10 Best Stud Finder App for Android and iOS

Finding misplaced and missing items made of metal or wire has become easier with the best Stud Finder App invention.

It quickly helps you locate your keys, jewelry, or other valuable metals that you cannot trace and save time.

You can even detect nuts and studs inside a wall with the best Stud Finder app. One can use metal detectors for this purpose.

Still, a Stud Finder app is a cheaper and easy solution; plus, it saves you the burden of carrying a metal detector everywhere you go since the app is installed on your smartphone only.

The Stud Finder app is a valuable instrument that uses your device’s magnetic sensor to detect metals within its range.

When installed on your smartphone and brought close to any metal object, the device will beep, showing that a metal object is within its vicinity.

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10 Best Stud Finder Apps for Android and iOS

Many metal detector apps are available, but you should be wise enough to choose the best one with the optimum features.

Some of the best Stud Finder apps are:

1. Walabot DIY

best stud finder



The Walabot DIY app is a fantastic tool for enhancing your DIY projects. It works with the Walabot DIY, a cutting-edge image sensor that employs radiofrequency technology to see through walls and what’s behind them.

The Walabot DIY app can identify studs, pipes, and cables and track pests’ movement, such as rats.

2. Stud Detector

Stud Detector


The Stud Detector application can be installed on your Android device for free and is one of the best apps.

You can operate it to locate studs framed with metal without any difficulty.

It works depending on the magnetic field; you can also use it to recognize the earth’s magnetic field.

This app visually provides the results and gives you the benefit of configuring the screen layout according to your choice.

3. Stud Find

Stud Find


Stud Find is an application for iOS devices, and with its aid, you can effortlessly detect metals close to you.

It is user-friendly, works depending upon the magnetic field, and locates metals with magnetic properties.

For this purpose, to detect metals correctly, your device should have an in-built magnetometer, and when detecting metallic objects within a wall, the wall should also be magnetic.

4. Wall Stud Finder (PAID)

Wall Stud Finder


iOS users can unthinkingly trust this application to detect metal objects near them accurately.

Using the Wall Stud Finder app, you need to pay for it, and it can help you locate even wood studs laid under plastered walls or drywall.

Wall Stud Finder application uses an automatic sensor, and you get notified immediately when your device gets close to a stud.

5. Metal Detector

Metal Detector



Another excellent free iOS app with unique features for discovering hidden or misplaced metals.

This application’s sensitivity settings can be adjusted depending on the type of metal you want to find.

You get notified through sound and vibration from your device, which the user can turn on or off. Another use of the Metal Detector app is an EMF meter.

6. All Tools

All Tools


All Tools app is available on the Google PlayStore. This multi-tasking application is responsible for metal detection and can behave as other valuable tools, such as a speedometer, converter, compass, mirror, recorder, etc.

It is a free, user-friendly Android app that allows you to access sixty different tools within the same app.

When the reading starts fluctuating, it indicates a strong magnetic field.

7. Metal Detector EMF

Metal Detector EMF




Metal Detector EMF is an iOS Stud Finder app that allows you to detect metals close by and identify any paranormal activity happening around you. It is easily manageable.

You need to install it on your device and move it in space, and it can also find underground metals.

It works depending on a magnetic sensor and gives the magnetic field value.

8. Wire Metal Detector

Wire Metal Detector


Wire Metal Detector application can be downloaded on your Android device. It works for the best stud finder app.

It can help you perceive the presence of any metallic wire or stud from a distance of about 5 inches.

This app works on the magnetic field concept and allows you to detect hidden wires within the wall.

For better use of this Stud Finder app, the device should not consume power of more than 200 watts, and the device should be moved very slowly upon the surface.

9. Tesla



Tesla is the best Stud Finder app for iOS devices that helps you identify metal objects and recognize electromagnetic fields.

This application works with the in-built magnetic sensor of your iPhone. It provides an accurate reading, and one can use it without trouble.

Tesla provides feedback through sound signals for clear user understanding.

10. S.P. EMF Meter

S.P. EMF Meter


S.P. EMF Meter application is another reliable best Stud Finder app that is free of cost and permits you to find metals near your vicinity.

You should ensure that the magnetic sensor of your device is turned on for precise detection. It is easy to use, but using it near other electrical devices might lead to reading errors.

This app can also distinguish the electromagnetic field created by electrically charged objects.

For smooth functioning, your device should have the magnetic sensor compass pre-installed.

Final Words

You do not have to worry about finding any metal object you lost in a public place or misplaced in your own house with so much technological advancement.

Installing a simple best stud finder app on your smartphone lets you quickly regain what you lost.

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