How to Get Film on Amazon Prime to Reach a Global Audience

This season, grab the knowledge and easy ways to get the film on Amazon Prime. Don’t skip the article if you question how to get the film on Amazon Prime easily.

Amazon is a multinational technology company based in the United States of America. It mainly focuses on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, digital streaming, and e-commerce.

Amazon comes under the top four multinationals. Known as the cloud computing giant and largest e-commerce brand, this renowned brand was established in 1994.

Originally Amazon was popular for selling books. Check out our YouTube to OGG file format converter blog, which helps you convert any YouTube video into an OGG and WAV file.

Amazon’s services have been spread to customer service, e-commerce, retail, inventory, and shipping. Amazon offers everything on board, from clothing to music and content.

It is also famous for digital content like audio, film, music, apps, and movies. Its 2-day delivery protocol can judge Amazon’s efficient service.

Amazon is an impeccable brand that serves the world with all the luxuries and necessities.

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In this, you can learn how to sell products profitably on Amazon. You also get the complete step-by-step guide to know how Amazon FBA works with all the steps and has a successful online business.

Techspunk gives you this article helping to upload your own created film on Amazon from this guide.

What is Amazon Prime?

film on amazon

Amazon Prime is a digital paid subscription product from the Amazon brand. It gives users worldwide access to premium services.

A paid subscription gets you access to the premium loyalty of Amazon. Be it two days delivery or streaming music videos, Amazon Prime covers it all.

It is an internet video service that was developed and operated by Amazon. With Amazon Prime at just a low-cost subscription, you can enjoy all the latest digital content anytime, anywhere.

Watching movies online was always very expensive, but with the advent of Amazon Prime, movies and videos are free.

Watch unlimited web series, movies, audio, and recordings using the unlimited subscription time. It comes with 30 days of a free trial, and you would love the service.

Download the versatile application and access premium services of e-commerce and access to unlimited entertainment at your fingertips.

Benefits of Amazon

An impeccable brand comes along with immeasurable benefits. The popularity it possesses shows how beneficial Amazon is for users worldwide.

Amazon is expanding and has been targeted to be the best company in the upcoming years. Check for the benefits Amazon has for promising users.

  • Customer-centric – Amazon is a name that is brand loyal and customer-centric. From delivery to service providing, Amazon fulfills all.
  • Fast delivery – Amazon comes with two-day delivery for its e-commerce wide range of products.
  • Wide range of services – Amazon is counted as a brand that provides almost everything from luxury to necessity.

Services by Amazon Prime

Overwhelming and unlimited services are what Amazon Prime is defined as. It is a world full of entertainment in just one single application.

Download Amazon Prime to discover various ways to stay updated and entertained.

  • Unlimited films – Are you a movie freak? Amazon Prime is a must for you! It offers unlimited movie streaming and access to the theatre, like picture quality.
    Get the latest blockbusters in the comfort of your home without paying for costly movie tickets.
  • Two-day delivery – if you are a Prime subscriber, you must know how fast Amazon delivers. You pick up a good one, and it is delivered so soon!
  • Unlimited music streaming – stream music videos before it is released in the theatres!
  • Easy and cost-effective – Amazon Prime comes with a 30-day free trial. You will surely love the trial of unlimited fun and entertainment.

Steps to Release Independent Film on Amazon Prime

Long gone is when new movies required studio attention to be famous. Why pay for expensive movie releases when an affordable application can get you much more?

You can upload your own created film on Amazon Prime by following the steps to upload your own HD quality film on Amazon; then why are you waiting for any platform?

Thanks to the unlimited streaming service of Amazon Prime, this is so much easier. Amazon Prime helps to distribute your movie worldwide on its platform.

Follow the steps to get your film on Amazon Prime:

1. Develop The Buzz

Build up the movie buzz before anyone has access to your movie. Buzz is essential to drive the prime users to your movie section using their accounts.

Without spending huge amounts, start submitting your movie to film festivals. An award before the film distribution can actually get you going!

It provides a bonus to the filmmaker’s features in popular film festivals.

2. Create Graphic Assets

The second most priority should be developing graphical assets. Interesting and professional graphics help you fetch an audience, and it helps build professionalism when you post it along with your film.

Discover what your movie poster should look like to give it a professional look. It is an essential cost that can never be skimped for success.

The film’s cover is judged more than the content, so never mind if the graphics are the most expensive in your film budget. An interesting cover can gain your prominence.

3. HD Conversion

Online tools can help your film have the ideal HD conversion. Most people do not go for a film that is not HD, so you may lose out!

Make sure your video is a high-definition one. High-definition movies are the need of the hour! Invest and get it, as it is an integral aspect.

4. Find a Distributor

In Amazon Prime, the filmmakers can upload their own movies on the platform. This self-help does not end on a good note, though.

Movies are unlimited, almost four times more than the content on Netflix because everyone uploads themselves. Unfortunately, you may lose yourself in the long queue.

Use media distributors like Jansen Media. With good experience in primetime series, syndicated television, and video, it knows the nuances to make a film successful.

With their help, you can successfully place your film on the Amazon platform without getting lost.

5. Help Builds Critical Mass

With a distributor, major work is done for your film to be successful. This is not enough; you need to build critical mass.

At this point, your film acquires enough views and starts showing up as a suggestion for similar movies. Stay consistent in promoting your movie using social media platforms.

Hola! Finally, you can upload your own created film on Amazon. Feel like a celebrity now!

Final Words

Amazon Prime is currently the fastest-developing streaming platform. Follow the above steps to upload your independent movie using Amazon Prime successfully.

It is right now the most financially feasible option for any budding filmmaker to get successful.

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