5 Best YouTube Video Downloader Online 2022

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We compiled the best five best YouTube downloaders online. Many users found watching the favorite YouTube related to study, recipes, meditation videos, funny videos, and relevant updated videos related to their field.

Sometimes user unable to download the videos successfully and have to watch again and again through the internet, which waist a lot of internet data and many times the internet issue creates the lots of problem in viewing the videos.

Also, you download videos from YouTube and remove watermarks from those videos and reupload them to your youtube channel quickly with the help of our How to remove watermarks from videos blog.

I have shared the details, which will work for sure to sort the problem. TechSpunk platform brings the YouTube video downloader online along with the steps on how to download YouTube videos.

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Read the entire blog of the best Youtube downloader online and brush up your mind to calculate which one is best as per your need. You can download JW player videos in HD format from the entire TechSpunk blog.

Best YouTube Video Downloader Online in 2022

1. SaveFrom.Net


Savefrom is one of the reliable online Youtube video downloader sites and overcomes the many issues online video loading/buffering issues make the video playback when there reduced or no internet connection.

SaveFrom.net offers excellent features which make it stand among the top 5 YouTube Video Downloader Online. It provides the best video resolution and the best free way to save online videos in full HD for good offline streaming.

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SaveFrom.net downloads the fastest YouTube videos and compatible with all the video formats. SaveFrom.net provides an application that is user-friendly, and the online videos can be downloaded in full HD very fastly in a few seconds.

Visit the site and check at least once.

Steps to Download YouTube Videos With SaveFrom

  1. Go to https://en.savefrom.net.
  2. Enter the video’s URL in the search bar of Savefrom.net.
  3. Click “Download” (Note: You’ll see the list with all available links).
  4. Choose the desired format and get the file you want.
  5. Even, you can download the Savefrom.net app and use it on your phone.

2. SaveClipBro (Not Working)


SaveClipBro is among the best YouTube video Downloader Online, which is free and has the incredible feature of converting the saved videos to other streaming platforms.

You can watch them on the notebook, iPhone, play station, smartphone and compatible with almost all the devices. The best part is the users don’t have to install any program on the computer.

Let’s check some of the most demanding futures offer by the SaveClipBro platform.

  1. It can save the videos in nine audio formats.
  2. You can Download YouTube videos in 11 video formats.
  3. Great Video resolution options.

The features are fantastic, and I suggest you visit the SaveClipBro and try to download one of the YouTube videos to judge the platform in a much better way.

Steps to Download YouTube Videos With SaveClipBro

  1. Go to www.saveclipbro.com.
  2. Copy and Paste the YouTube video URL into SaveClipBro.
  3. Select video resolution and output, then click → “Convert.”
  4. Once the processing completes, click → “Download your files.”
  5. Save the YouTube video to your computer.



Y2mate is one of the high-speed video converters. No registration required, and it is free of cost. The user can do unlimited downloads of YouTube videos by the Y2mate platform.

It has become one of the best choices among the user for downloading, its high speed of downloading, and the quality of the video is excellent and appreciated.

Y2mate YouTube video Downloader helps you to download the videos in MP3, MP4, 3GP, M4A, and many more formats.

The Y2mate doesn’t require any software or registration. Conversion is so fast that you don’t need to wait long to get the MP3 or MP4 files.

Steps to Download YouTube Videos With Y2Mate

  1. Visit www.y2mate.com.
  2. Copy and Paste the YouTube URL or enter keywords in the search box.
  3. Choose the output MP3 or MP4 format you would like to download, then click the “Download” button.
  4. Wait till the processing get over then download the file.

4. Ddownr


The Ddownr helps the user to download YouTube videos and Playlists online very fast and highly secure. The quality of the video which has been downloaded contains high-quality resolution.

The Ddownr allows the user to download the YouTube Videos online, including the 4K and 8k. The ddownr among the best 5 YouTube Video Downloader Online. The best part is that it can save the downloaded YouTube videos in 2 video formats.

Another specialty you can keep YouTube videos as three audio formats. It supports all types of video formats. Within a few seconds, the YouTube Videos downloaded by the Ddownr site.

Steps to Download YouTube Videos With Ddownr

  1. Go to ddownr.com.
  2. Paste the YouTube video URL.
  3. Click “Download” to choose output and video resolution.
  4. Once the processing gets over, save the YouTube video to your computer.

5. SoftOrino YouTube Converter 2 [PAID]


SoftOrino YouTube Converter 2, among the list of 5 best YouTube video Downloader Online, offers excellent compatibility to all types of video formats.

Very fastly you can download the YouTubes Video in a couple of seconds, and the video downloaded contains high-quality resolution.

The unique features have made it stand among the top class to convert YouTube to Mp3, Mp4 for phone, or any Apple device. You may download or even buy it.

SoftOrnio has the app by the name Softornio YouTube Converter 2, another most popular media website.

You can access 60+ media platforms with BILLIONS of videos, music & ringtones. If you want to buy, then the price is just $23.53.

Steps to Download YouTube Videos With SoftOrino

  1. Connect the Apple device with a computer. With SYC 2 also you can even establish the Wi-Fi connection by going into Preferences → Wi-Fi and selecting your device.
  2. Copy the URL of the YouTube Video and paste in the Softornio YouTube Cover 2 search bar.
  3. Choose the destination for quality, then Click → the “Converter to iPhone” button. Downloading is done successfully.


The best five YouTube video downloaders revealed on techspunk.com.The user may choose any one of them all are offering the high-resolution video once downloaded.

Keep learning the new thing from YouTube Videos as there a lot to learn from the expert and download your favorite videos with the help of sites mentioned exclusively in TechSpunk.

I hope the above information has made you quick enough to download YouTube videos in a short time.

Do you have your recommendations for the best YouTube video downloader online? We would love to hear from you in the comment section mentioned below.

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