How to Fix Shipt App Not Working & Other Issues

Imagine a world where your grocery shopping is transformed into a hassle-free, delightful experience—where the freshest ingredients, your favourite snacks, and essential household items arrive at your doorstep with the tap of a button.

Shipt is an innovative delivery app that simplifies your life by combining technology with a personal touch.

It caters to your preferences, delivering groceries and essentials right to your doorstep, rain or shine. Experience the convenience of having a dedicated shopper who knows exactly what you need.

However, the issue of the Shipt app not working properly is a frequently encountered problem, which can be observed as the app freezing during usage or even crashing and restarting entirely.

This comprehensive page encompasses all the verified and tested solutions for resolving the problem when the Shipt app not working, along with some helpful suggestions on preventing future occurrences of the app freezing and crashing.

Let’s get your app working again so you can get back to enjoying your Smoke It experience without any hassle with TechSpunk.

Overview of the Shipt App

shipt app not workingShipt is an exclusive platform like Instacart on which members can conveniently receive groceries, household necessities, and even certain electronics from nearby stores right at their doorstep.

This application is dedicated to offering a smooth and tailored shopping experience by utilizing a team of committed shoppers who carefully select items according to individual user preferences.

Key Features

  • Extensive Retail Network: Gain access to a wide range of stores, encompassing groceries, household essentials, and electronics, all within a single application.
  • Tailored Shopping Experience: Customers meticulously select items, adhering to their personal preferences for product choices and potential substitutions.
  • Timely and Expedited Delivery: Enjoy the flexibility to choose delivery time slots that align with your schedule, including the option for same-day delivery.
  • Membership Benefits: Choose an annual or monthly membership plan, which grants you unlimited free deliveries for orders surpassing a specific threshold.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Use the app to stay connected with your shoppers while they navigate the store, receiving instant updates or modifications to your order.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The app boasts an intuitive design and seamless navigation, simplifying the shopping process and saving you time.
  • Customizable Orders: Provide detailed instructions for items and preferences, ensuring your unique requirements are met with precision.
  • Exclusive Deals and Promotions: Members gain access to exclusive discounts and offers that are exclusively available through Shipt.
  • Rating and Review System: Rate and review your shopping experience, contributing to the maintenance of service quality and shopper performance.
  • Effortless Payment Procedure: Enjoy a secure in-app payment system that guarantees a smooth and hassle-free checkout experience.

Why is the Shipt App Not Working?

If the Shipt app not working properly, here are the common issues you might encounter:

  • Connectivity Problems: An unstable internet connection can hinder the app’s smooth operation.
  • Obsolete App Version: Using an outdated version of the app could result in compatibility or functionality problems.
  • Device Compatibility Issues: Your device may not be fully compatible with the app, especially if its software is outdated.
  • Server Downtime: Periodic server maintenance or unexpected downtime can disrupt the app’s services.
  • Cache Data Buildup: Excessive cache data in the app can lead to performance issues.
  • Incorrect Login Information: Providing incorrect login credentials can block access to the app.
  • App Malfunctions: Temporary bugs or glitches in the app can impact its performance.
  • Faulty App Installation: If the app is not installed properly, it may not function as intended.

Quick Fixes for the Shipt App Not Working Problem

Finding yourself in a moment when the Shipt app decides to take a little break can be a tad inconvenient. But worry not, as every problem usually has a solution hidden in its pocket.

shipt app not workingHere are some soothing steps you can take to coax the Shipt app back to its chirpy self:

  1.  Verify Internet Connection: Ensure that your device is linked to a reliable internet connection. Attempt switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to check for any enhancements.
  2. Modernize the Application: Look into the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) for any possible updates for the Shipt app. Developers frequently issue updates to rectify bugs and enhance performance.
  3. Reboot Your Device: At times, simply restarting your smartphone or tablet can resolve unexpected app behaviour. This action clears temporary files and can rectify minor software glitches.
  4. Erase Cache and Data:
    • For Android: Navigate to Settings > Apps > Shipt > Storage, and select “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.”
    •  For iOS: iOS does not permit clearing cache and data for individual apps. Instead, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app.
  5. Reinstall the Application: Remove the Shipt app from your device, then reinstall it from your app store. This process can assist in resolving issues caused by corrupted app files.
  6. Confirm Device Compatibility: Make sure that your device fulfils the minimum system requirements for the Shipt app. Compatibility problems can lead to app malfunctions.
  7. Refer to Shipt’s Help Center or Reach Out to Support: If you persist in encountering issues, explore the Shipt Help Center for more tailored troubleshooting guidance or get in touch with their customer support for aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Won’t My Shipt App Open?

Ans. Ensure your device’s internet connection is stable and try restarting it. If the issue persists, check if the app needs updating in your device’s app store.

Q. Why Can’t I Log in to My Shipt Account?

Ans. Double-check your login credentials for accuracy. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the password reset feature. Ensure your app is up-to-date.

Q. Why is My Shipt App Crashing?

Ans. This could be due to an outdated app version or insufficient storage on your device. Update the app, clear the cache, or consider reinstalling it.

Q. Why Doesn’t the Shipt App Recognize My Location?

Ans. Ensure you’ve given the app permission to access your location in your device settings. If the problem continues, restart your device or reinstall the app.

Q. Why Are My Orders Not Going Through on the Shipt App?

Ans. Check your internet connection and make sure your payment information is up to date and correct. If everything seems in order, try restarting the app or your device.


In the intricate web of our daily lives, a small hiccup with the Shipt app is just a tiny strand that can be quickly resolved. By following a few easy steps—whether refreshing, updating, or simply waiting a bit—the issue will be fixed, and the app’s convenience will shine once more.

So, when you encounter a Shipt app not working problem, take a moment, relax, and rest assured that solutions are available to help you return to the seamless and efficient service that Shipt strives to offer.

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