6 Reasons to Avoiding Overcomplicated Job Titles in 2023

Everyone loves fancy job titles, and in some cases, the way one is identified professionally is almost as important as their salary.

However, the terminology used to define a professional in modern business can lead to confusion, recruitment issues, and internal or external partnership conflicts.

This is why companies and professionals need to stick with realistic and easy to understand terminologies.

Let’s take a look before deciding on job titles.

6 Facts About Overcomplicated Job Titles That Will Blow Your Mind

overcomplicated job titles

This blog will tell you about 6 reasons for overcomplicated job titles. This blog of ours will tell some problems about your job titles so that you can take care of the points given below while keeping your job title.

1. A Simple Job Title Does Not Make You Professionally Inadequate.

hr departmentsBusiness managers and HR departments try very hard to develop names that will make their employees feel important, but the daily tasks and delegations make somebody feel needed.

Naming a new position should not be as hard as rocket science, and it should not require strategies as if one were playing chess, picking the best strategy for online roulette or a game like Starcraft II.

The easier the recruiter makes things for potential candidates, the easier it will be to find the business’s talent to achieve its goals.

2. Your Professional Skills Define You, Not Your Job Title

professional skillIn this “new normal” period, businesses have become more flexible in recruiting and diversifying the workplace.

The job market seems to be in upward momentum, and this means that many people will have the opportunity to get a new job, regardless of what they have been doing over the last two years.

Professional social networks like LinkedIn understand that things are changing, and because of that, they are updating their settings to make more people feel included.

Businesses understand that many individuals have too many professional capabilities, currently waiting for their chance.

For example, stay-at-home parents should have the same opportunities as everyone else, even if they cannot provide a fancy letter from their recent employer.

Many of them may have been stay-at-home parents because of personal reasons. Their local job market crashed, or they thought that a freelance working profile fit them better than a 9 to 5 at an office during that specific period.

3. Your Life Will is Not Better if You Are Identified as a CEO

ceo positionFancy titles cannot replace being happy or prosperous in the workplace. They may look good on your CV or LinkedIn profile, but many job titles are made up, and they do not mean anything like Elon Musk says.

One’s career should be identified by everything they have accomplished during their professionally active years, not by fancy words on a business card.

4. Let the Internet Help Your Career the Right Way

career developmentWhen searching for a job, it is essential to know where to look. Job seekers can connect with businesses and other professionals via the Internet, but one must identify the platforms that can help them with the job searching process.

There are jobs posted on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, but LinkedIn is probably more suitable for job seekers.

The same applies to headhunter websites, websites containing information about preparing for an interview, and websites that can help you formulate your curriculum vitae or cover letter.

5. It Might Impact Your Salary.

salarySurprising but true!! A fancy job title might affect your pocket by hindering your salary.

Sometimes, people have a better title rather than a decent salary.

According to a recent study, more than 70% of the job respondents get only better job titles that sound reputed and more professional than bigger money.

So, the choice is ultimately yours whether you want a good salary or a complicated job title.

Remember that titles won’t pay your monthly bills.

So make an informed choice and avoid disappointment later.

6. Complicated Job Titles Might Bring Unemployment

unemploymentYes, you’ve read it right!! Believe it or not, your job titles matter a lot during layoffs. The more complicated or bigger the title is, the higher the chances of your unemployment.

In tough times, companies often remove employees with more prominent titles, thinking they are earning a hefty amount.

So, it is recommended to accept decent and regular titles and continue your job for a long while.

Our Thoughts

So, that’s all about it!! We hope you understand why you should avoid complicated job titles and follow the simple approach during job search or hiring.

Remember that it’s easy to find an employee for a challenging job position, or it’s simple to get a complicated job title.

Like any other benefits, job titles can be negotiated and modified. Prefer a job title that works for your career or firm and makes the job finding or job giving process sound and straightforward.

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