What Are the Pros and Cons of College Homework

Home assignments or college homework are two words that college and university students worldwide dread hearing. You spend hours sitting in class, listening to your professor, asking and answering questions, participating in multiple debates, and trying to comprehend new materials.

But when you’re finally home, the last thing you want is more academic information to deal with.

But the reality is that you have an essay due tomorrow, two chapters of the book that you haven’t even started, and a review that you must write for the day after tomorrow.

Before writing an essay, you should know the ten common mistakes you must avoid.

While homework is a fundamental part of traditional schooling, it has also become controversial.

College Homework – Do You Need One?

pros and cons college homework

Some people believe it is an integral part of the college routine, and others tend to say, “I can do my best in college without home assignments; I don’t need it.”

So, should college students have home assignments? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of homework to decide.

Meet the Pros

1. More homework means more practice.

Many homework fans believe the best effect of doing assignments at home is that the process gives you more practice.

While, on the one hand, it can be tedious and time-consuming, repetition is a must if you need to polish up your skills.

The challenging concepts become more explicit with some practice while undergrads progress in their chosen field of study.

2. Homework helps manage time wisely.

The process is not solely about working on some writing assignments, doing online research, or learning materials regarding homework.

Home tasks force undergrads to plan their time and ensure every project is accomplished within the deadline.

By learning time management, college students also polish up their problem-solving skills and learn to think independently.

In other words, you are forced to make decisions and compromise where needed.

3. You learn to work independently.

There’s no better way to test your independence to complete assignments than working on them at home.

No tutor is standing by your side, meaning you have to solve all the issues faced in the work process independently.

This time is crucial to recall learned materials and identify the best possible alternatives to the questions in the process. You know to remember the moments when you’re stuck, and it is time to seek professional writers’ online help.

There are loads of cheap homework writing service options out there. As you browse the existing services, you learn to choose the most reliable service and suitable writer to look for a piece of professional advice.

4. You keep track of academic progress.

Homework is the tool that college professors use to track your progress. In other words, home assignments help tutors see your academic weaknesses and strengths.

Moreover, homework helps them discover any knowledge gaps in their students.

As a result, they know who requires their help and what strategies should be applied in each case.

Meet the Cons

1. Homework adds to an already hectic schedule.

A college is already a busy place for undergrads as they spend over six hours there every day. Moreover, students must deal with extracurriculars, like art, music, and sport, which are equally crucial to traditional disciplines.

Add some extra hours of homework to all the demands mentioned before, and it seems like 24/7 is not enough to get the job done.

In other words, home assignments prevent students from having the necessary time to themselves and the time needed to learn new skills outside the academic system.

This is one of the critical cons of college homework.

2. A passive lifestyle guarantees.

As college and university students are assigned loads of tasks to complete at home, they need more time to complete the job.

If undergrads are given more home assignments, they have less time for extracurricular and social life.

The reality is that a sedentary lifestyle isn’t healthy and can affect both an individual’s mental and physical health.

As a result, many problems like obesity and anxiety come into play.

3. College homework isn’t always practical.

College and university students would agree that home assignments create a negative attitude toward academic life and education in general.

Homework doesn’t necessarily boost your academic performance. Instead, it tends to put a burden on undergrads.

4. Homework makes undergrads feel stressed.

With many essays, book reviews, term papers, tests, and exams on the plate, home assignments cause undergrads to feel stressed and anxious.

This, in turn, causes the so-called demotivation. What is more, you can even assign homework for the summer break.

This becomes a real torture for some students, leading to issues like insomnia.

As a result, young individuals have to deal with behavioral changes and mood swings that turn homework into a harmful practice in school life.

5. Homework provides no space for creativity.

Let’s face it; home assignments consume 99% of their leisure time since undergrads spend many hours coping with every other task.

That’s when you could focus on some creative stuff you’re passionate about, such as painting, jogging, writing poems, playing table games, sketching clothes, playing the guitar, and so on.

The reality is that there might be a case where college students are much more interested in working on creative projects rather than being stuck in homework chaos.

Our Thoughts

The advantages and disadvantages of homework are both equally valid. That is why the question, “Should college students have homework?” isn’t simple.

While professors don’t know what to say, undergrads are in the middle of an overloaded schedule.

It is essential to consider all the pros and cons of home assignments, considering all the perspectives to find the right balance.

After all, everyone’s main aim is students’ success and academic progress.

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