What is the Mandela Effect Quiz?

Are you eager to know what is the Mandela effect quiz or do you want to create one to shock your friends and have a great time? 

Here’s what you need to know!

The Mandela Effect is a widespread phenomenon affecting large population segments. This is a phenomenon in which people remember historical events differently. 

Interestingly, did you know this phenomenon was named after South African activist Nelson Mandela?

It started in 2009 when Fiona Broome realized that many people, including her,  remembered Mandela’s death in the 1980s, whereas, in reality, he died in 2013.

After many surveys and studies, scientists found that the Mandela effect is expected in which the masses believe in something that never happened due to faulty memories.

So, even if you hear about the Mandela effect for the first time, chances are you have already experienced it at some point.

After the term Mandela effect became popular among the masses, people started curating brilliant quizzes to play with friends and family.

In this TechSpunk article, I will be elaborating on the Mandela effect quiz and how you can create one to surprise your friends and have a fun time together. 

Let’s proceed!

What is the Mandela Effect Quiz?

mandela effect quizThe Mandela Effect is how many people remember something wrong, and that wrong memory turns into what most people believe.

Now, in a Mandela effect quiz, you know if you possess the correct memory of particularly famous things or have a faulty memory caused by the notorious Mandela effect.

How to Create a Mandela Effect Quiz at Home?

Curating a Mandela effect quiz is extremely simple. You can either take help from Photoshop to make posters with the correct information or distorted ones and print them. 

If you want to make a passport-size photo in PhotoShop, you can start step by step procedure to make the passport-size photo easily via our post.

Then show both pictures of the same objects and let your friends choose which one they remember as correct.

Or else you can show them this blog post and tell them to select the correct answers. 

I have given all the correct answers below each question, so you can immediately check which one is correct. 

Let’s get started.

Simple Mandela Effect Quiz to Play With Your Friends

I will be giving you two choices of some favorite things. You need to choose the one you think is correct. 

And don’t tell your friends I have already mentioned the correct answers below every question; hide them cleverly!

So, let’s get started with the Mandela effect quiz.

1. You Have Heard of Hakuna Matata in The Lion King, So What is the Color of Pumbaa?

A. Black

B. Brown

(Right Answer – Option B)

2. What Did the Evil Queen Say to the Mirror in Snow White?

A. Magic Mirror on the Wall, Who Now is the Fairest of Them All?

B. Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who Now is the Most Suitable of Them All?

(Right Answer – Option A)

3. What is the Name of This Famous Chocolate?

A. KitKat

B. Kit-Kat

(Right Answer – Option A)

4. In the Famous Thriller Saw, What Does Jigsaw Say?

A. Do you want to play a game?

B. I want to play a game.

(Right Answer – Option B)

5. How Do You Spell the Name of This Famous Meat Company?

A. Oscar Mayer

B. Oscar Meyer

(Right Answer – Option A)

6. What is the Color of Pikachu’s Tail?

A. Yellow and Black

B. All Yellow

(Right Answer – Option B)

7. What is the Correct Spelling of This Kellogg’s Cereal?

A. Froot Loops

B. Fruit Loops

(Right Answer – Option A)

8. What is the Actual Name of This Warner Bros Animated Series?

A. Looney Toons

B. Looney Tunes

(Right Answer – Option B)

9. What is the Name of This Popular Hbo Series, a Film Franchise With the Same Characters?

A. Sex and the City

B. Sex in the City

(Right Answer – Option A)

10. What Does Tony the Tiger’s Nose Look Like in Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes?

A. Black and Blue

B. All Black

(Right Answer – Option A)

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed playing this Mandela effect quiz with your friends and family. So how many correct answers did you get? 

Remember to tell us. 

Also, please share this blog post with your online friends so that they can also understand how their memories can betray them.

Have fun!!

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