinder, and you can see it. Using WYLL allows you to ask for photos, videos, or more information about someone, usually in an ongoing one-on-one conversation.

TikTok may return a video in response, and you can make this video more attractive by adding your own sound.

However, Snapchat allows you to send Bitmoji. Others may choose to share personality traits or zodiac signs, and this will enable you to select various popular Snapchat lenses.

In short, the shared information depends on the person you are texting.

What Are Alternative Meanings of WYLL

WYLL can also mean a few other things listed below. However, it is rare to see them used this way.

  • WYLL 1160 is a “Christian Talk & Teaching” radio station.
  • WYLL can mean Whatever You Like.
  • WYLL can be a different way to spell the name, Will.

Examples of WYLL

Now we will show you some common examples of using the WYLL abbreviation in texting. It can present an idea of how to use WYLL when chatting with someone you haven’t used before.

Example 1.

  • Person A: I like talking to you, but WYLL?
  • Person B: Don’t worry, I’m sending you a selfie immediately.

Example 2.

  • Person A: It’s been so long since we talked. I always liked your way of thinking during the literature classes we used to take together.
  • Person B: I’m so glad we found each other’s numbers. Now I want to know WYLL.

Example 3.

  • Person A: Yesterday, I got to know a fantastic girl who enjoys reading and writing like me. Do you want to know WYLL?
  • Person B: OMG, that’s great to hear! Could you send me a photo now?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Does WYLL Mean in Texting?

Ans. It means “What You Look Like.”

Q. Can I Use WYLL in a Formal Conversation?

Ans. No, WYLL is meant for informal easy-flowing conversations over texting or chatting on social media platforms.

Q. Will I Receive a Photo if I Ask WYLL?

Ans. If the person you are texting with is interested in sending you a photo, you will.

Q. Does WYLL Mean Wait for You a Little Longer?

Ans. No, WYLL means What You Look Like.

Wrapping Up

The new internet lingo is getting bigger every day. It has now come to a point where some of us could use a dictionary fully dedicated to this new era of abbreviations and acronyms.

However, we hope all your previous misconceptions about What Does WYLL Mean in Texting have disappeared now that you have understood the meaning.

So don’t be late to use it next time you chat with someone. 

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