Truth About Pretty Scale: Is It Legitimate or Scam

How attractive are you? Numerous websites claim to have the ability to determine this. One such website is Pretty Scale, which offers a digital scale to measure beauty.

In today’s society, people worldwide are greatly concerned with their physical appearance, leading to the creation of these websites.

This TechSpunk article will thoroughly analyze the Pretty Scale website and provide all the necessary information.

We will explore the positive and negative factors of the Pretty Scale website and evaluate its usefulness in today’s society.

As a US company owns it, the website has experienced significant activity over the past several years. Recently, a new website launched, Freshest Vibes and Widget Goon, is creating so much hype on the internet.

One should know everything about a Pretty Scale website before using it, so we provide all the information here.

So, let’s get started!!

What is Pretty Scale?

pretty scalePretty Scale is a mature website with a measurement scale to analyze your beauty. It assesses all aspects of your face using the face test and your body using the body test.

You can choose between the two types of analysis available on the site. The website claims to have a beauty calculator embedded in its computer system that helps measure the attractiveness of your face and body. 

It advises individuals with low self-esteem not to take the test, as they may be surprised by the unexpected results. The website asks users to upload pictures and assures them that their system does not share or save the images.

A help option is available for individuals needing assistance to contact the website. Users must fill out a form on the website to receive support.


  • Website type – Online Beauty Calculator
  • Country – United States
  • Test Price – Nil/Free
  • Measuring Criteria – System embedded
  • Results – Available in percentage form (with features highlighted in writing)
  • Privacy Policy – Available
  • Support – Help form

How to Use the Pretty Scale Website?

pretty scaleThe website is simple and easy to use for anyone. To use the website Pretty Scale, follow these steps:

1. Open the website link in your browser.

2. Select the type of analysis you want to complete, such as the face or body tests.

3. First, indicate your gender and then upload your photo. You can also take a picture at that moment.

4. Begin aligning the measuring Scale provided and read the instructions below your picture.

5. Once all alignments are completed, you will receive the result.

6. Read the listed features and the percentage given at the end of the test. That is the result of the test.

Positive Factors of

  • The website is a mature one, having been launched nine years ago. The website is helpful for those who have beauty concerns. 
  • It features a measuring scale for analyzing one’s beauty. It helps boost the self-esteem of individuals struggling with insecurities. 
  • The website, based in the United States, is free to use. They guarantee that the photos you share or upload will not be misused. 
  • You can contact them by filling out a form to address any inquiries.

Negative Factors of

  • The website has a compact interface. 
  • Limited information is provided about the owners. There is a need for more reviews for the well-established website. 
  • It can diminish individuals’ self-esteem, leaving them feeling devastated due to unforeseen outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is the Beauty Level Calculated on the Pretty Scale?

Ans. Pretty Scale calculates the beauty level of a face by examining and testing the placement and sizes of various facial features. The results may vary depending on how you apply the lines and dots to your face as directed. 

Q. How Accurate is Pretty Scale?

Ans. Pretty Scale is considered inaccurate because it relies on images that may not accurately represent your appearance. Additionally, the outcomes on the website could be more consistent. 

Q. Is Pretty Scale Safe to Use?

Ans. Pretty Scale claims to be safe in terms of privacy. They ensure that the photos uploaded are not shared with anyone else or saved in their database. However, it is not considered safe for mental health.

Those lacking self-confidence are cautioned against taking the Prettyscale test as the results may be shocking.

Q. What is the Unit of the Pretty Scale?

Ans. The unit of beauty on Pretty Scale is called the Helen. This unit is based on the legend of Helen of Troy (or Helen of Sparta), considered the most attractive woman in Greek mythology and served as the standard for beauty.

Despite Helen being a substantial unit, a smaller unit called micro Helen is used. On, if your face receives an 80 micro Helen rating, it scored 80% on the Scale.

Final Verdict

The Pretty Scale website is a beauty calculator and can be used to have fun. There is no guarantee that their parameters will accurately render your beauty or ugliness.

Therefore, try it out, use it for a fun moment only, and do not judge yourself based on your results. The inner beauty is yet far more important and better than the outer image or beauty.

Thanks for reading!!

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