Top 10 Best Mouse Jiggler to Buy for Keepping Your Computer Active

Are you constantly frustrated with your computer going to sleep or activating screen savers during important tasks or online meetings? Do you need to move the mouse to keep your system awake continually?

If so, the solution to your troubles is here: best mouse jugglers or also mouse mover software.

These ingenious devices simulate mouse movement, ensuring your computer stays active and preventing any interruptions caused by inactivity.

To help you find the perfect mouse jiggler, we have meticulously researched and compiled a list of the top 10 best options to buy.

Whether you require a subtle and discreet jiggler or prefer a random movement pattern, our list covers you.

Our selection offers a range of high-quality choices with various features and functionalities, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

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So, without further ado, let’s dive into our comprehensive guide and find the perfect mouse jiggler to revolutionize how you interact with your computer.

10 Best Mouse Jiggler Products You Can Buy

best mouse jigglerChoosing the right mouse jiggler from the many options available in the market can be tricky.

To make this task easier and simple for you, we have a list of the top 10 best mouse jigglers that you can purchase today.

1. Meatanty Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

Meatanty Undetectable Mouse Jiggler Features
1,893 Reviews
Meatanty Undetectable Mouse Jiggler Features
  • 【Easier to Operate & Save Your Time】The only...
  • 【100% Undetectable & Random Trajectory】The...
  • 【Running Frequency Adjustable &...
  • 【Ultra-Silent & Long-term Durability】After a...
  • 【Driver-Free & 2 Ways to Power Supply】This...

Meatanty Mouse Mover is a user-friendly device designed to enhance efficiency and eliminate the need for calibration.

This innovative tool offers undetectable and random mouse movements and adjustable frequencies and operates silently and reliably.

It seamlessly integrates with various operating systems and has a generous warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction.


  • Easier to Operate
  • Saves your time and peace of mind
  • 100% undetectable Mouse mover
  • LED display
  • Stable and durable


  • Lack of Customization

2. Vaydeer Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

VAYDEER Undetectable Mouse jiggler Features
5,025 Reviews
VAYDEER Undetectable Mouse jiggler Features
  • 【Ultra-Silent with ISO Certified】Here comes...
  • 【100% Undetectable by IT Dep】No need plug into...
  • 【With ON/OFF Switch】You don’t need to waste...
  • 【Wide Compatibility】Useful for Microsoft...
  • 【6-Year R&D】As one of few top-level...

The VAYDEER mouse jiggler is a practical work-from-home tool that allows you to oversee multiple businesses while staying in touch with your office.

Its ordinary mouse-like design, ON/OFF switch, safeguarded USB port, automatic cursor motion, extensive compatibility, and robust build provide a trustworthy and easy-to-use option for preventing sleep mode and ensuring uninterrupted computer activity.


  • Highly discreet and undetectable
  • No requires software installation
  • Compact and Portable
  • Compatible with various OS


  • Limited Jiggler Modes

3. HONKID Undetectable Mouse Mover Jiggler

HONKID Mouse Mover Jiggler Features
4,410 Reviews
HONKID Mouse Mover Jiggler Features
  • 【100% UNDETECTABLE and LIFE SAVER 】 No need...
  • 【BROAD COMPATIBILITY】Suitable for game tasks,...

The HONKID Mouse Mover Jiggler provides a convenient and reliable solution to keep your computer active and prevent it from entering sleep mode.

It ensures your online presence and eliminates the need for software installation or complex configurations, freeing you from time-consuming tasks enables you to concentrate on your core responsibilities.


  • No need to plug in the device
  • No need for software installation
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Durable


  • Limited Functionality

4. ENUSUNG Fully Automatic Mouse Jiggler

ENUSUNG Fully Automatic Mouse Jiggler Features
2,105 Reviews
ENUSUNG Fully Automatic Mouse Jiggler Features
  • 【Upgrade--With running time adjustable Buttons &...
  • 【Upgrade--Centered mechanical position design &...
  • 【Upgrade--100% Undetectable by IT】You can...
  • 【Upgrade--Prevent Computer from...
  • 【Customer Service】We provide a 5-year warranty...

The ENUSUNG Jiggler is an enhanced mouse mover, offering adjustable running time and a convenient screen display.

This device guarantees smooth and silent mouse movement, accommodating a range of mouse sizes while fostering a healthy work-life balance.

It effectively prevents computer sleep, remaining undetectable by IT systems, and comes with the added benefit of a 5-year warranty.


  • Non-slip design
  • Move smoothly
  • Motor is silent
  • 100% Undetectable


  • Limited functionality

5. STARSIKI Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

STARSIKI Undetectable Mouse Jiggler Features
790 Reviews
STARSIKI Undetectable Mouse Jiggler Features
  • 【Ultra-Slim Unobtrusive Version】If you’re...
  • 【Self-Developed Super-Silent Micro Motor】Lots...
  • 【Subtle Pointer Movement】Instead of making...
  • 【Adjustable Interval Timer】The mouse mover...
  • 【ISO Security Certificate】We guarantee...

STARSIKI Undetectable Mouse Jiggler offers a discreet, silent, and effective solution for simulating mouse movement, preventing screens from sleeping, and improving office productivity.

Unlike bulky jigglers, the STARSIKI Jiggler stands out with its sleek and thin design.


  • Undetectable
  • Easy to Use
  • Two Modes (Slight and Random Jiggler Mode)
  • Compatible with most operating systems


  • Build quality is not very sturdy

6. Ergopollo Mouse Jiggler

Ergopollo Mouse Jiggler Features
1,003 Reviews
Ergopollo Mouse Jiggler Features
  • KEEP COMPUTER AWAKE ➤ Prevent your computer from...
  • POWERFUL MOTOR & ULTRA-SILENT ➤ it has a strong...
  • UTRULY SMART DEVICE ➤ Every 2-10 seconds, the...
  • EASY TO USE ➤ The mouse jiggler can use 5V wall...
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY ➤ Suitable for many...

With its dependable performance and effective functionality, the Ergopollo Mouse movers presents a reliable solution to keep your computer awake through consistent mouse activity.

This jiggler is an outstanding option for diverse applications and operating systems, boasting a robust motor, whisper-quiet operation, intelligent randomized movement, user-friendly interface, and broad compatibility.


  • Keep active status for accounts
  • Strong motor
  • Ultra-silent motor
  • No need to install
  • Wide compatibility


  • It only supports standard mouse

7. TECH8 USA Mouse Jiggler

TECH8 USA Mouse Jiggler Features
12,632 Reviews
TECH8 USA Mouse Jiggler Features
  • KEEPS COMPUTER ACTIVE: Prevents your computer from...
  • EASY TO USE: Plug into a 5V wall charger or USB...
  • UNDETECTABLE: NO Software to install! No settings...
  • MADE IN TEXAS with US and imported parts: We are...
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY: The ONLY company to offer a 30...

The TECH8 USA Mouse Jiggler offers a simple and intuitive way to keep your computer active by randomly moving your mouse.

This user-friendly device requires no software installation and is undetectable, supporting American jobs.

The 5-year warranty guarantees a dependable solution to prevent your communication platforms from displaying an “Away” status.


  • Randomly moving
  • Easy to use
  • NO Software to install


  • Limited warranty

8. EAXBUX Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

EAXBUX Undetectable Mouse Jiggler Features
423 Reviews
EAXBUX Undetectable Mouse Jiggler Features
  • 【Dual Turntable & Exclusive Design】The EAXBUX...
  • 【Random Trajectory & Easy-to-Use】The...
  • 【ON/OFF Button & Adjustable Interval Time】...
  • 【Christmas Gift for Colleagues & Friends】This...
  • 【100% Undetectable & No noise】EAXBUX dual...

The EAXBUX Mouse Jiggler is a fashionable and smart mouse mover that guarantees 100% undetectable and noiseless operation.

Its dual turntable system, adjustable interval time, and EAXBUX technology offer a unique and convenient solution for keeping your computer awake.


  • 100% undetectable
  • Tracks double Turntable
  • The free and random movement
  • No need software
  • Quiet and noiseless during use


  • Limited Warranty

9. PEIOUS Wireless Mouse, Jiggler Mouse

PEIOUS Wireless Mouse Jiggler Features
2,269 Reviews
PEIOUS Wireless Mouse Jiggler Features
  • Mouse Jiggler & Rechargeable LED Mouse 2 in 1...
  • Random Movements & No Interfere with using Mouse...
  • Plug & Play Perfect for Laptops Only with Limited...
  • Separate On/Off Control for the Mouse and Jiggler...
  • Universal Compatibility & Risk Free 12 Months...

With the PEIOUS Wireless Mouse Jiggler, you can easily maintain activity on your computer even when you’re not actively using it.

This mouse offers regular mouse functionality and the bonus of a mouse jiggler, providing versatility and convenience to keep your computer active. This combination allows for flexibility and peace of mind.


  • Random Movements
  • Very quiet in Jiggler Mode
  • Wide compatibility
  • No need to draw attention
  • Amazing LED colors


  • Quite Expensive

10. Auedrot Mouse Jiggler

Auedrot Mouse Jiggler Features
3,938 Reviews
Auedrot Mouse Jiggler Features
  • [2 JIGGLER MODES FREELY SWITCH] -- This device has...
  • [99.99% UNDETECTABLE BY IT SOFTWARE] -- When this...
  • [WITH WIDE APPLICABILITY] -- This mouse jiggler is...

With the Auedrot Mouse Jiggler, you can quickly and effortlessly ensure your computer remains alert and active in scenarios that necessitate uninterrupted engagement without requiring frequent plugging/unplugging or the installation of additional software.


  • Durable metal construction
  • Wide compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • Two jiggler modes


  • No automatic activation


Whether you’re a work-from-home professional, a gamer, or someone who values uninterrupted computer activity, investing in a high-quality mouse jiggler can be a game-changer. These top 10 picks will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to uninterrupted productivity as we unveil the top 10 mouse jigglers that guarantee to keep your computer awake and your workflow uninterrupted.

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