Best Assignment Writing Style: Definition and Features

When it comes to working on an academic assignment writing style, you cannot just sit down and start writing anything that comes into your head.

While this stream-of-consciousness approach may work for a blog post or a piece of independent creative writing, academic assignments are usually associated with much more stringent requirements concerning their style.

So, what is the right academic assignment writing style? How are you supposed to write your assignments so that your teachers or professors are satisfied with the results?

The academic assignment writing style is a set of rules and commonly accepted principles you should follow when writing an assignment in school or college, irrespective of its academic level and type.

These requirements get significantly stricter in college, and failing to meet them can lead to poor grades and other problems.

While your school teachers may be less stringent when enforcing these rules, you should still follow them and strive to write your essays, papers, and reports according to these principles.

So, what are the primary features of the academic writing style you should stick to in 2023? You can check some most common writing mistakes before any assignment.

Prime Traits of the Assignment Writing Style in 2023

assignment writing style

The proper assignment writing style is:

1. Formal

While you may think that being too stuffy is not a good idea, academic writing is supposed to be as far from everyday speech as possible. It means avoiding using words, expressions, and sentence structures you will likely use in everyday speech (for example, in casual conversations with your friends).

This means that you should steer clear of words and expressions like:

  • “kind of,” “sort of,” “a bit”;
  • Vague terms like “stuff” and “thing”;
  • Contractions like “isn’t,” “couldn’t,” and “won’t.”

You may use the following rule of thumb: if you do not see yourself writing something in an official letter to some authoritative figure, do not write it in your academic assignment.

2. Impersonal

While you can express your views and opinions in your academic writing, you are mainly supposed to be as impersonal and detached from the subject matter of your writing as possible.

Most obviously, you should avoid using first-person pronouns like “I,” “my,” “our,” and so on. Even when discussing personal impressions and emotions, you should try to make them look removed from you and your perception of the world.

For example, instead of saying, “I am surprised that, “you can say something like, “It is surprising that, “it is worth mentioning that, “and “it is quite peculiar that.” However, do not follow this rule mechanically.

You are supposed to express your perceptions and opinions in some situations, such as writing reflective assignments.

3. Objective

When writing an academic assignment, you should regard all points of view as equally valid and evaluate them without bias. In other words, you should not hide evidence that contradicts your point of view.

If there is any evidence favoring something you oppose, you should address it. It would be best to be as critical of your writing and ideas as other people’s work.

It is too easy to make the mistake of claiming a point, providing flimsy support in favor, and stopping at that. If you want to be objective, you should consider giving possible refutations to your point of view and explaining why they are wrong before you move on.

In other words, you should not treat any opinions or facts of view as unique; otherwise, your objectivity is bound to be questioned.

4. Laconic

It does not matter who is going to read your writing. Whether it is your professor, peers, or others, you should respect the time and effort to read your work.

The fewer words you use to express your thoughts, the more respectful you are. When writing an academic assignment, you should always strive to express your ideas in as few words as possible.

Look for new ways to be precise and persuasive without spending too much of the reader’s time doing it. After you finish writing, review your work several times and pay attention to every word you use.

Do you need this word? This sentence? This paragraph? If you can drive your point home just as well or better without using it, look for ways to eliminate whatever is superfluous. Remove anything that is not necessary.

You may think some words or expressions are essential to express your ideas, but they are likely unnecessary.

Ask somebody else to read your writing and ask whether this or that sentence or fragment helps them understand your meaning if it does not, remove it without regret.

5. Cautious

Academic writing is usually meticulous when it comes to evaluating something. It will help if you steer clear of calling something good or bad, black or white, positive or negative.

You should not commit yourself even if you have an unequivocal opinion about something. Use words like “possibly,” “probably,” “likely,” “may,” or “could” when you express opinions.

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Our Thoughts

Students encounter a lot of challenges when working on their writing tasks. The sad fact is that you can’t just ignore the existing writing styles.

In other words, undergrads must know the styles and practices and seek professional help if challenges arise.

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